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  1. My goals for 2008 are well underway 1) No late payments on anything.. period.. 2) Keep my open accounts at zero and/or PIF 3) Pay my closed by lender cards down to keep the util low but keep them going for the long history they represent until other things age enough.. 4) Phase out my rebuilders or upgrade them before AF. 5) Keep building my E trade savings for my safety and peace of mind. 6) I have a SUV that is NOT friendly to my wallet in any way. I want to trade it in and get something nice but reasonable. I bought it when I had 2 incomes, tax write offs and made allot more.. I don't have any of those now and the $1100 payment just plain HURTS! I have this planned for may - july after my CRepair efforts have sank in. 7) Place in a body building show after having my shoulder bolted back together. I'll think of add more later!
  2. Thank-you for the information and I will convey those concerns and see how they answer them. I normaly would be fairly leary of such things but the fact that a big company is offering it as it totally behoves them! So they sorta have a vested interest in my success.. I think the $150 is well worth it. But I really love the collective knowledge of CB and learning to use it better and better every day.
  3. I am looking for god or bad regaurding these guys before handing them my information!I have my eye on a new house in about 6 months, I feel I can get a good enough deal from the lender to come out even with about real market value at that time (if not keep steppen).. I dropped in the DR Horten models and the mortgage person made me aware of their Home buyers Club that is a credit restoration service which I am partly through. This is what they are offerring and frankly I don't have time to do allot of this myself. Here is what they are offereing The HBC program in conjunction with a Credit Restoration Company (CRC) is offered at an exclusive price (currently $149 for one borrower or $199 for two) to borrowers using DHI Mortgage and is by far the most successful program. In this program the client is provided with: · Intensive monthly disputes · Written demand and validation letters to the creditors. · Responsible spending · Debt reduction · Establishing positive credit · Direct Bureau rescoring · Credit scoring models · Free credit reports · Intensive coaching Seems like a very reasonable price too
  4. Hold on... I am learning about credit stuff, but this topic I can add too.. First my resume: I live in the Bay Area which is the home of some amazing gold diggers and/or extremely shallow women.. Second, I was married ten years, 4 years divorced and don't really look for the next ms sniper, but I like to have fun.. I like my models, strippers and real estate agents.. I know how powerful manipulation can be and when your buddy realizes it is a farce he is going to be damaged for years to come... Poor guy... You should tell him but phrase it as a question so he can answer it himself. Do the ol what if you were in my shoes routine and see how he answers it, don't ride his flowers he will pull away.. tell him you love him and do the ol pro's-con's worksheet..
  5. I make multi payments a month after each payday (2x a month) to even out cash flow and predictability.. And if I stumble the next statement except for auto reads zero due next month... So it's about managing me and almost keeping a freebie in the bank if I am squezed or flakey then next month..
  6. Hello CB, I have been lurking here for about 2 months I suppose and it has been a life changing experience.. i thought I was dead and I am not, I have made immense improvements since September 07.. Havent felt the need to post as all the information I need is just *here*... First post... I have talked with Trinity two times and things seem to be on the up and up.. I too am considering using their service to clean up some derogs. Anyone have any input on them bad or good? I simply just don't have much time to do it myself and the aprox $800 I was given as an estimate is doable. thanks all

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