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  1. It'd be whoever is going to be on the mortgage application as a borrower (unless USDA, but that's for income limitation verification). If it's just you, only your income will be considered as a basis for repayment...
  2. Haven't been around in awhile, I know, but... I close on my new home tomorrow! Woohoo! Awesome! I picked up a fully loaded 2014 XV Crosstrek earlier this year. Saved my flowers when Portland got slammed by a freak snowstorm in February!
  3. In a way, yes. Lenders are free to add their own overlay conditions in addition to FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, etc, guidelines. Normally the lender's systems will be a blend of the formal guidelines, as well as the lender's own overlays for what they will approve on.
  4. Not entirely true, depending on the bank. Most banks train around the idea of pulling the alarm if safe to do so.
  5. There are others beyond that, but not tons. If you check out the link I posted above, you'll see there are actually quite a few. Not entirely. A lot of those have been converted to Visa, not AmEx cards.
  6. Bank of America issues a few co-branded cards that run on the American Express network. I have the Accelerated Rewards AmEx with them. Macy's issues an AmEx-branded Macy's card, but serviced by Macy's (DSNB, Citigroup). Citigroup issues several AmEx-branded cards of their own, as well. There are others beyond that, but not tons.
  7. Yes, it's a real American Express - it's issued directly by AmEx. As for easy to get... depends on what you consider easy to get. American Express is one of the pickier issuers of cards out there.
  8. I hate DST. Can we get rid of this useless tradition yet?
  9. http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-3-wheel-mobility-travel-scooter-by-rascal-blue/ID=prod6166986-product
  10. I don't know if I'd count as "old," but I do still show up every now and then to harass people here.
  11. Hey there Breeze! How have you been?
  12. ... guess who's back. And lots of big changes since I last harassed you guys. How is everyone doing? How were the holidays?
  13. No. Money laundering needs to involve physical cash being put into a non-cash, cash-equivelent item (stored value cards [gift cards] is one option). However, there is no physical cash, and thus, it does not constitute money laundering. Just to note on that specific piece.
  14. Management for a major financial services corporation.

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