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  1. That's what I do. It can be very inconvenient, but something you need to do to be safe. People are reluctant to tell people to put their mask on, hoping social pressure will work, but sometimes it does not, so you need to leave. Gov. Newsom now requires all Californian's to wear a facemask when outside your home except when exercising outdoors, and some other exceptions, but when asked how it will be enforced, it was left unanswered. Basically, it will not be enforced. They are hoping for voluntary compliance. I think they (CA) will get that, as most are in agreement, but there is a sizable group that will not comply.
  2. A trend that is going to continue. Visited a few places yesterday, and generally just walking around the city. We have a long way to go. Maybe some can hold on, but I doubt it. Doesn't feel like consumer behavior is matching expectations that were set when restrictions were loosened.
  3. It is not working in LA. In SF, we are in the same boat more or less. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/judge-approves-housing-for-7000-los-angeles-homeless-living-near-freeways "The city will provide 6,000 new beds within 10 months and another 700 beds over 18 months while the county spends $300 million over five years to fund services for the people"
  4. That's understood. However, State and Local Governments have a say in this as well. People can make individual choices, but that does not mean they are free of the consequences of their actions. So to do the Airlines, as I believe one of them (United?) will ban you if you do not comply. Freedom of choice? Yes. Are there consequences? Yes.
  5. If that was the case, then why would it be necessary to mandate the wearing of face masks? Why are sporting events and dine-in still prohibited?
  6. Agree to a point. I still think that many people in SF/LA are still just one paycheck away from being on the streets and once the government relief packages stop, and eviction moratoriums are no longer extended (even if we have to shutdown again due to upticks in covid-19 cases) it will only get worse. They may not die, and they may not be visibly on the streets, and may not be dying, but they are there, albeit in cars, campers, or in shelters, but nonetheless are suddenly without a place to live.
  7. I know many who are looking for a specific car with specific options, and they are not there. So, they are taking a pass and waiting on the sidelines. Money to spend, and the desire for a new car, but until they see what they want, their money stays on the sidelines.
  8. Perhaps. But no one really knows exact figures. Does it really matter though? OK, it is a slogan as you say. Then what? You just walk away and pretend homelessness does not exist and it is not your problem to deal with?
  9. "So, the article is on-track in suggesting that the continued decline in spending since COVID appeared on the scene is largely attributable to reductions in discretionary spending by the flusher segment of our economy. But it misses the silver lining in that: Rather than relying upon modest income households to gain the confidence to go out and buy a new car or a washer/dryer to spur the economy, all that's necessary is for the current sense of "what's falling out of the sky next" to disperse from the perceptions of the wealthy" Not so sure I agree with this. Ever since Gov. Newsom issued an executive order to shutdown California on March 16th, I am finding that the "rich" (subjective to your local province) are re-assessing their spending habits and are making lifestyle changes in part to at a minimum, hold on to their money, and increase their savings and re-evaluate their overall financial picture (e.g. less discretionary spending). When a local Mall reopened, I believe they were somewhat disappointed in the people willing to come back and buy. Hopefully, the tide will turn, but the neighbors I am talking to are all about saving, not spending, and that covid-19 has "changed" them at least in the short-term.
  10. I read that Gov. Newsom is considering a statewide executive order that requires everyone to wear face masks at all times when outside your home. I hope California keeps covid-19 under control. Our state needs to keep moving forward on getting the economy opened up safely.
  11. I know out here anyways, there were buyers with cash waiting for the right home in the right neighborhood (ZIP). Once they popped up, it was a bidding war to be sure. Because too many buyers with money and not nearly enough inventory. Highly doubt they are worried about their home prices going down long term. Local zoning in some places makes it impossible for any new housing to be built.
  12. "In short what they are really saying, is we are making plans to evict in accordance with the law as soon as possible" Sure sounds like it. Perhaps those in the know are keenly aware that it is doubtful another moratorium extension will be granted. If that is indeed the case, let us see what the impact is going to be. E.g. damaged credit, no income, disconnects, under or unemployed, etc.
  13. Probably a proactive message to customers not to carry large balances and/or to discourage carrying balances long-term, realizing these cards pose higher risk of defaulting.
  14. Correct. You can see it in terms of foot traffic, shops, restaurants, etc, etc. Even though the economy is beginning to restart, albeit very slowly, the once thriving high end places are nowhere near what they were pre-covid19 and who does that really hurt? The workers that can't afford to live in the communities where they work. Hearing more and more that some businesses are running out of money, and already have exit strategies and/or significant changes to their business model. Again, those on the higher income ladder are largely unaffected, but those on the lower rungs are hurting and that pain will continue for quite some time. Sad to say the rich get richer and everyone else is taking 2 steps backwards.
  15. Agree. No one is perfect, and I would suspect many have missed a payment due date and had to pay the late fee, and that made folks more diligent, but in order for a 30-day delinquency to be reported, you had to miss the second one too. In between, when you logged in via the web or mobile you would have seen a glaring red text saying you are late as well as texts, phone calls, and us mail. In other words, plenty of heads up that you missed that first payment. Worst case scenario, a single 30-day late notation in an otherwise strong file will quickly dissipate (less effect) as ontime payments get back on track.
  16. Having been on the receiving side of this, I can say this is true. Especially the last part.
  17. ESPN 30 for 30. The 2-part Lance Armstrong episode was really good.
  18. It is increasing in LA. https://www.kron4.com/news/california/homelessness-deepens-in-los-angeles-county-jumps-13/ "“These are folks who are one missed paycheck, one family tragedy, healthcare crisis, car accident — whatever it is — away from losing their housing,”
  19. NorCalR1


    Really? So just call proactively, and request that they (Chase) do not lower your limits and they will abide? OK.
  20. NorCalR1


    IMHO? Nope. This is clearly intentional.
  21. NorCalR1


    Uh. OK, this sucks. Just logged in to check and limits are unchanged. But from what I am reading, this will not last, they just haven't gotten to my accounts yet. Sigh. A sad day indeed. Nonetheless, us CB'ers need not worry, we have plenty of available credit elsewhere.
  22. Doubt it. What are the chances 2 people would be in the same area, similar values, age range, etc, etc.
  23. San Francisco made it permanent. You still owe it, but gone is the 6-month timeline. https://sfist.com/2020/06/10/sf-supervisors-extend-eviction-moratorium-indefinitely/ "....does not cancel or forgive rent payments, but it would turn back rent into consumer debt that a landlord would hope to collect at a later date."
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