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  1. Ya, I'll probably keep that stuff to myself. That's not the kind of bird I want for Thanksgiving.
  2. He or she is only 10 weeks old so the name will come with time. I do have a whole lot in mind to teach him to say. Such as suggesting my wife clean up once in a while
  3. Hello all! It has been a while since I posted in the GF here. I just had to show off my new FID, a Congo African Grey. Hope there are some bird lovers here!
  4. Ha, I think I know what you meant. I called the local feds and gave them the phone numbers and told them about the anti American statements and threats...
  5. Thanks, That's kind of what I thought. I think I will be out of luck with the collection agency. Even though I have them on voice mail posing as law enforcement. If they are over seas then I can't do squat.
  6. This has come up here many times. Can you afford to buy $10,000,000 in debt for pennies on the dollar just to see if your debt is in there. If you can you'd be better off just paying it...
  7. Hello I am 1 1/2 years into my BK13 with smooth sailing. I got a rather disturbing yet comical voice mail today. Verbatim below including broken English Caller id comes up as 052 532 545 which tells me it is likely over seas VOIP Now the debt that this is supposedly for the OC never filed a claim so they are legally out but can they sell a debt that can't be legally collected on and would they be in violation of the automatic stay?. They apparently sold it. So I decided to call them back and have a whole lot of fun. I asked for "Officer Jones". He said it was for a pay day loan. Well, I never had a pay day loan but I did have a high interest loan for 3K. I told him all the ways he was breaking the law and to never contact me again. Later he calls again demanding payment, I said no and then he said F**** y**** to me. At this point I asked where he was calling from. He would not tell me, I asked if it was within the United States, he said no. I asked if he was in India and he got real offended. He said "I am Pakistani M** F***er and you deserved the World Trade Center. Then he hung up. So now I have turned the original voice mail over to my lawyer. I am wondering if the OC can be sanctioned? I doubt we can track down the collection agency since it seems they are over seas and answer the phones as Damascus & Associates. Total Weirdness!
  8. Bingo. A 1099-C can only come from the original owner of a debt or a debt servicer (inside collections) and it has to be issued during the tax year in which the debt was actually forgiven. A JDB owns the right to collect the debt and keeps what it collects in the asset purchase contract; but the IRS rules do not extend debt forgiveness by proxy. Becuase the JDB did not actually extend any credit to you, nor did it give you a loan, the 1099-C is moot. In order for the 1099-C to be valid, it must be issued by the original creditor only. I agree, however they do it all the time and get away with it!
  9. We settled for much less than what was being asked. We did not lodge a complaint and as far as I know our atty did not contact them about it. I have evidence should anything go wrong, I almost hope they report it so I can sue them!!!!!!!!
  10. Hello! It's been a while since I have posted here. I wanted to say something about a 1099 my DW received from Asset. Be on the lookout for their dirty trickery! My DW was sent an untimely 1099, I was ticked off and was waiting for the last minute to file my taxes with a complaint filed with the IRS contesting. Then this week we got a notice to disregard the 1099 saying it was not reported to the feds and included was an updated 1099 with zero as the amount. Not sure of it is a dirty trick or maybe they are covering their arses since we had a settlement agreement?
  11. The payment was part of the dismissal. LOL
  12. Now I am REALLY confused. We didn't get it until today but have not filed taxes yet.
  13. Thanks Jen, any idea where I could find this information? yes and no.... I have to go pick up the little one... but will look tonight. try this in google until then: {1099 site:creditboards.com} and see what it brings up Thank you. I will search here, Google churns out all kinds of info but the original debt was not even 1300.00 to begin with.
  14. Thanks Jen, any idea where I could find this information?

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