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  2. Which Navy League of the United States document should I send in? Just the approval email would suffice?
  3. My brother recommended them, because they him a $42k car loan only a few months after bk7 discharge.. and I think a loc on top of that. I search all over the forum with different name variations, but couldn't find anything. Anyone familiar with Mid-Illini Credit Union?
  4. . thanks! tmcgill, I'm in Louisville, KY I never knew I could check chex, I've been out of the loop for years.
  5. Hey all, is there any establishment out there willing to give someone with sub-500s credit scores on the personal side a business checking? I was denied by my credit union, who I've been with since 2008 due to low scores. Any way around my personal credit score?
  6. Congrats I say give it 3 months and try to up it to 20k I got a series of 3 cli from them back in 08, 1 at activation, 3 months later, and again 3 months after that.
  7. I was approved for the One Pass Continental Visa from Chase almost a year ago. I got the email about qualifying for the bonus miles for sign up and that they were disbursed(if i remember correctly 35-40k w/ AU added) These points don't show up on my Chase acct or what is now United's membership website. Who exactly do i need to talk to, to receive my points? Thanks! I mean WORLD MC, im sorry.
  8. I would trade every single CC i have for this and considering I've lived/traveled abroad for almost a years now.. I want. I have 35k with Chase on 3 different cards and 0% utilized.. I wonder could they roll them all into the Palladium.
  9. Approved for $7500, I'm guessing they pulled TU because that's the only one unlocked. I used the link on US Airways website that offered $50 off the price of your ticket.. I wasn't instantly approved so is it possible to still get that $50 credit? Thanks CB, haven't been here in a while. does Juniper cli at activation??
  10. I've had a balance since around Feb. '10, and I have yet to see any interest charges on any statement since then. My apr on the card is 18%.. I've had balances ranging from $500-$1000 over this period. No balance xfers have been done and I haven't used any of their checks. But I purchase a lot w/ this card. But on the other hand I've been accruing interest charges on my Freedom Visa siggy at the same time.. I'm i just lucky/ a glitch in the system or has something changed?
  11. I got approved, got the card, canceled by amex within the first two statements, and all before it started reporting..
  12. Yaris over a Scion?!? lol I'm sure he's pissed.

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