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  1. Freeze all your reports. Then call and ask for CLI. Works at 2 levels: 1. they'll attempt CLI based on soft data and is instant. 2. if there is no instant CLI available, you then have the option of having the decision manually reviewed (recon'd), at which point you will be expected to unfreeze a report for them to assess; otherwise, you can simply tell them that you do not intend to pursue manual review. In the event of event 2, take time to tweak your report so it's more favorable (reporting low util, etc, etc)... ... ... the re-approach in ~6 months. Repeat until desired limit met. Saks store is relatively easy to increase. The WEMC is another story bc it goes through 2 UW standards. It's a pain and not really worth chipping away at with instant decisions every ~6 months. Better off printing your tax docs, faxing it in to UW, speak with a mgr, and get the limit you want, take the hard pull, and just be done with it.
  2. As you may know, Barclays stopped accepting apps on the Williams-Sonoma Visa as of 6/01/2016. Williams-Sonoma recently updated the FAQs section of their website to address the issue. According to them, their card product is expected to relaunch sometime "early September 2016." Does anyone have any deets on the relaunch [beyond the PR vagueness Williams-Sonoma is dishing out]? My main concern is whether or not Barclays will still be partnered with Williams-Sonoma. I coincidently app'd for the card 5/31--unknowing the impending restructure/relaunch--and was happy with the reward structure that they had considering my spend activity. I have a feeling the rewards structure is gonna get nerfed, and/or worst case the card is partnered elsewhere, and I'm stuck with a dud and forced to PC Please share what you might know
  3. Yeah, I was readying through, but it's far too obscure. I mentioned somewhat sizable banks around the TD and BBVA level. Looks like hegemony is going after headscratchers. I'm wanting something that's comparable to travel reward and cash back programs to which we've grown accustomed. The odd ball cards referenced in hegemony's thread are basically low APRs. Thanks anyways.
  4. I'm pretty much done getting all the personal/business cards I will ever need from the majors and/or highly popular options, e.g. JPMC, AMEX, Citi, BOA, Barclays, CapOne, WF, Diners Club, USAA, NFCU, UNFCU, PenFed, Nasa, Synchrony, Comenity... Are there any less notable financial institutions with overlooked cards assuming you already have all the major cards (maybe TD, BBVA, ???)? I'd hate to think that I'm "done," lol Thanks!
  5. Is it dead bc of what I'm specifying, or is there another reason(s)? Thanks.
  6. Creep banks I don't have a relationship with from time-to-time, and this time when looking at BBVA, I came across their "Select" credit card: https://www.bbvacompass.com/credit-cards/bbvacompass-select.jsp Reminds me a bit of the original Chase Freedom/Freedom Plus (for those of you that remember that gem pre-2008)... of course, unlike Chase that gave us 5% at top X categories changeable at any time (seriously, what were they thinking back then?! lolz), BBVA's not crazy and diluted it down a bit, allowing the selection of a top category (@3x) and two others (@2x)... sounds nice, but: 1. I don't see a comprehensive listing of what categories can be chosen from. 2. Further, I don't understand how the points work, e.g. bank shopping portal, cash back deposit, statement credit, etc. Any data points? Thanks.
  7. sry for the thread revival, but is B* completely and utterly dead? I've read some murmurs of TU still capable of B* using SCP & TUP... the issue I'm facing is IF that's true, I can't see how that's possible considering both limit how many pulls/billing cycle, and it nowhere equals to 1 SP/day from each service. So, IF TU is still susceptible to B*, how is that considering SCP & TUP's SP restriction? Thank you.
  8. So what reward structure have you guys chosen: Advantage, Cash, or Classic? How do you designate which program? I'm positioning for this. Potential 50k w/ 2 SPs... sign me up!
  9. ...unless you have hundreds of thousands in RC, your creditors especially make it their business to see your "photo album" weekly on avg... and if anything close to what OP happens, god forbid with more than 1 acct, expect an account suspension, and your call immediately directed to loss prevention when you call in, and if you can't explain/immediately pay, expect a closure or at minimum a FR. Matters a whole lot when high stakes. Reporting low util is #1 priority. If you're reporting maxed, there's normally gonna be a credit reporting dept with your lender. Depending who you speak with, they will update out of cycle (Chase does it auto if PIF as already noted), but don't make it a habit. This is a call you want to make less than once a year... it ruffles a lot of feathers, and you're not dealing with high-turnover call center reps... odds are, you'll be dealing with credit managers & directors, who are career employees. They're not going anywhere -- it's a cushy job. Best you can hope for is executive services to act as a buffer. This isn't to scare the crap outta you. It's better you're making this mistake now with low stakes. Can't afford slip ups down the line. Good luck.

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