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  1. I just recently disputed a collection carried by Convergent disputed a couple of weeks ago via online so far as of today Deleted from my EQ report now waiting TU and Ex to follow suit. Online disputing comes in handy every now and again. Just my 2 cents :-)
  2. vnewton

    C/o with OC?

    Appreciate it, just received a letter to settle from one of these accounts today from one of my c/o accounts that was just recently handed over to a c/a offering a one time payment of 60% and another extended pay option over time 23 months of payments. It says the CC company will consider this account as settled. I'm sure even if I paid it would still be sitting on my report.
  3. vnewton

    C/o with OC?

    I'll work every angle I can through this forum if any to get it successfully removed. If not I'll probably have a better chance removing it after it goes to a CA since I never had a valid contract with them.
  4. vnewton

    C/o with OC?

    Sued I wouldn't worry much about that of all things
  5. Quick question for those with success in this area, if I have charge offs that have been reporting less than a full year, is it too early to try and get them deleted before they are turned over to a collection agency? Need some of you veteran's to help me out with this one? Mostly a few Credit cards. Thanks
  6. Update TU deleted all old addresses. Waiting on Ex report so that I can dispute.
  7. Just started on my correction journey so far Opted Out, Eq deleted all old addresses in 1 day, waiting on TU and Ex. Currently disputing 5 - c/o and 1- c/a on all three reports. All disputes are being investigating I'll update as the results come in.
  8. Have you found online disputing pretty effective as oppose to mailing in disputing neg accounts?
  9. Congrats please tell how you got rid of Arrow on all three.. arrow is a mutha....
  10. Your topic caught my eye. I am amazed at your question as I obtained my Master's Degree online and pursuing my Doctorate degree on line as well. I would hope that no one would look at my degrees as your comment stated. I am a very hard worker and would give my employer 150%. I am really saddened by the fact that someone would view my education as "easy" because I did not sit in a classroom and doodle. If anything I believe I am more disciplined!!!
  11. its off by like a day. i had a similar experience.
  12. Hello all quick question i had recently disputed a collection that was reporting Previously reported Newly reported Balance: $0 $0 Past due: Not on Record Not on Record Status: Bad Debt; Placed for collection; Bad Debt; Placed for collection; Last activity: 4/1/2005 4/1/2005 Description: Consumer disputes this account information Account transferred or sold Charge off account Auto loan Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in process This new information caused my equifax score to go from 684 to now 630. I need to know is it possible my score will go back up once this reinvestigation process is completed. Thanks in advance for any responses. Transunion - 688 Experian - 667 Equifax- 630
  13. Very motivational... thanks to all!!!

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