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  1. Hi everyone. I know it has been a short while, but I wanted to update on what has been happening. Everyone here has been very supportive and informative. As you may recall, we had poor credit scores, past lates, negative judgements and a new charge off. And our credit utilization was about 103%! We also wanted to apply to live in a nice new residential community and buy a new SUV. Finally, the inheritance came through and we were able to pay all the credit cards and store card! We also paid off our small mortgage we had left. And we applied and are moving into the place we wante
  2. Here are our CCs and store card balances and limits with their APRs and closing dates. APR CC/SC Who owns/AU Balance Limit Closing Date 24.25% SC Me $161 $300 9/11 23.25% CC Hubby/ (I am AU) $871 $1,000 9/14 20.05% CC Hubby $2,510 $2,750 8/26 20.05% CC Hubby/ (I am AU) $6,195
  3. It's is only a total of 4 cc's and one store card. Do you want the current balances and limits on each? I'll get that as well as their closing dates.
  4. Quick question... I read that it's important to know the closing date on the cc's and store cards. I have looked up each one we have and wrote down the closing dates and also reviewed a few past reports and noticed that they tend to report day after the closing date. For example, on two cc's we have payment due date is the 23rd of the month and the closing date is the 26th. I noticed on the CRs that their report date is the 27th. So that I understand correctly, the closing date is the important date because whatever balance you have on that date is reported and the UT is based fro
  5. Hi, I wanted to update everyone. As far as our decision to apply for a car loan, (see other topic https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=573533#entry5520274), we decided to wait until we can pay cash for it. We thought if we suffered without AC this long, we can suffer a little more, right? I have been busy reviewing our credit scores and reports and besides checking online, I have requested the full paper version of them too. We received the Transunion in the mail. I have initiated online disputes for me and my husband with Transunion and Equifax basically asking them
  6. The brand-new charge-off is almost certainly already reporting in previous months as 30/60/90 late. You aren't going to like the APR on a car loan. I would recommend taking a hard look at how you treat credit before you take on a big debt like a car loan. This isn't about whether or not you receive warning letters, or whether a payment on a small obligation that's already months behind takes 1 or 3 days to post. We fell on severe financial hardships for the last few months and that is why we are in this crazy mess. We were able to bring everything current now. Within the next fe
  7. I'll post tomorrow my latest updates on my reports. I know some of you were wondering if I had any installment loans. Just a previous paid car loan that finished July 2009. I do have a very small LOC that Cap One bank charged off on July 27th because they didn't post the payment of $200 I sent until July 29th. (I was a few months late in paying but I never received any warning letters.) I am disputing directly with them because I did a bill pay via Cap One 360 on Fri July 22nd and my bank confirmed they mailed the check on Mon July 25th. It should have went electronically and it would
  8. I probably wouldn't be approved for 0% APR. That's for well qualified applicants. Right now, my TU score from Credit Karma is just 571. I told the salesman I think I have around 600 score and he said the APR might be 5% - he didn't know. So, I should apply and see if I am approved and at what % APR? If it's at 5%, would that be ok? (My previous new car in 2004 I financed $13,800 at 5.4% and the payments were $253 a month. This was also from Chase.)
  9. I have a running topic here, https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=572322&do=findComment&comment=5519592, but I need advice on a particular question. We need to buy a new SUV and know which one we will get, (2017 Subaru Forester). We been to two dealers and have their best price. We were going to wait until we can pay cash in full which it looks to be in about another month. If I were to apply for financing, (Subaru Financing through Chase which uses Transunion), how bad would it be to add a hard inquiry? I just looked and I have 1 inquiry on TU, 3 on EX and
  10. Hi, I wanted to give an update. We are now current on all cc's and were able to get late fees credited. Also asked about removing the late status on the TLs and the Capital One rep said it usually will happen after 3 months of on time payments. I also am waiting for a call back from the people handling our mini mortgage about getting the late status removed. Now for the shocker - I called the LOC (Cap One) to ask them to do the same and spoke with a supervisor. She informed me that this account went into charge off just a day before!! (July 27th). I told her that I made a $200 paym
  11. I too fear that since they are that recent it's a steep climb upwards on this one, even to mid 600s. If nothing else this can become a progress thread in the event that the apartment doesn't work out. But hopefully enough can be worked out with the complex to make it happen. Insert Kat's fingers crossed here I am going to see if we can pay those two months on the mini mortgage today. Do you think I should call them to ask them to remove the severe late reporting on the TL? Do you think they will? Even my LOC shows a previous 90 days. Or, should I do an online dispute? I know
  12. Thank you. Last Friday, we were able to pay a small amount to bring our cc's to a current status and pay 2 months on our small mortgage. (We are still now 2 months behind and I will pay another month tomorrow.) I also caught up with my bank LOC. I calculated what we now owe on our 4 cc's and one store card and I was able to bring it down to a 95% utilization. It was at 103%! In total, we owe $13,758 on those 5 cc's, plus $2,363 on the small mortgage and $793 on the LOC. That's a grand total of $16,914. In two weeks we should able to pay all of this. My husband and I are both i
  13. First, are you sure that the 640 isn't minimum score requirement, and THEN, after you've made that cut, they look at the contents of the report? That's how I would resolve the two pieces of info you've provided about the credit requirements, until proven otherwise. Second, the total of your credit limits isn't a factor that FICO scores. Whose assessment is it that your total is "fair," and why do you care? It actually was stated on all 3 CA that since I have 7 accounts that I was in the 'fair' category and if I had 11+ that would be excellent. I have been reading a lot on here lately
  14. I was able to pay 2 months on the mini mortgage and tomorrow I will pay the past due on the credit cards and the bank line of credit. In 2-3 weeks, we will be hopefully able to pay everything off. We also found out that the community we would like to live in doesn't just look at the credit score but the report. The sales person said it's a computer algorithm that reviews it. He said if we don't have bankruptcy or judgements or collections, then it should be ok. We don't have any of them. We are still going to wait until we pay off everything before we apply. I hope the creditors repo
  15. Thank you everyone for the great advice! We are happy that we will be catching up on all our late payments this week. I know that it will show but it will say 'current'on the immediate I think it's called 'Tag Line' or 'Trade Line'? As far as the new potential rental, it is in a community and the sales associate told us that they look at just the credit score and not the full report. I told him the truth about our situation and how in a few weeks we will be able to pay all our debt and our scores should go up. I asked if it will help if we paid 3 months ahead and he said they don't
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