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  1. Since the business forum is a bit slow I am posting here. Anyone with a small business have any recommendations for a business credit card? DnB is low risk, high paydex score. Can do PG if required. There are so many offerings out there I have no idea which one is good to go with. Or ones that might be a little easier to qualify or have better customer service. Appreciate any advice in advance thank you.
  2. Any refinancing option for a higher mileage car? Not familiar with this topic. Family member has a high mileage Hyundai Elantra. That she is making twice monthly payments on. The interest is high though. Any banks or credit unions willing to finance some thing that has higher mileage? Any ideas or advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Buddig beef, cream cheese, mt dew, and vitamin c drops. Crazy 😜
  4. All of your holiday shopping done? Is this year going to be light or heavy with spending money 🤣 are you scaling back your holiday festivities? I have to work Christmas Eve hopefully we will be off early. Christmas day will be just be usual. We have a budget for each kid and for each family member. But the procrastinator in me I have not started shopping yet. Fail. Lol I suspect the teenagers will be getting gift cards. 🤣
  5. I have great sympathy for those that lost their small businesses, and are legitimately job displaced due to the virus. Or those that are immunocompromised and can't work out in the public, or take care of elderly family members that have to be extra careful to exposure. We have a group of people in our state that gives everyone else a bad name that truly needs help, some of those collecting PUA. Some were receiving huge lump sums with the extra federal monies, and thought it was an opportune time for shopping for TVS and video game stations rather than catch up on bills, pay rent in advance etc, and be good stewards of their funds so it would go further. Multiple groups on FB to watch and see these trainwrecks, it is very sad. Then a month later starting a GoFund me because they cant pay their rent. I belong to a WAH group, where hundreds of employers are hiring remote workers right now, its a huge trend, the money isn't super high but its a starting point to put food on the table and make a car payment or whatever. I would post referring folks to groups to help themselves with employment they could do from home with a desktop and internet. I got crickets and excuses, so I stopped trying to suggest ways to help themselves. I get empathy, and I know everyone is a human being, and deserves help, but it isn't meant to be unlimited, it is meant to be short term until you can help yourself. COVID is here to stay most likely, IMO much like the flu, with a vaccine each year. But at some point you have to put your big girl panties on and help yourself. Our teenager, got a job right after COVID started because everyone was hiring, and her high school was remote. She banked a ton of money and bought her first car. She took the necessary precautions, wore a mask, and followed all the guidelines. If she can do it anyone can do it. It sucks that there are no hard and fast answers as we are all in this unprecedented time, each facing our own challenges. I wish everyone struggling to find their own lights at the end of their tunnels. I think that's what makes our country truly special is you are in charge of your own destiny and income, only capped by your own limitations. I hope you all stay happy and health. JMHO and 2 cents. Blessings to all of our CB family.
  6. Doesn't surprise me. Folks that were laid off getting a royal screwing in some states, as Unemployment Insurance is old and slow, and not capable to process that many claims. Plus folks living paycheck to paycheck, recipe for disaster. In our state, claims going on ten weeks old, lots have not been paid out.
  7. Nice find! Looks like they have a secured cc also, might be a good option for rebuilders.
  8. Yay!! Congrats thats a great increase and start!
  9. God yes. Where have all the legends gone? ☹️
  10. Exxon is retail. Is your bk from 14 reporting? You may be able to get Best Buy. But as far as their brands cards unlikely. Jmho
  11. God yes. Some family is just plain toxic! Sounds like the person is manipulative.
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