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  1. Hi, I just noticed I finally have a paydex score. I hadnt checked in about a month. it appears i only have 3 accounts reporting at $50 each. reads like this How likely is it that i can get approved for anything else? Is there any that will look at the lowe tradelines and still approve me? Am I better off waiting for others to reports? I have staples, Office depot, Uline, Gemplers, Grainger, Quill, Reliable, Nebs, and maybe a couple other Net 30's (I dont have info on hand right now)
  2. last week during a conversation with a dnb rep I was told that you only need 3 reporting vendors to have a paydex.
  3. . lets say my llc is alpha vega llc and my dba is alpha umlaut vega I have my bank portfolio set up under my llc name.. but i have 2 checking accounts and a savings acct tied in and under the primary acct it also references my dba name but my payroll acct is only the dba as far as checks go you can have them printed however you want. If you want to save a little $ check out costco's online check printing, my bank manager actually refered me to staples b/c they were chepare than the bank (actually credit union), but i found costco to be half the cost of staples to deposit checks written out to your personal name just sign them and print "for deposit only" and your business acct #. You can have a stamp made to endorse business checks for less than $10, if you are unsure just ask your bank how they perfer you address these specific issues.
  4. I guess that depends on if you want a NET or Revolving account I got a staples acct without a DUNS, or listed phone # but I have a long order history with them as a business customer and they solicited me to apply with a special promotion.
  5. this is the link i used to get them to resend my duns http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/pages/CCRSearch.jsp but my company was listed here as well http://smallbusiness.dnb.com/ I signed up about a week and a half ago, so it might not show immediately
  6. n/m i just requested it again to a different email address. apparently it was being blocked b/c it shows as (unknown sender) so i think my spam software on my exchange server just rejected it.
  7. Can someone tell me the fastest (cheapest) way to find out my DUNS? I applied online through govt contractor sign up. I never received an email, so i went and researched my company and they had it listed so i requested they reemail it to me, but have yet to hear anything back. I am planning on submitting a bid for a project tomorrow and need to finish my package.
  8. ok this is what i did. I called ATT and setup a foreign listing ( cant do it with verizon b/c of my market) ATT charges $6 per month for FL, +$17 work order fee. Its billed annually. So my regular service is under the legal name, and FL is under the assumed name. The total FL charge was $89.
  9. I started an llc for illustration purposes it is Amazing Consulting, llc I also filed a a dba for the llc and will be operating/advertising primarily as Amazing Property Consultants, I also reserved the dba APC but dont have immediate plans to use it. I have set my business up this way for branding/marketing purposes and future growth plans. This business requires special licensing and permits that i plan on getting under the name Amazing Consultants, LLC, and this the name I have already had placed on my initial bank account. I am going to setup a business phone line/listing soon and am wondering if I should keep conformity and have the business listing as Amazing Consulting, llc or Amazing Property Consultants will it matter when it comes to underwriters? Obviously I would prefer the assumed name b/c it will help my customers to recognize my company easier in listings. Should I setup another bank account under Amazing Property Consultants? I actually plan on having 3 separate bank accounts 1 for payroll, 1 for Operating Capital, and a higher interest OC Reserve acct but was going to wait until I finalize some financing arrangements.
  10. is anyone else having problems getting into briefcase today?
  11. DW received pre approval from orchard, and was apporved with EX fico of 547, $300 limit $59 annual
  12. michael_dell@dell.com source = http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/44/dell.html
  13. yeah they are all over the place, just do a google search for "blood-sucking scum bag collectors forum" or "I cant get a real job so I harrass people in bad situations for a living" sorry this is post #666 and I am feeling a little devilish
  14. nm, found it http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcra.htm#604

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