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  1. I am not super impressed with the retailers deals this year. Did y'all get any good deals? Did you get all your holiday shopping done?
  2. I agree, I dont post much on Twitter anymore either. I am still learning Instagram.
  3. I've got Book of Faces and Twitter. Just started Insta, not sure which one I like most. What is the reason you use social media?
  4. Spam me with some ideas, having a crowd this year. I want to add a few things different.
  5. Crazy. I think that of our neighborhood LOL they are putting in a Popeyes
  6. Did they attend public or private school? And did they go on to college, or learn a trade?
  7. Mounjaro has less side effects than the O, there is also a new player on the horizon in testing, Retatrutide not sure when it will be FDA approved. I read it has less gastro effects. I have to take a daily omeprazole to avoid heartburn and reflux while on the med. I will say the GLP-1 has kept my sugars in check, it quiets my urge to want sugary things or carbs like pasta etc. As far as alcohol, i think due to the meds delayed gastric emptying, I barely get a buzz anymore. I think I am more on vigilant now, as our son was diagnosed with type one about two weeks ago. Adult onset type one, hes 23.
  8. Missing breeze and hl...Lord we used to have some fine times in GDF.
  9. Pretty much. Cars here are outrageous. And the lesser priced ones typically have a crap ton of miles and are ragged out. I think I will drive my paid off car until the wheels fall of LOL
  10. Anyone use them for your diabetes? Such as Ozempic and Mounjaro? I know they are for type 2 diabetics, and there is a newer drug in testing not sure when it will be released. There is another called Retatrutide in the testing phase. I guess folks are using them for weight loss as well. Just wondering your experience with these GLP-1, good and bad.
  11. Trade ya, we drive 60+ miles daily during the week..ugh
  12. Checking in to see how you are doing. Pretty tough road there. My Mom was diagnosed last year with stage 4 lung cancer, and insurance companies can be a PITA. They don't even cover her Keytruda.
  13. I ended up going fully remote. But recently, I just felt like I was stuck and chained to the house. Started working outside the home again, going well. Moneywise, we do eat out less, but mainly due to the service as no one wants to work anymore, employee shortages everywhere. On the upside too, got some projects done around the house, so that was good.
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