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  1. We're supposed to close in an hour and 15 minutes and still don't have the HUD form. eek!
  2. Thank you and congrats on your new home! Our attorney called yesterday and they have moved our closing up to tomorrow! So we are one day closer to owning a home and have no idea how much cash to bring to the table. lol
  3. Good for you! I was coming here to post something very similar. We are supposed to close on Friday and don't know the amount we need to bring to closing either. I'm glad to hear our closing will not be delayed just because they are still doing the calculations. It is a little unsettling to know that we may not find out until the night before closing though! I am a planner and would rather not wait until the last second but I guess there's not much we can do about it.
  4. I think I'll call my LO tomorrow too. We are supposed to close in a week and a half so I hope it's all been done. We were told they were just waiting for the repairs to be inspected but they just called my husband's job today to verify his employment.
  5. Great! Thanks. We officially got the clear to close today, assuming the repairs that were required pass inspection and I would hate to have all that go down the drain because of the salamanders in DC!
  6. We are scheduled to close on an FHA loan on Oct 11th. Could the government shutdown affect this?
  7. I'm thinking it is latex. Thanks for the tip! We are going to try a shop vac and if that fails maybe a heat gun. If all else fails, I'll pay to have a load of dirt hauled in and throw some grass seed and straw down!!
  8. The house was built in the 50s but the garage is no more than 10 years old and the sunroom was built around 85 so lead based paint isn't an issue. My realtor called the FHA appraiser yesterday and he said that the paint chips have to be gotten up even though it's not lead based paint. We are going to try a shop vac but I doubt we'll be able to get EVERY single piece since there are lots of them that are very tiny.
  9. The FHA appraisal for the property we are trying to buy says that all flaking paint must be scraped and repainted for it to qualify. The sellers agreed to let us do the work because they live in another state. We have scraped the sunroom and the garage (the rest of the house has siding) and are almost done repainting. The seller's realtor tells our realtor yesterday that there can be no paint scrapings on the ground. Does anyone know if this is true? If it is true, does anyone have any idea how get all the paint scrapings up?? a shop vac maybe? Anyone with any experience with this?
  10. We are currently in underwriting and from our experience, if you deposit any of your proceeds from your ebay sales into your bank accounts, print out the invoice from ebay and be prepared to provide it to the UW if asked. You will have to explain every deposit into your account that did not come from your paycheck.
  11. You can be denied the loan AFTER settlement??
  12. I ended up calling an appraiser who gave me 2 places that will loan on this type of property. I have an appt with both today. Both have said they can do 95% loans so wish me luck! I'm nervous that all the mortgage inquiries this month have dropped our scores even though it is supposed to count as one.
  13. We were pre-approved through a local credit union prior to making an offer on this house. Once the CU looked at the property tax card, they said that they wouldn't be able to get an appraisal on the house because they wouldn't be able to find comps that were zoned the same way so they said they couldn't do the financing. I have been calling various banks and mortgage companies in the area trying to find someone that would loan on the property but I'm being told they can't because they can't find comps in the areas or they will if you put 20% down. We do not have 20% to put down. Does anyone have any experience with this type of loan?
  14. I just wanted to add that we went to Allegacy Credit union today. They are not on the approved lender list from USDA but they do USDA mortgages. Our LO said that right now, they are seeing USDA loans take 3-4 months to close. OUCH! We did get a pre-approval for a conventional loan at 5% down, mainly because I don't want to wait 3-4 months. Would it be wise to try through another USDA lender and see what they say about the length of time it takes to close?
  15. Thank you. I emailed a local USDA rep and they sent me a list of approved lenders in the state as well. I am very surprised to see that the NC Housing Finance Agency is on the list. On their site, they have Allegacy listed as an approved lender but Allegacy's site doesn't have any info about a USDA loan. Thanks for everyone's help. This should get me started.

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