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  1. This is going to be an interesting take on just how important (or not) living in the Bay Area is to FB employees. Now that employees have a choice, where will they go? I'll be very curious what the actual numbers look like. More curious is how many choose to stay in California, just not in the Bay Area. Since salaries are so high here, the drop in pay might be more than some expected. I think they will probably use Gartner data to help with this. Nonetheless, kudos to Facebook for doing this. I think alot of companies will revisit WFH policies when when this is all over.
  2. We in SF already had a big homeless problem, but due to covid-19, it is worse then ever. Now, you have lawful, legal, and sanctioned homeless spaces at City Hall. It is controversial to say the least, but neighbors support it. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/10982427-181/san-francisco-sanctions-once-shunned-homeless
  3. Wonder if it was over a face mask. Sometimes, I hear folks outside stores debating the whole issue of face masks and individual rights. I just ignore and go about my way, but still, there are some people who object to face masks, period. They are faced with a decision: Go into a store where it clearly says face masks are required, and risk a confrontation. Or just suck it up, and put it on. I've seen both sides. But I can tell you that at least from my observations, store workers are becoming less and less willing to enforce it if it progresses to a physical confrontation. They (workers) hope that peer pressure will work. You just don't know. If you try enforcement on the wrong person, you might end up with a long-term injury. Thus managers do not get involved and ask lower level workers to handle on their own. In California, we have a zero-bail policy, so even if arrested, you are released within 2 hours due to covid19 in the jails. We have news reports of upticks in crime to reduce prison populations. After they commit crimes after release, they are re-released same day with no means to survive.
  4. Would definitely recommend opening up a CU account. Many to choose from. They are great alternatives and based on membership, the credit limits are highly competitive. Regarding Cap 1, they might unsecure it, but I highly doubt it. Close it. You already have AMEX and Discover. The former has a good credit line. If it were me, I would close the Cap 1 secured card, wait 6 months, then ask for CLI's and apply for other cards like Chase and Citi, just be careful not to apply for too much at any one time. Your already well on your way.
  5. Couldn't help the side note that facebook allowing employees to work remotely in U.S. but that be warned if you leave Bay Area, you'll take a significant pay cut. The company will begin allowing certain employees to work remotely full time, he said. Those employees will have to notify the company if they move to a different location by Jan. 1, 2021. As a result, those employees may have their compensations adjusted based on their new locations, Zuckerberg said. “We’ll adjust salary to your location at that point,” said Zuckerberg, citing that this is necessary for taxes and accounting. “There’ll be severe ramifications for people who are not honest about this.”
  6. If there is not more assistance to come from the federal government on this front, “many malls will be headed into default because they won’t be able to make mortgage payments going forward,” he said at the time. Mall of America is not alone in this scenario, either. A number of malls are missing mortgage payments, and particularly those in the CMBS market. This is going to be a big problem. Since many malls cannot reopen yet, or are just curbside pickup only, I am not so sure tenants in these malls will be able to make their financial commitments to avoid the need for a bailout. It is highly contingent on just how confident the consumer is. At least those that are still employed.
  7. To be expected. Getting people back to work will be complicated as companies are figuring out how to keep their employees safe. In this particular case, they (infected employees) were tested and quickly identified and precautions were taken. Business can then resume within days, minimizing overall impact.
  8. Sounds like the CU is on the right side of the law. So why bother? "As a result, she said, Mid Florida has decided to pay the $400 repossession fee and pay to have her car towed back to her."
  9. Petco Park in San Diego? Just when do they intend to postpone to? Unless the Governor has a major change of direction, I don't see this being allowed to be held in 2020. Interesting to see how this progresses.
  10. Depends on locale as well. SF Bay Area is hugely popular with new graduates looking to begin/advance their careers. We have a lot of graduates from out of state who wanted to relocate here.
  11. It's not explicit. Often it is self-inflicted and for good reason, especially those over 40. The young graduates are aggressive, motivated, and very smart. If you fall behind, the bar keeps rising with or without you. For certain projects, it can take less then 2 weeks before you are deemed no longer relevant and dropped.
  12. There is no shortage of buyers flush with cash waiting to buy, but supply remains tight and covid-19 has tightened that even more. Desirable homes that do come on the market continue to be competitive.
  13. yeah. remember reading something a couple years ago called project time off that said something like american workers forfeited 3 days on average back to the company and many more didn't use all their vacation days. IIRC, it was because they were worried about the mountain of work when they came back.
  14. Unrelated. However, just imagine how much vacation/PTO time people are accruing every week, and few places to go. When states are fully or nearly 100% open, there will be a deluge of travelers that will need to take it since I think many companies have a PTO use or lose it policy. Companies might have to stagger travel so not everyone is on vacation at the same time; keeping staff around to run the business.
  15. A pre-approval from PenFed here as well. I too am thinking about this offer. It is pretty attractive. Haven't opened up a new account in years, but when they see how much available credit I already have, they might balk and pull it back.
  16. I would agree with that. Restaurants need to post signage on the door and/or at the entrance advising customers of a covid-19 surcharge. In the article linked, the signage was there, but the customer ignored it or did not see it. Restaurants have an obligation to make sure customers are notified of a potential surcharge for beef so the customer can decide in advance.
  17. I think there are high expectations, but just as easily, they can fall short. Then again, they might materialize. I suspect there are far more who have not positioned themselves to hedge their portfolios, than those who have. For the former, especially those who in addition have reduced contributions will potentially be in serious trouble and join the growing ranks who don't have enough to retire on, which just widens the class divide even further.
  18. Another unspoken casualty. Everyone talks about listening to the public health experts; they are saving your life, so please stay at home. That's great if you can afford to so. E.g. you can WFH and collect your full pre-covid19 salary. But if you can't, as if those impacted didn't have enough to worry about, tack on one more problem they will be forced to deal with. People seem to forget once we get out of this mess, there will be tens of millions who will be so far behind, they will never catch up no matter how hard they try.
  19. And yet, some states have not and so far will not budge on extending the eviction freeze as this is folks largest monthly obligation. Something has got to give. We will find out soon enough who blinks first.
  20. That's funny. Well, consumers have choices. If you don't want to pay it, then don't enter the establishment. If you want to challenge its legality, take them to court. Assumption: Signs are posted on the door or at the entrance advising customers of this surcharge. Let consumers be outraged all they want. As prices go up, they will be passed on to the customer. If is then the customers choice to boycott the restaurant. Here in SF, to be honest, all I see are long lines and long wait times despite the signage. But maybe elsewhere, consumers band together to force the business to cover the losses or close up.
  21. Lose-Lose situation. So long as covid-19 keeps the country mostly locked down, unemployment rises, businesses can't pay their lease and have to close, the banks lose too because their property is vacant.
  22. It's about time. This has happened to me a few times. Luckily each time, I was able to get the fraudulent charges removed without too much trouble. I've always wondered why the credit card companies didn't draw a line in the sand a lot earlier. Anyways, I am glad to see this.
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