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  1. Thanks for the info, both of you. Pretty odd glitch they have, lol.
  2. Hi everybody, I made a healthy online payment on my Amex this month (as usual) and once the payment was submitted I went back to my account summary and it showed my available credit went up by $100 more than the amount of my payment. Pretty odd, I've never seen that happen before. I tried searching on here to see if it'd been mentioned recently but didn't find anything. It'd be interesting to hear if anyone else has experience with this type of thing. ETA: I also have no outstanding charges, refunds or anything else that would cause this.
  3. Scorewise, it's better to have one inquiry than zero, from what I can gather. To the OP, that does seem odd. I can't say I have an answer for it
  4. How long does it take to come back up? It went up after one new cc showed, but I don't know if it's fromt he credit cards or the collections I had coming off. I have had so much going on with my Credit in the past couple of weeks. A lot of positive changes. That one bad collection that was on their definitely affected it, although I was able to get it off quickly. That all depends what's on your CR. If you have multiple CAs on your CR, then you might not see any score change at all when one comes off. COs will hold your score down, especially if they carry a balance. Opening 4 new cards can be a good thing, so take care of them and they'll show some payoff in your score over the next year or two. In the meantime, spend time using the Search function and read on topics related to the problems on your reports. There's a Lot of interesting reading on here, that's for sure. Good luck!
  5. Removing some of that bad stuff might gain you some points, but 4 new cards showing on your CR could bring your score down, at least for now. That would explain why your score might have gone up then dropped back down.
  6. ...and it looks like it's going to happen every year from now on, when April 16 falls on Saturday or Sunday.
  7. I haven't seen a good Poll in a while, so i'd like to make a motion to make this a CB members Poll. My vote goes for "it's a No-Brainer to go ahead and apply"
  8. jack, as long as you've been on here I never realized that's the only TL you have. If it was me, and they all ready pulled the Hard, I'd go for it. That'll set you up nicely for the Next TL you app for that pulls EQ Higher limits beget higher limits! Good luck!
  9. I had two COs that were reported as "Settled in full for less than full balance" on my reports, so that's a notation the CRAs do use.
  10. Really? I kind of think it's a sign that you're all dumb. +1
  11. TIAA-CREF April 5, 2011 TIAA-CREF has been informed by Epsilon, a vendor we use to send emails, that files containing the first names, last names and email addresses of some TIAA-CREF participants were accessed without authorization. We have not shared any participant account or financial information with Epsilon. So, this incident has not compromised your TIAA-CREF accounts and they remain secure. For your security, however, we wanted to call this matter to your attention. As always, do not reply to emails asking for your personal information, account numbers or any other type of confidential information. TIAA-CREF will never ask for your personal information or login credentials in an email. Below are some additional precautions we recommend you follow: Do not give your TIAA-CREF user ID or password in email. Do not respond to emails that require you to enter personal or financial information directly into the email. Do not reply to emails asking you to send personal information. Do not use your email address as a login ID or password. Do not respond to emails threatening to close your account if you do not provide personal information We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and will keep you informed of relevant updates. For more information on TIAA-CREF’s commitment to keeping your personal information secure, please visit: http://www.tiaa-cref.org/public/about/inside/topics/index.html?tc_lnk=bottomutlity&tc_mcid=emepsilon0411.
  12. ...but you can post here on CB about how they stiffed you so others don't fall for their BS in the future
  13. Chargeoffs with them stick around for a Long time. As for legal action, right now you're just chump change to them. They have bigger fish to fry, but I'm sure there's a chance they could come knocking some day. You'd be much better off taking care of it now. I agree with Gabe, see what you can do with them. Note: I have a major dislike for them, but I don't see any way around dealing with them :/
  14. If you're looking for recommendations on MP3's, some Lou Reed or Nick Cave is worth the 99c. Perfect Day, Ship Song, Hallelujah, Sweet Jane...
  15. I had a box pop up when making a PP purchase before Christmas and was approved for a CL of a couple grand, no interest if paid in 6 months. It stated something to the effect that if I tried to make a purchase that would put me over the limit that they would automatically do a pull to raise my limit. I haven't tried that. If you log in to their site it should tell you what your CL is, due date, available credit, etc.

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