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  1. Don't forget that you can get a credit limit increase of 3x your current limit from American Express now that your 61 days have passed. From what I've read you can get another limit in 181 days after that. You could probably put a reminder in your phone to remember when to request a limit increase if you believe you won't remember.
  2. I had a pretty productive year with Discover and with my finances overall. I got the card last December with an 800 limit and I was responsible all year paying in full and this month I got a 1500 increase to 8100 total. I know you shouldn't get a pat on the back for doing what you're supposed to do but it does feel nice to see the progress that I've made. My goal for next year is to get it to be my first 10k prime limit and hopefully to double what I have now so maybe some of my other prime cards will match it.
  3. Nice. I started at $1300 in Jan 2015. That card is up to $36,900 today. My early increases were around $500 each. Eventually the increases started growing, and have recently been $6500 each. Hopefully your card can grow like this as well. That is so cool! I got a two day message yesterday so I thought I didn't get approved but I guess they changed it without sending me an email or anything.
  4. I am a little fish but I did get my third increase, this time it was +900 to 2600 so I must be doing ok for now.
  5. Some small progress. Scores are currently EQ: 647 TU: 698 EX: 696 Increases Wells Fargo 10300 -> 12000 Walmart MC 6000 -> 8000 Amazon 5000 -> 6000 Discover 800 ->1200 Staples 500 -> 1000 No Change Chevron 3500 Lowes 17000 Walmart store 6000 Pending Chase 2200 -> ?
  6. I took a flight to Boston with Jetblue and they had no problems with refunding me the cost of upgrading to the Even More Space seats. I did buy them separately so that may have helped to get it refunded so quickly.
  7. Woohoo! Whychat's method got the collection deleted from my report! This is the first time since I've been checking my credit that I have not had a collection on my report. Thank you Whychat!

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