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  1. If it was joint wouldn't they need her approval to remove her from the account versus being an AU on his acct where he can call and have her removed? Sorry for this she was not a joint she only a au on my account but I took her out and she is no longer a au on my account so my question is any thing that report for me on my credit report from this account does still report on her report as well ? After she is not a au on this account?
  2. I removed her as a au from my account will she continue getting updates on her crerdit report after she is removed from that acoount?? U said she can't deleted this tradeline will the consumer report do it with no problems involved??
  3. Hi every one Hi have a bloomingdale acoouny that my wife was a added to my account as a hutu. User and about a 2 mount ago I called bloomingdale custmer service to take her off from being added to my account as additional user now my account shows on her credit report but my account for some reason was going late almost 90 days late will this be showing on her credit report also ?? Even all this late happened after I took her off from my account?? Is she still getting updates on this account on her credit report even she is taken off??
  4. Thanks for you're respnd. So what esay to get that pulls equfax ?? Store card or credit card ?? That pulls equ in ny
  5. Any one knows what does capitol one pull in new york?? . What easy to get approve store card could I apply that pull equfax??
  6. i am new to credit all i have is orchard card 320 limit and i am a joint card with my wifes chase $3500 and join at bloomingdale card $2500 what card should i try to apply now ? what chase card is easey to apply?
  7. If I have my wife as a joint account on my bloomingdale could I release her from my account so like this if it becomes into collection my account it doesn't kill her credit ? Or it does not help and its still will shoe on her credit report?
  8. What do you mean by negative? Over the limit? Means I didn't pay the bills and its in collection
  9. I have a macys card that is negative for a long time I got a letter if I don't pay it off they will close my macys account but I do have a bloomingdale card that is in a good standing does this mean they will close my bloomingdale card?
  10. what card does chase pull now on experian in ny ?
  11. Will it be hard to get approved for credit cards wen the econemy is so down? Will the banks stop giving credit cards ? Or it will not efact?
  12. From the time now that I start bulding credit till a year time what's the max credit line I could get to in a year time if I pay on time and in full the secured cards?
  13. Yes I did report as lost or stolen
  14. Yes I did report as lost or stolen
  15. Yes I know numbers some kind of store

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