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  1. Thank you for the response. It's like the CA is receiving the information from the OC otherwise how else would they have known about the payment plan? What should I do with the list? I've been documenting the calls and letters. Just received another one.
  2. I've entered into a payment agreement with the original creditor for a debt. The letter I received from the Office of the Chairman states "we will notify CA of the agreement and request collection efforts cease" but I'm still receiving calls and letters in the mail from the CA. The CA is telling me to send THEM my payments (and for a different amount than what was agreed to with the OC). I've called the Office of the Chairman to notify them that I'm still being contacted by the CA and each time, my contact says she's contacting their internal collection dept. staff to straighten it out but
  3. Thanks for the reply! I don't have a repayment plan with GE, I'm just paying the bill monthly with regular payments. I'm able to login to my account on GE Capital, they're sending me statements, etc. so I'm not sure where/how Allied Interstate got involved.
  4. I have an active GE Capital account that's past due but payments are being made/scheduled and are being accepted by GE. The other day, I received a letter from Allied for this same account demanding payment in full for the total balance. I'm not sure what's going on or who I should contact.
  5. Ok thanks. I've gone back to them and now just waiting for a response. Interestingly enough, response time seems a bit slower than before (has all been done via email). So we'll see, I guess I'll wait until Friday and see what kind of response I get, if any.
  6. This would be the CA's TL. Nothing on my report from the OC.
  7. So I received an alert from TC today stating "A settlement has appeared on your credit report" for Experian and when I checked it out, it was in regards to an account that the CA said (in writing) they were removing all negative information associated with the account from my credit report. So what do I do now? Do I need to go back to the CA?
  8. Just to update...there is a guy by the name of Chris Murphy at CAG who is really helpful in getting this situation removed from your credit report.
  9. When I dealt with Allied Interstate, I went through the OC (Sprint) who was able to help me get it removed from my report.
  10. jburk, my situation is similar to yours with different information being reported than the info I received from Direct Brands. • A collection on my credit from NCS • DV letter sent to NCS. NCS provides me with some screenshot for “validation” • Disputed with Experian. Experian verifies the debt • I contact Direct Brands who inform me the account has been sold to Capital Assistance Group and that’s who I should contact for service. I’m not sure where to go next. NCS is listed on my report and NCS doesn’t even have this supposed debt according to Direct Brands. NCS screenshot sai
  11. Hmmm, now I notice the mailing address to send payment is a Comcast P.O. Box but they have a CA sending the letter. Maybe that's why it isn't reporting? ETA: Comcast still has the account in their system and is able to take payment. This is very strange! No wonder they refused to recall. Sounds like scare tactics or something. I'm just going to pay Comcast directly and keep on the lookout for any additional letters from this CA.
  12. I actually didn't have to pay for various reasons but I DID receive the letter from the collection agency stating they were in the process of having it removed from my credit and Equifax just shows it as "subject has not satisfied debt". I'm about to start disputing with Equifax now.
  13. Comcast was eventually able to tell me what it was for...many months later. I want to pay and get it over with, especially since it's not reporting. Does anyone know if it is likely that the collection will appear upon paying or am I worrying about nothing?
  14. I had Sprint agree to recall a debt back in 2008 and even still have the letter from the CA Allied Interstate stating that they were in the process of removing the account from my reports. It's still reporting, over 2 years later. I've placed another call with the Collection Manager at Sprint who was my contact for getting this resolved in the first place and he has always said he was escalating the issue with the credit bureaus when it wasn't removed the first time. Like I said, it's been 2 years. Are there any violations occurring here? Should I contact Allied Interstate and pro
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