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  1. I have AMEX CS Premium. I pull daily whenever I am disputing to see if and when derogs fall off my reports. Other than checking derogs, daily pullers don't have the same appeal as they did 10 to 12 years ago
  2. Looks like Berkshire Hills acquired First Choice Bank on June 27, 2016. So now the merger is completed. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/berkshire-hills-to-acquire-first-choice-bank-300290439.html So I wonder what the future holds for those of us with Primor secured cards? Does anyone know anything about Berkshire Hills? On their website they have both consumer and business credit cards. Also both secured and unsecured credit cards. I was seriously considering closing both of my Primor cards but now I am going to wait for a year to see if anything good becomes of this. In particular whether the future holds the possibility of gradulation. Anyways, it is always good to hope.
  3. Did you ever get an answer to your question about PenFed being forgiving? I am in the same boat and I would like to know what to expect before I call PenFed.
  4. Need advice on how to settle a CO with the OC. Long story short, back in 2008-2009 I lost my job and was unable to find work until October 2011. Throughout that time I basically lived off the credit cards and LOC that I had obtained. Needless to say my SUV was repossessed; credit cards and LOC went late and eventually CO'd. 2014 I was re-hired with a good company: I paid off the CO's and collections under $1200. AMEX gave me the Optima Oasis card for repaying my CO. I financed a SUV in March 2014 and it is current with no missed payments. Which brings me to the present. I began rebuilding my credit about 8 months ago. I obtained 3 secured cards, none report as secured I pay all in full before the statement date except for one card which I allow $15 to report to the CRAs. 02/18/16 FICOs: EX 525 TU 535 EQ 531 11/18/16 FICOs: EX 566 TU 581 EQ 589 Even with the CO's that I have paid, I still have about $85K in derogs reporting which is keeping my scores down. I obtained my credit reports directly from EX, TU, & EQ. The good news: derogs begin to age off of my reports in June 2017. All but $19K will have aged off of all my reports by December 2017. I would like to purchase a home and move in before March 2018. However the following will still be reporting on my reports until October 2018: PenFed Auto Repossesion $5K NFCU LOC CO $14K I have my VA Certificate of Eligibility in hand, so all I need to do is get my reports clean. I have signed up for FICO 3B in August 2016 and I have watched my scores including Mortgage Score continue to increase: 8/28/16 EX FICO 8 - 550 | EX FICO 2 - 540 TU FICO 8 - 568 | TU FICO 4 - 557 EQ FICO 8 - 545 | EQ FICO 5 - 496 11/18/16 EX FICO 8 - 556 | EX FICO 2 - 557 TU FICO 8 - 581 | TU FICO 4 - 570 EQ FICO 8 - 589 | EQ FICO 5 - 550 11/18/16 INQs: EX 1 | TU 1 | EQ 3 What I need is advice on how to approach both Navy Federal and PenFed in order to settle both accounts before September 2017.
  5. Does anyone know why Discover's website will gives this error and request you call when attempting to do a CLI online?
  6. I just logged into my Penfed account and saw a button to apply for a Penfed Amex card. Has anyone applied? I am thinking of asking they convert my Cash Rewards Visa to the new Amex card
  7. Before you called, did you consider the worst case scenario and the best case scenario? Too many people only look from the point of the most positive outcome. Sorry OP, but credit lines are given based on risk. Whether or not you agree with the method a lender calculates risk is irrelevant because......... It is those that have the $$$$$$$$$$ that makes the rules Everything involving credit/lending is YMMV
  8. I don't understand what happened. Did Sprint run your credit for someone applying from a Sprint account using your address? Or did you receive a letter at your residence for someone that tried to open a Sprint account? GL
  9. Not meaning to be rude, but does your SSN or credit history indicate that you might not be an American citizen?
  10. Whatever happened to MaTTeR?
  11. geordi


    What is the name of the CA, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. OP, About 18 months ago, I dealt with CMI for a Time Warner collection. CMI would not budge, not even a little bit. I sent good will letters to Time Warner and CMI I contacted BBB I contacted my state's office of financial regulation CMI stuck like glue until it eventually fell off at the 7 year mark. Sorry I couldn't offer any help. GL

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