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  1. That's one way to go about it. Begs the question, where did they go next? When they closed, do they have enough money to hold on?
  2. Exactly. Exasperating the problem, because now they aren't generating revenue for the city/county, which further puts them at risk of operating under a deficit that they need to reconcile.
  3. All it takes is 1 community activist to file a complaint with the local station to get it on the 6PM news and make a compelling emotional argument and the hotel management will back off. Just need 1 person, that's all.
  4. Depends on the numbers a few weeks from now. Covid-19 is still there. This time though, shelter in place will look ALOT different whether or not new cases spike.
  5. At a minimum, it will be alot harder to convince people, to shelter in place for more than 15 days, unless there is a very real and very clear reason to do so. Across the US these past 8 days, so many are out in close proximity, and no one is talking about covid-19. If states do not see alarmingly high numbers of new cases, then yeah, it will be impossible to shelter in place and keep shopping, dining, events, sports, gyms, etc closed down. Even if covid-19 numbers spike, I don't see people will go back to shelter in place voluntarily, if only because the economic damage at this point is bankrupting cities and states.
  6. At this rate of unemployment, that is highly unlikely. For too many all it takes is losing one months paycheck due to a job loss, and chances are, especially if you are older, you have no chance. Where the cost of living is so expensive, that is exasperating the problem even more. Perception may be that all homeless are drug addicts with mental health issues, but in reality that is not the case.
  7. Governor's do not want to do this, but they do not have a choice. I don't think many cities have the infrastructure to take care and protect the homeless. I was in Cupertino last week and could not believe what I saw. A line of homeless tents lined up near a freeway entrance. I was shocked. Of all the places I did not expect to see this was here. Governor Newsom extended the eviction moratorium until July 28th and a huge sigh of relief in Santa Clara County.
  8. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today to extend an eviction moratorium on residential and commercial tenants through August. https://www.sanjoseinside.com/news/santa-clara-county-extends-eviction-moratorium/ This is contingent on whether Governor Newsom extends it state-wide. Given how expensive housing is in Santa Clara County, and the lack of housing in general in that County, just what will the Governor do? Our unemployment rate is about 16%.
  9. Yup, and only a very few of the self proclaimed party animals majored in the hard sciences (math, chem, phys, bio) and fewer still in engineering. While some were all about the parties, most were stressed out and had to really put in a ton of work to earn their degrees. It was not easy even under the best of circumstances. At the time, parents had an expectation that you would put in the work. I get it that students want to enjoy the college experience, after all, you'll only get one chance at it. But some took it just too far. Especially in California where CSU/UC were alot of overseas students, their parents set very high expectations, because they were footing the bill for it, and students were extremely sensitive about disappointing their parents.
  10. I am hoping we can see Stage 3 mid-June.
  11. It was a scorcher here today at 83 degrees. Even hotter tomorrow by a couple degrees. Definitely not used to this so early in the year. Those folks inland are really getting burned, with temps over 100.
  12. On the news, Santa Clara County will vote tomorrow whether to lift the eviction freeze on May 31st as expected, or extend it further into July, possibly longer. Tenant advocate groups want forgiveness of all missed rent due to covid-19 and start fresh on June 1st. County Supervisors said this is not open for discussion. But what is open for discussion is to extend the eviction freeze. This is going to test just how badly the economy has been damaged and peoples ability to pay.
  13. Ford has also given a few hints about the new Bronco, saying that it would be built on a body-on-frame chassis with a heavy nod to off-road capabilities. A body-on-frame chassis supports this idea as it is designed for sheer ruggedness as it can stand up to the demands of rough terrain found in off-road driving. Isn't the 4-Runner the only other 4x4 SUV that still uses body on frame construction?. My friend has one, and it does have a harsh ride to it, even on relatively good pavement. These 4 Runners are and have been very popular in this state. rumors suggesting that an optional seven-speed manual gearbox will be offered I sure hope so. It must have a transfer case and not AWD. But also an option for a manual transmission? I would think this would draw huge demand from off road enthusiasts, even weekend warriors. If Ford gets this right, they'll have a winner on their hands.
  14. Been to both. Given a choice, I prefer the West Coast over the East Coast. Some friends who live on the East Coast disagree, but that's OK We are still friends and enjoy our visits.
  15. I have a couple N95 masks and will be flying out to LA soon. Hope I don't run sit near any passengers that once we have left the gate, take their masks off. I do expect the flight to be full.
  16. That's close to what I observed as well. AAOA about 8 years is when my FICO's peaked.
  17. Sure it is. The Government needed to act quickly. They didn't have the time and Covid-19 did not advertise when the infections and deaths would flatten and decline. Just as Covid-19 is a fluid situation, so too are the bailouts. Holding the airlines to the original T&C without taking into account the fluidity of Covid-19, will only serve to put the US into even more debt, which frankly, I am beginning to worry, just how much debt we can take on before it becomes insurmountable and we no longer are the worlds largest economy.
  18. Limited supply and strong demand leads the way. Alot of people have the cash and are just waiting for the right house in the right location. Don't forget overseas buyers from Asia who have nearly unlimited cash it seems, they too, are waiting for the right opportunity. With so much cash sitting on the sidelines, no wonder home prices are stable, if not getting even more expensive. Location, Location, Location......If your a seller in these markets, you hold all the cards. Too bad for buyers, the sellers are in no rush.
  19. Interesting you mention that. We were in Tahoe many times this past Winter and I could easily see myself living out a nice retirement there, but it is not for everyone, and you need to have a true passion for Winter Sports. It was out of reach for a vacation home there, but I agree with you, I definitely think there will be alot of interest in Tahoe Real Estate this year, but I just don't have the resources at this time to make something happen.
  20. There has to be some compromise during times of crisis. I don't see this move as a large impediment to these localized economies. There are workarounds that are inconvenient, but bailouts can only do so much.
  21. I agree. It will inconvenience some for sure, but there are sufficient nearby airports the carriers will operate from that will help mitigate costs while not being a blocker for local economies to open up and grow.
  22. They love to complain about first world problems. All that complaining and at the end of the day, they choose to stay and put up with the crowds, traffic, and 90 min waits for Dinner Fri and Saturday.
  23. Exactly. The value of work is the same. But on the Peninsula where FB is located, it is highly competitive. If you want to attract the best, you have to pay for it, over and above what the job responsibilities actually are commensurate with. These employees have zero intention of living in the Valley, or even in the East Bay. In Des Moines, not too much competition I would venture a guess, so FB can actually pay what the position is worth in that locale and not get into a bidding war with other companies.
  24. People don't need bots to tell the tale of unemployment, debt, unpaid rents, unpaid bills, etc. Most parts of the US are quickly coming up on 90 days of being SIP'ed. No longer need to push so hard to reopen the country, it has already happening on it's own. Society will only tolerate so much. So what are Governors going to do? Start arresting everyone who violates SIP? They can't even keep felons in jail.
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