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  1. brazen

    First Commonwealth Bank

    Nice find! Looks like they have a secured cc also, might be a good option for rebuilders.
  2. brazen

    Discover Secured Graduated

    Yay!! Congrats thats a great increase and start!
  3. brazen

    Magic Shave?

    God yes. Where have all the legends gone? ☹️
  4. brazen

    citi 2x card. what are my approval chances

    Exxon is retail. Is your bk from 14 reporting? You may be able to get Best Buy. But as far as their brands cards unlikely. Jmho
  5. brazen

    disappearing messages on phone.

    God yes. Some family is just plain toxic! Sounds like the person is manipulative.
  6. brazen

    Hurricane Florence

    Only good thing in MRE's is the Tabasco, idk if they even put that in those anymore.
  7. brazen

    Citi Soft CLI link Master Thread

    I've been getting $3,000 on each of two cards every six months for several years with only a SP. The six-month mark should be in a few days, but I tried a bit early and got the same crap as Hawaiigirl: "Maximum limit without HP. This includes all Citi cards including gas and commercial cards" or something like that. My total exposure with Citi is only $90k, counting a gas card. I might let them have a hard; I'm thinking about it. I'm right at $50K exposure. Still haven't gone for the HP, but might do that in the next month or so. I want to let a couple of new cards age first. Let us know what happens if you decide to go for it. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk I'm leaning towards not going for it. Several years ago I had an adventure with Citi over POI. Seems that in their extra-chromosomed-brain a military LES is not a pay stub. The analyst, adding insult to injury, claimed to be a current reservist and I went nuclear on him. A BBB complaint proved fruitless, but a highly toxic letter to my favorite senator got Citi to find religion. I'm not convinced that Citi doesn't have other inbred trash in their underwriting department. Although I love a good fight, right now there's too much going on that would prevent me from truly enjoying it. I'll give it a month until after my vacation and then get ready for another brawl. You probably got a newbie. I would of escalated. What state were they in? Not sure which state, but they were not overseas agents. It was an "underwriter" from their Citi Retail division. Not sure if I posted it, but I did give the normal Citi people (Forward, DC etc) a hard pull and they gave me an extra $20k. Fast and efficient. Waiting to see if that will return me to the 6-month regular soft-pull CLI list. Retail, says it all 🙊
  8. brazen

    Pool financing

    Even better is simply getting the 8.25% generic bleach at Target or similar stores for less than a pool store wants to charge. Even the 10% at Home Depot at three gallons for $10 is a better deal than a pool store. Same thing on muriatic acid, although Home Depot is up to $6 a jug this year.Depending where you live you are spot on. In NE Florida Pinch A Penny is quite cheap and they get a fresh truckload every week. Either way bleach is bleach. Old bleach is not worth getting though...date coding seems to be consistent amongst the companies that bottle it. The three-jug boxes at Home Depot will have it stamped on the box...as long as it is not stored where the sun is hitting it, one is generally good as long as it is no more than about two months old. The current pallet had boxes showing 18 122 (122nd day of 2018). My local Target is frustrating since they keep shoving the old stuff to the back of the rack. There are still a few bottles marked as 17 237 (which means it dates to August of last year). Newer stuff coming in has been April dates but I have concerns since they have taken the percentage off of the label. This was actually what moved me over to Home Depot. That is very good to know!! Hopefully we will know soon after estimates. 🤗
  9. brazen

    Pool financing

    Even better is simply getting the 8.25% generic bleach at Target or similar stores for less than a pool store wants to charge. Even the 10% at Home Depot at three gallons for $10 is a better deal than a pool store. Same thing on muriatic acid, although Home Depot is up to $6 a jug this year. DH and I were talking about this yesterday he agrees with you guys.
  10. brazen

    From 517 to 703

    Congrats!!! Way to go
  11. brazen

    Pool financing

    There are variations in required maintenance. We were first time pool owners when we bought our GA home in 2011 (built 2003). I'll put an immediate plug in for salt water pools. From all I've read, salt water pools are much lower maintenance. FWIW, the salt concentration is 1/10 that of ocean water. (Water in the mouth is a little brackish, and your eyes will be sensitive, but both a fraction of that with the typical chlorine pool.) My wife and I are very much maintenance averse, so have contracted a pool service. The $300/mo cost (5 mo of the year) is well spent. Other than clearing the skimmer basket occasionally, and manually skimming leaves after strong winds, etc., the only time we spend at the pool is when swimming. Ownership has been practically painless (setting aside replacement of the pool equipment when it aged to 12 years, and re-tiling the border rim). Luckily DH very experienced with pools, so good there. As far as building chlorine vs. saltwater, any idea as to price differences when building?
  12. brazen

    Pool financing

    Ty STC for your input and sincerity and positivity, refreshing. Going to add it to my toolbox of stuff to consider. Will definitely hash it over with DH, we are getting several quotes. Leaning towards the builder/sales person we are familiar with and husbands family has used him for years. Your post is awesome and detailed! Thanks again.
  13. This If your app goes under manual review fugettaboutit tbh They count debt ratios, income, pay bal ratios if you have any existing accounts with said lender, etc.

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