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  1. I thought PFD's were when the debts have already been sold to CA's? These are still with the original creditors.
  2. Hi, I have contacted a few of my creditors and was told that they would be willing to settle for half of my balance. Just wanted to find out what long term effects this has. I understand this automatically closes the accounts, and was told that this info remains on my credit report for 7 years. Is this similar to a BK where this would almost definitely prevent me from obtaining any credit/loans down the road when my financial situation changes? Thanks
  3. Yes it is a recent debt sent to them from Walmart. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I have been getting at least 7-8 calls a day from Allied Interstate regarding a debt that I have. The debt is valid and at some point I will take care of it. So there is no need to send a DV. However I would like for our correspondence going forward to be done through mail only, stopping all phone calls. Should I send a C&D letter or do I run the risk of being sued right away if I do?
  5. ttt for the evening crew. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Hi All, My mom had an old verizon bill that got sent on over to a collection company called AFNI. Last week, a friend of hers receives a call at home from AFNI looking for my mom and telling them that she owed a bill they were collecting on. My mom has absolutely no idea how they got her friends phone number other than the collection agency possibly just looked at an old phone bill and called the number they saw most on the bill. I am pretty sure this is an illegal collection practice. What kind of recourse does my mom have in this? Thank you.
  7. Unfortunately I have fallen behind on my CC's to a point where I am 60 days late on most, and in some cases 90. I have begun receiving letters from a few (Target, Chase) offering me options including reaching a settlement for less than what is owed. I am wondering what the process is for this. Do I write them a letter offering to pay a certain amount and if so what would that be? (how many cents on the dollar?) Or do I need to call them and find out from them what they expect in a settlement? And if they throw out a number, do I have any room to negotiate a lower amount? And one last question- All of my creditors obviously have begun reporting negatively to the bureaus. Is it possible to ask them also once the debit is paid to get rid of the negative info they reported. Thank you all very much for your help.
  8. Unfortunately I have reached a point where I have not been able to make credit card payments for the last 2+ months. I had a solid history for the last few years but just fell on some tough times. As usual, the creditors have been calling non-stop, averaging about 23-25 calls a day between my 6 accounts. I know I am about a week or two out on some of them reaching the 90 day late mark, and I am curious as to when I can start to reach out to my creditors regarding settling for significantly lower than what my balances are? I have been receiving alerts from one of my credit monitoring sites, so I do know they have already begun to report the lates on my credit reports. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide.
  9. I've been receiving calls from ge money after 8pm over the last week . Thought that was a violation? However as I go to answer, they immediately hang up on the other end. What should be my next step in filing a complaint?
  10. Well the court did inform me of the exact case number that is holding up my license. Initial ticket was 590 and the collection agency shows a balance of 1700 and change now after interest. Sent one settlement letter for only that case as I mentioned in an earlier post, and the agency didn't even respond directly to my letter. So I guess if I can get them to agree to accept a smaller amount, I need to obtain a copy of that letter, make sure the specific case number is listed on my money order, make a photocopy of my money order, send copy of letter and money order in with delivery confirmation. Am I leaving anything out? I just want to make sure my bases are covered just in case the collection agency doesn't notify DMV to release my license suspension. You know how collection agencies work....they claim they will take care of something then never live up to their end of the deal.
  11. Powers64, I have contacted the DMV and verified this with the court, but out of all of my tickets with the collection agency, there is only 1 that suspended my license. No points accrued, only that one account. The state of Washington enacted a new law back in January of 2006 that said that any traffic tickets that were given after that date and were left unpaid could lead to a suspended license. The rest of my cases were before that date. The court told me when I contacted them a month or so ago that once that particular account (3 tickets) were taken care of, then my license would be re-instated.
  12. I have come to find out from the courts that these debts have been sold to the collection agency. So I am wondering if anyone could tell me if the courts still have the right to revoke my license when the debts are now owned by a collection agency? Seems to me that would be constituted as collection activity from an agency that no longer owns the debt? Thanks for anyone that can provide some feedback on this.
  13. I still have not heard back from the court yet to find out if they in fact sold the debt to the collection agency or if the CA is just collecting on their behalf. Also, a couple of things regarding the letter I received from the CR. It is a 1 page sheet listing the balance on the front and each account on the back from the court with the amount owed for each of the accounts. Is this considered proper Validation on the CR's part? And even though each account number is listed on the back, on the front of their letter, I see only 1 account number that apparently the CR has assigned to me? Is that legal? It seems that they have bunched all the accounts into one.
  14. Oh and as far as the settlement letter, I only brought up the one account that suspended my drivers license. I mentioned nothing about any other account. Offered to pay the initial ticket price of 590 bucks. Did not ask for a PFD because at last check, none of these are on my CR's. And as I mentioned in my initial post, they made no reference to my settlement offer in their response.
  15. Yes my Drivers License has been suspended for the last few years. I have not been behind the wheel since then. I will reach out to the court to get an actual print out of the outstanding accounts I have with them. Do I also ask them directly if they still own the debts and the collection agency is just trying to collect on them, or if they have sold the accounts to the CA? Will they provide that information to me? Thanks

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