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  1. astoll

    2 disputes

    Dumb question I'm sure.. but I just did an Experian online dispute a few days ago. one account on my report was due to fall off in 2011 and got re-aged, so now it doesn't fall off until 2017 Experian wouldn't let me dispute online cause it's "previously investigated" i have a copy of a credit report from 2009 that states it falls off in 2011. can I mail a copy in and dispute, or do I have to wait until the online disputes are closed out in 30days? thanks for the help
  2. astoll

    tax lien

    hey erbody i have a tax lien for 8,300 dollars. Less than a year old Its getting deleted this month cause it was an error any ballpark of how this would improve my score? i'm currently sitting around 600 thanks
  3. does anyone have an email contact to any of these businesses? I'm trying to send some goodwill deletion letters to paid collections/CO's hsbc CreditOne bank Portfolio Hunter warfield dept of VA Thanks PM me if needed
  4. Can a student loan report 180 days late every month. Mine is listed as 180 days late every month for the last two years old so
  5. Hey guys. Was just looking at my Experian report and had a few questions USA funds (student loan) has been reporting me as 180days late every month for over 2 years. Is that legal? Seems messed up. also midland is reporting as a 1 month term. That's also wrong. Right? thanks
  6. astoll

    USA Funds

    I made all 9 payments. Then some paperwork needed to be sent into USA funds, and then I could pay the rest of the balance and and be in good standing again. But since the paperwork didn't get sent soon enough, now I can't pay the remaining balance and be in good standing. I can pay the remaining balance and my credit report will get updated to say paid. But both sm and USA funds will both be on my report and listing 120days if my balance was 1000$ or more, I could do the rehab again, but since its only 600$ I can't rehab. Hence everything stays on my credit report
  7. astoll

    USA Funds

    The paperwork didn't get sent in on time I didn't miss any payments
  8. astoll

    USA Funds

    Anybody have any luck dealing with them? I had a defaulted loan. Entered into the rehab program. Paid for 9 months and then there was a gaffe with the paperwork after that... So i still owe the remaining balance. Now i can only pay it. No deletes, no good standing tradelines. Also, they say I cant do another rehab program cause the debt is under 1000$ So it seems i'm screwed. I read on another forum that once they are paid in full they dont respond to cra. So I guess i was curious if anybody could back that up as well thanks
  9. Did they all go to collections in or around 2008? Cause I know it sucks to hear, but if you look at it positively, they will really only be on your credit report another 1-2 years. Ya know.
  10. Does anybody have a good contact e-mail for a goodwill letter? Trying to remove a few late payments thanks
  11. astoll

    USA Funds

    Hi! Ive read some posts on random sites via google that USA Funds is pretty good about not responding to disputes once their accounts are paid in full. Can ANybody back up this? Thanks
  12. hey guys. been awhile since ive been in here but its that credit cleanuptime of year again was wondering if anybody has had any success or advice on these accounts. Ive had no luck with them my last few go arounds credit one bank -paid charge off hsbc bank -paid charge off armed forces bank -paid charge off us dept vets -paid collection portfolio -paid collection hunter warfield -paid collection Pretty sure all of these fall off in 2015, but i'd rather not wait that long
  13. OK, so if i send a letter to a CA past the 30day window, am i still asking for validation? or am i now asking for verification as an information furnisher? thanks
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