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  1. Happy to see some restaurants finally starting to flourish and malls reopening as well as gyms, etc. Starting the return to normal, but until a vaccine is available, we won't get there, but at least the landscape is changing for the better. That does not mean there weren't casualties among small businesses however. Some did not make it and are not returning. Unemployment still remains a big concern, and with that, homelessness. Despite that, housing prices are ticking upwards, and inventory is low.
  2. Amen. Just another stark reminder on how old I am getting, and Eddie Van Halen wasn't even all that old. Thanks Eddie for the memories, and your timeless contributions; you will be missed. Their 1978 Debut album was solid gold start to finish. It was a breath of fresh air when it came out.
  3. The only 2 places on this list that I have visited and rather enjoyed were Austria and Australia. I could see myself living and being happy in both Countries. ETA: In the Bay Area and LA Metro, just about everyone has 1 million dollars, and is about equivalent to $100,000. It's gets you nowhere.
  4. That song brings back a lot of memories.....
  5. Community property definitely has its disadvantages. Don't know about other states, but here in California, divorce is a messy proposition and often very expensive. Given the high cost of living and outrageous housing prices, you can get in a lot of trouble even thinking about divorce.
  6. July 2021? I think most will just request a refund. Alot can happen between now and then.
  7. Keeping a watch on this as it will only get worse.
  8. Exactly. One step forward, two steps backwards. No one can seem to catch a break. Lends more credence that states will need to deal with millions of these workers who cannot work from home, and when they are laid off, fired, or furloughed, have no means to make rent.
  9. As expected, small, medium, and even large businesses are facing tough times, laying off staff, reducing hours, etc and not able to stay afloat thus causing them to file bankruptcy and/or closing some locations permanently. Now slowing down the reopening is causing even more financial stresses on business.
  10. This is a terrible idea. Dislike this as much as employers dispersing paychecks via loading onto a debit card. Stick with direct deposit into a checking account or use paper checks.
  11. “Those beyond 65 — to me, a surprisingly few — only about half said they’re focused on performing well at their current job,” Collinson said. “If there was ever a time in history to be a superstar at your employer, now is that time.” That means you own it. Waiting on your employer to send you to training is as if to say the train has left the station. It is all up to you. You need to self train and learn on your own outside of work, and take initiative and spend the money to keep up. If you don't, just remember, there are new college graduates, and a migrant workforce that is hung
  12. If Gov. Newsom rolls back the reopening stages, and re-institutes a shelter in place order, how are susceptible folks supposed to make back rent within 6 months?
  13. Doubt it. With Zero-Bail policies in effect, even with carjacking/robbery, you can't really get locked up anymore. There was an incident at an East Bay BART station where some guy committed car theft, but let out after 6 hours, then committed car jacking an hour later. With covid-19 cases spiking again, they won't hold you in jail for long. Just process and release to avoid overcrowding.
  14. Agree. We do have nice weather, as evidenced by this morning. However, the state is so big and diverse, it is near impossible to manage under one umbrella. Northern California is very much different from Southern California. What is clear though is that the homeless problem is not going anywhere, and wishful as you want, you cannot spend your way out of it, or legislate your way out of it.
  15. There's a local Italian market that makes sauce, just need to buy meat and linguine. Homemade takes time and patience, but once you've gotten it to your liking, it is worth the effort.
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