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  1. Sniper762

    Please advise next step

    I've decided on a PLOC and pay it off in 13 months as I didn't want the util to be greater than 10% if I decided to app for another revolver. Thanks.
  2. Sniper762

    Please advise next step

    Exactly 2yrs post BK, 15K Penfed and 4.5K Cap1 and all is good. I have an upcoming 10k purchase to make. Should I shop a card to flex out or stick with Penfed on the card, personal loan or new CC account? I have the cash to clear it just want to leverage building. Thank you
  3. Sniper762

    Moving strategy CA>>>FL

    Thank-you, what about 50% down, is that a game changer?
  4. Sniper762

    Moving strategy CA>>>FL

    Hello all! I'm looking to move to Florida from California because I am an avid pro and recreational diver and that's where the action is. February will be 2 year post BK, I do my banking with PenFed, Overdraft and 15k credit card. Additionally I have a 4.5k Cap one with all my fakos reporting 750 plus. I can put a third down in ballpark of the houses I'm looking at, half if I had to. Payment would be about 25% of take home. I rent in Cali. I haven't found employment there yet, it could take awhile to land at GS job at one of the many bases. Hurricane Michael has the prices still falling even tho it's 40 mile inland. Are lenders going to look at me sideways for buying something 3000 miles away? After typing this out I realize I need to leverage my current employment. Pitfalls?
  5. Sniper762

    Moving strategy CA>>>FL

    Hi, Chapter 7. My circumstance was divorce, moving, loss of job and injury... I took a hit. I'm great now better than ever. I was unaware their was a hard 4 year limit on buying a house. I figured a substantial down would push me through. It wasn't something I was thinking about because I never thought I'd be doing this good. Thank-you
  6. Sniper762

    Hello again y'all

    Never a playa here but been around a long time, Been back a few months, all good. Bummed about Breeze. I'm truly thankful for CB making parts of life better. Have a great day
  7. New CU startup https://www.cleanenergycu.org/home/home is banking on clean energy. They are crowd funding on raising their initial money to get going http://www.worthwild.com/initiatives/71 Being a clean energy nerd I wanted to pass this along to people searching for the next budding CU to work with. Enjoy
  8. I heard if you play your cards right you can get free airfare and camping to those destinations.
  9. If I was a younger man, I'd go help the Kurds
  10. Well coming from Chicago? That's on the s-hole list.
  11. I need to go do something else pretty soon. Looking for a solution to gracefully exit a lease. The other party can't carry it on but I can't carry them either. I live in Norcal and houses rent out instantly so that's the good news. Thanks
  12. Sniper762

    Used 2015 hybrid

    Only if you are the one that got to enjoy the original tax incentives or gives you access to a commuter lane you need. Otherwise hybrids are junk compliance cars.
  13. Sniper762

    what to pay off... credit cards or cars

    I can't speak to the technicalities of SOL and the like. I do like a strategy tho and I prefer to sneak up on things a bit when I can. I would sell one of the house and pay off my debt and a cash position and after a few months see how your credit recalculates. Selling three, buying a new one, moving et al is allot of moving parts in a short period of time, way beyond my comfort level.
  14. I would like to find a good source(s) for the real estate market that isn't industry hype. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Sniper762

    Refinancing- should I add my spouse?

    I would quietly consult a lawyer. Property that is yours before the marriage should stay yours *just like all your retirement assets up until that point" and avoid co-mingling assets at all cost. She wants on the deed because she will want the money at a later date. period. Ounce you get married you enter into a loose-loose business partner arrangement. You can either be an flowers now and keep your asset to yourself or buckle in to look like a good guy only to be the flowers that looses half his equity later. It's your choice how you want to go down, you don't have a choice whether it dose or not. It's cold, but reality sucks.
  16. Sniper762

    277.9 mph

    That is the fastest yet ugliest paint job I have ever scene
  17. Well I was discharged just under a year ago and I haven't been working due to injury but I should be back working shortly. Then quickly out of no where I inherited a huge chunk of money unexpectedly. Buying a home is now on my mind and it's been so long since I've owned I believe I qualify as first time / fha. Where do I even start on my options and angles on this project. I'm thinking of moving to Florida from California as a basic fresh start ( I love diving) Thank-you Caught off guard.
  18. Sniper762

    Bitcoin soars to record high above $6,000

    I'm ignorant of and failed to grasp the crypto currency craze. Any good reads on the topic? In the mean time going to see if I can pull up some audio books for when I'm driving.
  19. Sniper762

    Holy! I have a nice problem I need help with.

    I'll be back to work in a month or so. Maybe the same company (16 years) or something new if I chose to move to FL. I was hoping sufficient down could help gloss that over. Learning.
  20. Sniper762

    Holy! I have a nice problem I need help with.

    I'm actually good at managing my money and credit. Massive string of unfortunate events led to my bankruptcy. Fidelity handles my IRA so I had met with them last week to expand my footprint with them and setting aside 200k for a house. Only plan on using 100k for 25% down, I can go all in later if I chose. Location will be N Cali or S Florida. I have the time to read and research, it all happened so fast I had no time to anticipate. I'm completely ignorant of what is available to me now and need a good plan to maximize current mortgage products.
  21. Sniper762

    Permissible purpose violation

    Merchant Marines?
  22. *EDIT Thanks Heg, that's all i needed. Thank-you all, I have been around a long time and understand how credit works collecting some of CB's favorite tradelines to the max issued. FWIW I have two 2K rebuilders I funnel way more than limit via multiple payments per month. I can game it. Having never had or needed an overdraft LOC I never studied or paid any attention to them. I'm clueless how they are viewed when stimulating credit activity. Gut instinct tells me to leave it alone Thanks
  23. Hi all, again. In the rebuilding process and Penfed granted me a overdraft line of credit. Should I flex it to report a lil bit or just leave it alone? Thanks! X
  24. Sniper762

    Second largest resevoir's dam near breaking.

    Typical brain dead management of state workers.
  25. Hi everyone, I can't remember that last time I was on CB but I will forever be in debt to the board from turning me zero to hero years ago. I have way more credit than I could ever unreasonably use I bought an electric car last year utilizing my CU and at the dealer sold me on leasing the battery and they would take of it's maintenance and cell replacement to keep it at 100% for the duration. I like the idea and went with it. I totaled the car and only walked away with a bruised ego. Of course I bought the gap insurance. My insurance companies offer is less than half the purchase price and left me high and dry on the extremely expensive battery. I called my CU to make a gap insurance claim that will take effect once they are paid. During the phone questionnaire he asked me if it was 100% financed and I said yes as in my mind I didn't put any money down. But after I hung up I thought it's not really 100% financed as a substantial amount of money going towards the total car price is being leased via the battery. Virtually to the bank it would be the same as me putting down about a 1/4 of the purchase price in cash? What happens when/if I tell the gap insurance company? How does that adjust payouts? My mind is fried and looking for direction. Thanks

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