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  1. Trying to find a solution for somebody who had to let their credit go about a year ago because they couldn't afford BK. Just kinda walked away. They need to move back to their home state immediately to be near relatives. Are there any kind of income based mortgages that don't really care about credit out there? How would you get it done? She actually owns the deed to her current home but it needs a lot of work. TIA Asking for a friend
  2. So it won't let me pull my credit reports on any bureau via annualcreditreport. Says its blocked or locked or whatever. Credit Karma insists I have the wrong SSN that I've had for my entire life. I haven't been able to pull my own credit in months via any website. The most I did was dispute a few items on my reports online before being locked out. Is this the new norm? What am I missing?
  3. Seems like maybe some ppl on this site might be having some senility problems like focusing on topic. What does your Nigerian reference have to do with the situation in the thread? Why are you in this thread even?? So many of you are trying to stir the pot and only Marv brought any helpful information to the thread. That's interesting. Honestly, the site appears to be dying from that sort of attitude.
  4. I wasn't referencing a personal attack by you. I'm talking about on this board in general in recent past.
  5. Thanks for that info Marv. That's interesting I'll have to tell him he can ask to watch him release it. CV seems cool. I'm probably a bit wary from personal attacks from the past when reaching out for advice. I do apologize.
  6. He actually sent registration to him so I doubt it. I'm thinking they've both had words back and forth and the Nigerian just wants to try and screw him. Years ago I paid off a vehicle from a BHPH place and they gave me a receipt that it was paid off and never sent me the title. Complained to every consumer agency and legal authority I could find, nobody wanted to do anything. DMV never did release the electronic title. They kept saying it was on the BHPH to release it, the BHPH place kept saying it was the DMV. The car has been parked in my garage for years because if it totals out, they pay the title holder.
  7. It's Georgia so yep I believe it is. I know he's not a troll. I believe the post he made wasn't meant to help the debtor, and if it wasn't meant to help then what was it meant for? That's what we're here for right? To help debtors and not the Nigerian scammers or should we nit pick at the debtors to try and find fault in any minor thing they might have done wrong like pay a payment late.
  8. Try to focus on helping rather than trolling and you'll be more useful on these boards i bet...
  9. New development .... Scammy Nigerian dealer is saying he can't give my friend the title if he pays the balance in full in cash. He says he has to send away for it and my friend is supposed to just trust that he is going to send it to him. This is after he blocked his cell phone and other petty antics. Can anyone help on how to protect him from getting royally screwed if he comes up with the money to pay it off? Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
  10. Actually a local lawyer here is saying that he doesn't have a right to send a demand letter and it probably won't be upheld in court if he pays this stealership the money to get current. The stealership is saying the only way to get current is to take the money to suntrust bank and have it deposited into their account. My friend has never heard of such a payment method and that's why he asked to see his dealer's license because it was questionable if he even has one.
  11. He made the card payment online via a link the dealer sent him. It's not just credit card payments. There is no where on this guy's generic car selling website where there is even a way to make a payment and the business is a 10x10 office space in Atlanta in a building that requires a card key to enter. This guy made it very hard to make any kind of payment. Yes I've read it
  12. I understand and he realizes he made a mistake and spur of the moment purchase but the seller refused anything but a certified check being brought to him in person upon the only the 2nd payment. The reason I included the credit card payment was to show that there was reason expectation that he would be able to use the credit card/debit card to pay over the internet and not have to drive an hour to drop payment. What would be the best answer to file in this case?
  13. I was wondering if anybody could help a close friend with this. He unfortunately answered to a buy here pay here place and took his car ($8k value) and traded it in for a car he thought was in pristine condition from a guy who has a foreign name sounds like hes from Nigeria or something. Even though the guy was selling his cars outside of an old office building, my friend gave him the benefit of the doubt because, well entrepreneurship right? The problem is the next day all the check engine lights and a bunch of safety airbag etc. errors came up. He called the guy right away and the guy cussed him out and told him to just make sure to pay his monthly payment. My friend doesn't have a lot of money and the car seems to drive ok so he lets it go. So my friend pays the first payment via credit card. My friend notices its a really amateur credit card processor like square. Anyway,. The check engine oil light comes on and he has a mechanic go to do a oil change and theres only 1 or 2 quarts of oil with metal shavings in the oil. This car obviously hasn't been taken care of at all. My friend calls this dealer and complains about the condition of the car and the dealer again says don't bother me and then won't respond to any emails or texts or pick up the phone when he calls. So when the 2nd payment is due my friend figures this guy will get paid late. So when he goes to pay him, he contacts his company (dealers girlfriend) and theyve added a late fee to which my friend didn't budget for. My friend cites the fact he had to put money into repairs and asks them to waive the late fee and they refuse. When my friend finally has the money to pay the payment AND late fee, they say they will only take certified check now and he has to drive an hour to bring it to them in person. Obviously this causes more time to elapse. At the 30 day late mark, they file with the magistrate court saying that want the car back or the entire balance of the loan all at once. It actually say "foreclosure" on the served paperwork. I was not aware of any such thing as a vehicle foreclosure. This Nigerian guy has obviously done this to multiple people in the past. He never gave my friend a chance to be a good customer. He can't seem to find a lawyer because there's no money in it for the lawyer. Anybody got any advice for this guy? He's a good guy just kinda bad making money decision like who to buy a car from. What exactly is the scam this dealer is running and how do we counter it? TIA
  14. Supplyworks and EBarnett use the same interface and database. The credit department is really angry. They will hang up on you rather than check on your credit app and tell you you weren't approved for a net 30. And they will deny a net 30 for ANY reason they can find. The woman in credit has a really bad attitude so I just skipped this company.

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