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  1. Go for a citi card. Heck, you can even try for a amex. Crazier things have happened..
  2. It's a roll of the dice. Nothing is set in stone .
  3. Yes that is considered validation and CA's don't really bother with sending stuff with tracking numbers or certified. Their usual objection will be that it wasn't returned to them as undeliverable. As for the one's that haven't replied, give them the full 30 days from their receipt of the validation request plus 5 days for mail transit. If they don't respond by that time, you can file a cfpb complaint.
  4. This a common tactic with them.
  5. The Master: Granny jacked my social and ruined me financially.
  6. There should be a master thread about relatives stealing other family members info to get unauthorized credit.
  7. For that amount of debt and unlawful credit, you should definitely file a police report. A lesson needs to be learned here.
  8. Now that's pain in the flowers..

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