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  1. well, as for 40$ a round....you get what you pay for, try a nice set of links someday and you'll understand the difference. Kia vs Bentley kinda thing. They have been and will be in business longer than any of us will be topside. I understand that many of you wouldn't pay that, but I wont pay 4$ for coffee, so each to his/her own. They have the right to charge what they want, I have the right to no use their services (but I do, every chance I get...not very often)....ahh capitalism.
  2. I am in Missouri, the guy behind the counter was very matter of fact..."if you don't like it, go on down the road". The charge hasn't changed the fact that you need a week advance to get a tee time at 110$ a round, well actually 113.01 a round.
  3. This sign showed up today when I stopped in to peruse the putters.
  4. The Gospel according to Biff.......freakin hilarious
  5. Concerning CCT my Ex score has not changed in 3 months despite many removals, but TU and EQ change every time.....werido's.
  6. Yes they are. CFC is owned by Tenet health care, who also owns the hosptals it collects for. I'm not the expert but I would DV CFC, they will respond with validation.....they have their ducks in a row there. Im sure Bonbon or Why Chat will chime in.....
  7. update 02-23-2010 TU reinsertions no longer reporting....YEA!! EX all 6 accounts showing closed, paid EQ all 6 accounts showing O$ due, unpaid We're getting closer!
  8. No, not reporting yet and I mailed the second letter today as suggested (CMRR). This is a zombie debt, if I am correct it is a cell phone bill from 1998. I have taken care of all other non-medical related collections.
  9. Sending a letter back stating the above and reiterating the limited C&D and the request for validation....can contact by mail underlined They 30 day reference was from their mini Miranda in the initial dunning letter.
  10. You need to get a copy of a contract and make sure you cancelled correctly. Fitness center contracts are usually bullet proof. When I worked for a 24hr gym, they would sue for breach of contract in a heart beat. Good Luck
  11. Per Bonbon's request, here is a blow by blow so far with Central Financial Control... 09-20-2009 Paid 6 accounts to St Louis University Hospital (OC) with insert (a) after matching EOMB with restrictive endorsement. 12-15-2009 M/O's deposited 12-28-2009 Balances on all 3 CR's updated to 0$ due, unpaid collections. Received letter from CA acknowledging receipt of money (viewable in post #39) 01-12-2010 Sent letters to CRA's and OC per post #42 02-10-2010 TU deletes all EQ re-investigates, reporting corre
  12. I received a dunning for an unknown account and DV'd immediately. I just received a letter telling me they forwarded my request to their customer service department, but since I refuse to contact them they will continue collections in 21 days (whats left of there 30 day window). Should I fire off another letter telling them they can contact me anytime they want (as they have).....by US mail per my limited C&D?
  13. As of this morning CFC has now re-aged and re-reported all the accounts as unpaid collections 120 past due. Will send the courtesy letters today.
  14. Because she was a piece of a$$, plain and simple....he knew it and she knew it....
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