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  1. Why do people think that looks and brains are mutually exclusive?
  2. I zip lock stuff and tape it to the back of junk all the time.
  3. This is why every law abiding citizen should be armed.
  4. Whats even better is jumping out of them. Door opens and the buffeting frigid air grabs you by the soul. And away.
  5. Walmart GEMB seems to grow nicely, I would try and pump the secured card well over 2 grand
  6. About 24 feet, fell off the top of three conex box's onto the hood of a truck.
  7. It's okay big guy. You loved her with all your mite and that's awesome! Adele really belts it out with emotion and it really touches some of us deeply, myself included. I had a girl that loved me and I truly loved her but at that time in our life we both had some baggage and we just didn't keep it together. Then I had a crappy short marriage and all I could think about was her. I flew to see her a few times and it was amazing and put her parts of me at peace. We talked everyday, then, nothing.... I learned a few months later she got married. I briefly rolled in self pity but then chose to be grateful and enjoy a wonderful human experience on this oh so short timeline of life. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. -Tecumseh
  8. What more could a guy want? Hot honey with TWO jobs, that's awesome.
  9. +1 With Navy's generous limits we were able to put all our debt on a 0% interest balance transfer. We are saving tons on interest and our debt is being paid down a lot faster. I say go for it. There are a lot of posts around here about Navy still approving even with high util. I was given a CLI from 10k to 20k with a Navy util of over 90%. FWIW I also have a PLOC and Auto with Navy with a perfect history.
  10. Mkaaaaaayyyyyyyy. What's her wrastling name? Stage name? Rio. I've had a couple girlfriends who were dancers. They were fiercely loyal and treated me great. However I've had two wives who were church going type that treated me like crap, cheated and humiliated me.... So things aren't always what they seem to be.
  11. I live with a stripper, 100% FREE. Well she drinks my Jack so that equates to 250ml roughly a third of an $18 bottle, so 6 bucks. But like a buffet I can get all I want and leads to wrastling. Life is awesome
  12. I totally get it that I am bulking up the muscles for sure.. as my fat% decreased from 24.3 to 22.7 in the last 5 months. But, I wanted to lose some weight in the process too I bought a Levis Jean to wear it when I have lost another 7 lbs. But that pant is little lose for me AWESOME! Have you tried eating clean? We always eat clean and we don't tempt for junk food... Lots of fruits for breakfast, protein for lunch and whole grain food for dinner. We cant eat white stuff anymore.. doesnt taste good. Awesome on your progress thus far I suggest getting a trainer who can also set up a diet program for you. To be frank your routine sounds pretty lite so I wouldn't expect much from it. "Lot's of fruits" is a terrible breakfast, for now fruit=sugar, a much better source would eggs and good fat like avocados or cottage cheese and some nuts. The complex carbs should be taken in day time and tapered off to nothing at dinner so move that lunch and dinner combo around. I am going to tell you what you need to hear to accomplish your goals, you going to need to work harder and sort that diet out. Education is paramount
  13. Congrats on the progress. Please post up your exact routine and typical intake. Chances are your body has adapted to your routine and has reached homeostasis. Your going to have to make some drastic changes to get things rolling again. Like 1 hour of fasted AM cardio and a new routine like crossfit or something like it. Turn up the heat. Make sure your are getting enough essential fatty acids or your body won't let go.
  14. I would laugh at the person who asked me for that followed by a resounding NO. I would never work for anyone so unprofessional to ask that. Response taken from another board. "I am happy to provide my login and password to you. However, please be advised that my Facebook profile contains information related to my religious beliefs, age, race, sexual orientation, national origin, health status, political activity, and numerous other protected categories. Just please sign this statement declaring that refusal to provide this information has a negative impact on my employment application, and I'll give you the password right now." Then I hand them a prepared release form to sign and watch them recoil like I just pulled a live cobra out of my bag.
  15. I hand everyone tens, ask them how their day is going and point out something I like about them. It builds good karma, puts a good smile on my face and presents a winning aura about me. It greatly contributes to my success.
  16. Heg, Do you think JPM is letting this card out to pad the numbers a bit before (re)tightening the requirements? Should us mortals buy in early in hopes this card will pan out better down the road in relation to it's AF? Thanks
  17. Oh....I already know. The problem is that it affects others, so I need to do what is best for all concerned...not just me. I'll figure it out somehow. What I need....is a plan. I need to stop heming and hawing and make out a solid step-by-step plan. Writing it down in a journal helps allot and put's the spinning thought to rest.
  18. Even when I was married I had no issue eating alone, in fact it was preferable. It's healthy to spend time with yourself, read the paper, journal, make a todo list. You don't have a backup roster? Keep 2-3 rolling so you don't get all bound up on one.
  19. That's awesome! About 3500 cals in a pound of fat so your deficit is 1750 cals a day average. Research your stimulants to keep the ball rolling like coffee, aspirin, green tea, B vitamins, chromium, l-carnitine and many many others. Just don't stop, quit or get weak. Do!
  20. Little gardening and some apps. Navy CLI 10k to 20k PSECU CLI 10k to 20k Current Zinc holder (1999 back date), Got the PRG card and BCP(2k limit, oh well, it will grow I think) SDFCU:App in, questions faxed back. Citi: CLI denied, it's at 2k which I believe BCP matched. Macy's app in for Amex, longtime store card holder, which I can easily turn to black. No response yet. I'm in a good place, I have the higher limits so my util doesn't get jammed up and back up options. My almost 5 year old friend, my HSBC 2% card stuck at $2400 I think is going to get the axe. In with the new and strong out with the old and weak.. Maybe..

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