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  1. I've decided on a PLOC and pay it off in 13 months as I didn't want the util to be greater than 10% if I decided to app for another revolver. Thanks.
  2. Thank-you, what about 50% down, is that a game changer?
  3. Exactly 2yrs post BK, 15K Penfed and 4.5K Cap1 and all is good. I have an upcoming 10k purchase to make. Should I shop a card to flex out or stick with Penfed on the card, personal loan or new CC account? I have the cash to clear it just want to leverage building. Thank you
  4. Hi, Chapter 7. My circumstance was divorce, moving, loss of job and injury... I took a hit. I'm great now better than ever. I was unaware their was a hard 4 year limit on buying a house. I figured a substantial down would push me through. It wasn't something I was thinking about because I never thought I'd be doing this good. Thank-you
  5. Hello all! I'm looking to move to Florida from California because I am an avid pro and recreational diver and that's where the action is. February will be 2 year post BK, I do my banking with PenFed, Overdraft and 15k credit card. Additionally I have a 4.5k Cap one with all my fakos reporting 750 plus. I can put a third down in ballpark of the houses I'm looking at, half if I had to. Payment would be about 25% of take home. I rent in Cali. I haven't found employment there yet, it could take awhile to land at GS job at one of the many bases. Hurricane Michael has the prices still falling even tho it's 40 mile inland. Are lenders going to look at me sideways for buying something 3000 miles away? After typing this out I realize I need to leverage my current employment. Pitfalls?
  6. Never a playa here but been around a long time, Been back a few months, all good. Bummed about Breeze. I'm truly thankful for CB making parts of life better. Have a great day
  7. I heard if you play your cards right you can get free airfare and camping to those destinations.
  8. I need to go do something else pretty soon. Looking for a solution to gracefully exit a lease. The other party can't carry it on but I can't carry them either. I live in Norcal and houses rent out instantly so that's the good news. Thanks
  9. Only if you are the one that got to enjoy the original tax incentives or gives you access to a commuter lane you need. Otherwise hybrids are junk compliance cars.
  10. I can't speak to the technicalities of SOL and the like. I do like a strategy tho and I prefer to sneak up on things a bit when I can. I would sell one of the house and pay off my debt and a cash position and after a few months see how your credit recalculates. Selling three, buying a new one, moving et al is allot of moving parts in a short period of time, way beyond my comfort level.
  11. I would like to find a good source(s) for the real estate market that isn't industry hype. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I would quietly consult a lawyer. Property that is yours before the marriage should stay yours *just like all your retirement assets up until that point" and avoid co-mingling assets at all cost. She wants on the deed because she will want the money at a later date. period. Ounce you get married you enter into a loose-loose business partner arrangement. You can either be an flowers now and keep your asset to yourself or buckle in to look like a good guy only to be the flowers that looses half his equity later. It's your choice how you want to go down, you don't have a choice whether it dose or not. It's cold, but reality sucks.
  13. That is the fastest yet ugliest paint job I have ever scene

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