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  1. Agree. Check here first. However, it is definitely not common for Chase or any airline co-brand to waive annual fees in general, and especially in the 2nd year after it was waived to attract new customers initially.
  2. No sympathy. They are 100% complicit and I can't remember the last time I saw a WF branch. Too bad, they used to have a large footprint in the Bay Area and were well respected. Not anymore. Living in the Bay Area, I'd never thought I'd see Chase Retail Branches out here, but here they are and making their presence known. That said, BofA is still king.
  3. Sad commentary. However, the banks know exactly what they are doing and do not underestimate them. Consumers on the other hand, are not so smart, and that lack of discipline will cost them dearly, and in the end are the real loser.
  4. That happened to me at a Safeway store about 4 years ago. What I remember most is 10-15 people turn around and leave while I was returning to my car. I have never seen a single instance of this happening again, anywhere. Businesses no longer have the luxury of not having backup systems in place.
  5. Exactly. Keep the government out of the business of mandating a cashless society. More and more, cash is no longer the preferred and in some cases, acceptable form of payment. We are seeing more of this everyday. But business should have that decision on what level of risk they are willing to accept. Because keeping large amounts of cash on premise during business hours is risky in large metropolitan cities where crimes can happen in the blink of an eye. I believe most transit agencies in big cities no longer take cash for train, parking, bus, rail, or ferry services. At least here in the Bay Area, you use the Clipper card to pay for just about everything. The last bastion seems to be bridge tolls, but even then, only 1-2 lanes accept cash.
  6. Good question. I just logged in and I don't see it either. But I could swear I saw it a couple months ago.
  7. A couple points here. 1) I would like to see just how many customers utilized 25K of a 50K credit line every few months. I don't have facts to support it, but I believe this is the rare exception and not the rule. 2) I am also a stockholder in banking/finance and have done OK in this sector as part of an overall diversification in my portfolio. Of course I would like to see capital used to fund lines that have a greater return, but not at the expense of voluntary customer attrition.
  8. Aside from the above establishments, there are plenty of others that restrict the use of cards, or are outright cash only businesses. As such, cash and ATM's are not going anywhere. I think CTSoxFan is right. I don't see the US getting to a cashless society.
  9. Yeah I agree, nobody has to justify their spending habits to Suze or live their lives according to her (e.g. use your daily coffee spend to invest in a roth IRA), or anyone else for that matter. That being said, I see where she is coming from, and if that advice works for some folks, good for them. If that starbucks coffee everyday is what they want, it is nobody's business to tell them they shouldn't.
  10. Yep. As usual, the banks will be well ahead of the curve and take action before their customers know whats coming.
  11. A couple weeks ago, Citi declined at local grocery store, didn't have time to call and find out why, then used it several more times with no problems. Then called to follow up and they couldn't say why it was declined and there was no problem. Pretty rare that transactions are declined, but it does happen. Goes to show to always have a couple backups.
  12. Should not be a bother. There is competition and AMEX is not the only credit-card issuer out there. They (AMEX) need us (consumers) far more then we need them. Let AMEX do what they will. We as consumers should not care one bit. We have choices.
  13. Something is missing here. The hotel had to have had suspicions long before it got to this point. Why didn't they insist on presenting a valid card after the 2nd night. I find it hard to believe there is verbiage in the HHonors program that allows this. Just doesn't make sense.
  14. Looks like that was specific to German user data metrics. Unsure whether the same could be said for US population. Actually, it might be reversed. More concerning is the use of banking behavior (checking vs. savings balance) and use of social media as credit predictors. May not be feasible or justified now, but the mere fact they are even discussing it means it may be reconsidered in the future if data analytics can validate its usefulness.
  15. This is just a minor setback, a miss on your wife's part. The initial hit to a credit score when the derog first appears is huge and no doubt it is depressing. However, it will quickly begin to recover as time goes on and more positive information is added (monthly on-time payments). You can write a goodwill letter, explain the situation and ask for a deletion, it doesn't cost you anything and always worth a try, but based on what you wrote, I don't think you'll get it, but try nonetheless.

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