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  1. I subscribe to a Experian (My Privacy Matters) triple report. I mainly use it for following trends on my reports. The problem I have is under the EQUIFAX Bankruptcy Box, it is missing the closing date. Information on the EXPERIAN and TRANSUNION are fine. My BK was officially closed on 3/2/2009. Can this missing information lower my Equifax score? If so what the best way to fix it? I appreciate any help or input.
  2. Thank you very much for the info. I have to do the same thing for my DW, I will let you know how I do. My DW is overseas so I will give her a call and tell her our plan. Yes, that is what I meant, only suggestions
  3. I found AMEX and Chase PreQual sites. They did not give me a yes or a no
  4. Cards are no older than 3 years. As far as the question about burning banks, US Bank, BofA, Co-Branded AMEX card and that is all in reqards to Banks. I will find the web sites for the pre-qualification. I did the PreQual for Capital One and passed for the Venture and Quick Silver Card. I will look for Chase and AMEX. I did not know that AMEX had a PreQual site. Be Back
  5. It has been a long 7 years since filing BK but this month (November) marked the end of the wait for the fall off of derog's and that they did on both my credit reports and also my DW reports. So I am asking for a little advice. Scores are very close to 720 FICO on all the reports. Our BK's have 3 more years before they fall off. I understand that in some cases by the time you hit 3 three years, there is little or no affect on your scores, which of course means the scores went up gradually over the previous years. Is this correct? Doing nothing else can I expect our scores to raise due to this. I am just talking about the BK effect and nothing else. Second question is what PRIME Credit Cards can I apply for which are BK friendly (Credit Reports seem to tell me I need Prime Credit Cards but at the same time these they tell me to avoid Inquires. I have 4 inquires total for all three reports. . I have the following cards now with low utilization. Also I have a few store cards like Walmart, VS, Lowes, Pennys. Sugestions ?? NFCU $21,000 Mission Fed $5000 Lockheed $18,000 Sears (Citi) $2500 Sportsman Guide $4000 My Island $5000
  6. I am at the end of my 7 year wait for better Fico scores. I did a search this afternoon for the release information on PSECU, but the information was mostly telling me the sites has had the different free Fico's, but I did not find the day that they are released. I am using DCU and Walmart too, but I know DCU is released on the last Friday, and I believe Walmart is released about the 11th. Thanks for any help.
  7. Creditexpert (Experian Product) was up and running yesterday, as it always has for years. Well, today when you try and go to it on line, it routes to different Experian Products that they are trying to sell you. There is no mention of Credit Expert on the new site. Definitely routing to the wrong location. Anybody else using this product and having the same problem?
  8. My online dispute took about 1 month. They removed about 14 baddies early (7 Year BK). They left 2 for some unknown reason. I would like to get Telephone numbers for the three companies so I can dispute those 2 listings by phone instead of online which seems to be slower. I was also able to do online disputes for EQ and EX. I went down from about 15 down to 6 baddies (7 year BK). on both of t hem. I also want to try the phone number for these these baddies too, if anyone has the correct telephone numbers. I did some searches, but my syntax must not be correct.
  9. In the middle of May I used the on line Dispute Option of Credit Expert to dispute Chapter 7 items which mature this year. The eight remainding items now show to fall off in November 2015. My only problem is the dispute process shows 6 items and Credit Expert shows 3 items left. Should I care or just left it run into November? Here is what I have left on Experian; Victoria Secret To be removed on 11/15 Chevron To be removed on 11/15 Pennys To be removed on 11/15 Lowes To be removed on 11/15 B of A Mortgage To be removed on 11/15 One West Mortgage To be removed on 2/16 (This item has been removed from Equifax and TransUnion). I will try and get it removed soon if possible.
  10. I tried to do this a couple years and they turned my request down. Give it a try and see how you do.
  11. My wife and I recently went to Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea and all transaction fees were refunded. As a Credit Union they have treated us very good. CL was $15,000 with 0% for 6 months. When I applied I had a 6 year BK and 26 account IIB on my credit reports. No issue with them at all.
  12. I tried about a couple months ago. I had a BK discharged in March 2009. Denied. Could have been my 28 cards that were discharged. My credit has been really good since the discharged. I got their checking and saving though. I will try again next year.
  13. Stroked, After looking at your information in this forum, I chatted online with them on my lunch hour today, and the had the rep call me. I would have been happy with 5K, but they gave me 15K. They had two credit cards and I selected the one with 0 interest for 3 months plus other things in relation to the rewards card. Just signed the docs on email, and now just waiting for the card. I would not have known about this company so I do appreciate your help. I will look at my reports in the morning and see who they pulled and how many times they pulled. Again thank you for sharing your information. Just one thing, I had a BK which was discharged in March 2009. Also had 12 inquirys, with only 5 of them less than a year. I have 28 IIB accounts, and my credit has been excellent since the BK with the exceptions of the IIB account. Also this is my highest CL, so this is a move in the right direction.
  14. I applied in July 2013 for the NFCU checking and savings after reading about NFCU on our Forum here. The next day I applied for the NReward and the LOC and was approved for $7500 for the card and $5000 for the LOC. Saying that, my history was a BK that was discharged in March 2009, and I have about 28 to 30 IIB accounts existing on my credit reports. My credit has been clean since the BK's, and although our house was discharged in the BK, we have never been late on the Mortgage since we bought the house. This last Friday I applied for a $8000 NFCU car loan and was approved in literally minutes over the phone. I picked up the check 2 hours later although they indicated it would have been ready in 10 minutes if I had gotten off work ealier. They are such a great credit union. One other thing here is that I saw the posting by one of the members here who had their accounts closed because of constant requests for CLI's. I did talk to the credit card department and he said it was fine to ask for a CLI at 6 month intervals, but smailler time intervals are flagged and looked at closer. Oh, one last thing is my scores are in the high 600 to the low 700 ( 680 to 710)

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