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  1. I received a medical bill after my insurance paid a large amount of it. My current balance is now $440.00. I called and they said I can not be put on a payment plan. They need the entire amount. I also received a letter stating they are reporting this to collections. I really need help with this one. My questions are, Is there anything that states in a law that I have to pay a full amount for a medical bill or is there a certain percentage I have to pay monthly? My current bill shows $0 for 30 days late at the bottom of the bill so how are they sending me to collections already if they do not receive payment by 6-5? I am not sure if they are BSing to me and I am allowed to make payments. I do not see how they expect someone to make a full payment of a medical bill and they will ruin your credit if you don't. If this was the case then basically for everyone that does not have full medical coverage would automatically ruin their credit every time they went to the hospital. Who would have large amounts to pay for medical if you can't afford a full coverage insurance to begin with.
  2. Right now 3 of my accounts have gone to collections because I would of starved to death if I agreed to the OCs payment terms. I also thought if I was following a new contract plan and this is what they called it as well, then my account should be reported as current. I guess not. From what everyone is saying, my credit is already taking a hit and I am going to call them and tell them this. If this doesnt work I will stop paying them and use this money towards another creditor that will do the right thing. I have another OC that is reporting current for me and taking off fees everytime I make a payment. Wouldnt it be great to have all of them do this! Ok this may be a crazy move on my part but lets see if they see it our way as my credit it taking a hit either way so why pay. Put them right next to my other collections. You know what is soo sad.... my credit score was 715 before I was layed off and now its in the high 500s
  3. Thanks for the help. Its $474.00 which is not a lot compared to my other cards. Even though I pay $10 a month each new statement always says I am $50 past due. I figured this would come down as I pay each month or since I was on a plan they gave me. I see what you mean, Either have tons of lates reported and eventually a 0 balance in which I paid off or a charge off with a balance. I figured both are just as bad for my credit. If I do start a job soon then I will save and try to pay it off in full.
  4. I could not believe it but yesterday I received a free $50 Gift credit card from Capital One. They wanted me to call them to activate it and to speak to them about my account I have been having problems with since I was layed off. This was a nice gesture and a good idea to have your customers call you that are having problems.
  5. Hi, I need help on what I should do. After being layed off my eBay buyer credit from GE agreed to let me pay $10 a month and they are giving me 1/2 off the finance charge by crediting my statement each month and I will receive no more late charges. I called them today and they told me they will still report my account delinquent each month on my credit report. So I guess 120 days late x 3 then 4 then 5, etc. So I feel like I dont even want to pay the $10 per month because it will be reported delinquent regardless if I am making a payment on a payment plan or not. So I might seem stupid for saying this but what does everyone else think? I want to stop my payments and put this money on another account this is helping me by not reporting my account delinquent each month and give that creditor and extra $10 per month.
  6. No problem. That was my 308th post and I never posted like that. It must be that I am frustrated and venting.
  7. I have been calling all of my creditors from the beginning and they will not help or at least until my accounts fall to a 90 day late or more period. 2 of them have put me on a 6 month plan for around $10 a month. 1 dropped my interest to 0 percent and no fees another dropped the rate to 9% and no fees. All said my account will report current after first payment is received but a credit program will show on my report rather then settlement. All but 1 is now in the hands of chases credit collection agency. This agency stated they did not buy the credit. The only work on payment plans for what is over due and then hand it back to chase as current. They also said if my account goes to 7 months late then it will be sold to a different collection agency which actually buys my debt and then starts harassing. So besides my 2 creditors that put me on a hardship plan, my other 3 credit cards will not work with me at this time unless I pay much more then $10 per month. My Chrysler Lease who's CEO was standing in front of congress asking for help himself did not want to help me. Just when the prepossessing of my vehicle was about to hit, my taxes came in and I paid off 3 months I was behind but I also got the supervisor to deduct $150 in fees as well. Chrysler already started calling me because I am not only 18 days past my due date where in the past this was not a trigger to call me. Which I understand my account is probably flagged as risk and I cant get away with paying my payment before 30 days late. I explained my current situation to every creditor, Chrystal and this new collection agency for chase who did not buy my balance but only helps with payment plans. They all ask if I receive unemployment. Is this their plan to take away my $140 a week once I admit I receive unemployment or this only help me if I tell them I receive it? I am also a current full time student. Some I have told this and it did not help at all. Should I also keep my full time student private from them? Any new direction I should take? All advice is appreciated!!! Thank you. My new job Starts May 1st! So 2 months of hell left to go.
  8. I was just laid off and I made a $2 payment to each card that has been late for 2 months. Is this a waste of money to do for now or should I continue each week with a $2 payment to my credit cards? I can not afford anything right now but using all of my time and any of my money thats left to find a job. Will this still go to collections?
  9. And they can tell you the due date is on a Saturday? this stinks!
  10. Just paid $2.89 yesterday. It would be great to get back down to 1.40 like it used to be
  11. The company set my due date for sate 10-25. I made 2 partial payments. One a week before this due date and an automatic payment on the due date. The company states all payments must be received before 5pm eastern time on the due date. #1 They put a late charge on my account way before 5pm. It showed up 12:01 am on the due date. Which means they put a late charge on 17 hours before the time they allow to receive payment. #2 they are telling me because my payment due date fell on a Saturday I was supposed to have my payments received the day before on Friday. Regardless of this they should not have made my payment due date a Saturday. Who can I contact to report them? This is going against my contract in 2 ways. Charging me a late fee before my due date and time and not allowing me to pay up until my due date.
  12. I- searched the boards but I could not find posts with companys I can try. I had one 9 years ago but they are invatation only by -GE money. I need a company that will pay my credit cards and then have me pay them monthly on a loan from them. Does anyone have any good ones? Thanks
  13. Hi, does anyone know that if a credit card company can charge me an over limit fee if its because of the finance charges not an actual purchase I made? I'm not sure if this only depends on my card member agreement or if this is a law that does not allow this to happen? All help is appreciated. thanks
  14. This was in a magazine I subscribe to. Here is the link to sign up. You are eligable if you had a credit card loan or credit account and is in the United States anytime from January 1, 1987 to May 28, 2008. listclassaction .com https://www.listclassaction.com/ If the case is won, some of the benifits are cash, 6 or 9 months free of monitoring from Transunion.
  15. I filed a complaint with the BBB about an account that was showing negative info almost a year after it was IIBK. My complaint finished with the BBB and this negative info was supposed to be removed after 60 days according to the letter from the OC. It is now 100 days and its still showing. What should I do? Send a letter to the credit agency? and what kind of letter? or should I send a letter to the OC? Should I also include copys of the OC's letter to Equifax? Thanks!

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