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  1. Hi All, I received an email from this man saying that I owed this money to company and I responded back saying to send me verification but he just sent me my license number and name of my old bank. Is this proper verification? What do I do? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this part of the forum and I wanted to know what does APP Marv mean? Is it someone that is approving people for auto loans?
  3. I have 2 installment loans with Check N Go and Dollar Loan total balance - $5,000 and I have 6 payday loans total balance - $3000. I live in California and I was told that the payday loans are illegal if they were done on the internet.
  4. I would like to pay for these payday loans and my 2 installment loans but I just can't pay the amount they want me to pay. Do you think I might can negotiate myself with the company.
  5. I just stop paying a month ago. I just can't afford it any more. I have read on this forum but I really don't have time to do it due to me working 2 jobs. I just need a lot of help. Do you know anyone that may be able to help me?
  6. Yes, I am having a lot of trouble. I was also thinking about going with McCarthy Law PLC, have you heard of them?
  7. Does anyone know about the company Golden Financial Services in San Diego, CA? They stated that they help with debt settlement and can also help with credit repair.
  8. So how should I go about taking care of the payday loans? Should I call a debt settlement attorney?
  9. Hi, has anyone heard of Franklin Services llc or Franklin Today llc? I have numerous payday loans and they stated that they can help with consolidating them.
  10. Hi, I was wondering has anyone heard of Franklin Services LLC in Florida? I have numerous payday loans and they said that they could help lower and consolidate them?
  11. Hello Everyone, I received a call today on my cell phone from a man with an asian accent stating that he was from Federal Legislation and that I had 3 criminal charges and ask to verify my social security number and where I worked. He knew both of these things. And I would not verify the information and he so he spoke real fast and hung up. I know I have not committed in criminal charges. Do you think this is a collection agency the number is 310-362-7056? Please help! Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, I am needing help. I just got off of disability and I am trying to get back in paying my bills but I cannot catch up being a single parent. Does the government have a program or grants to help people with getting out of debt. Or do you know of a good debt management program to get into so I can have one low monthly payment. Thanks
  13. Hi Everyone, I am behind in my bills but I would like to make payment arrangements with my original creditors and later be able to reopen my accounts. Do you have a letter on file I could use? Thanks
  14. Hi Everyone, I was recently off work due to disability. I just returned back to work a couple of weeks ago and I would like to make arrangements to pay my bills to a lower payment. What letter do I use to do this and also have them stop calling my job and home? Could you tell me where to find this letter? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I posted yesterday in student loan section but no one replied. Hopefully, someone can help me. What do I do if I am currently on disability and I have a private student loan with Chase for about $60,000. I graduated in May and I asked them could I put the loans in deferment but they stated I had to pay the first payment first then they could put it in deferment for 3 months. They are calling harassing me at home and at my parents house. Is there a letter I can write or something?

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