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  1. Please PM the info to me...Happy Holidays!
  2. Hey all-I just got a call from some tool named SEAN GARDNER at Debt Management Inc,he said he just got something across his desk which needs immediate attention.He said he KNOWS I go to work at 9:30am,and to call him by 8....I havent gone to work at 9:30 in years..whats my next move on this one?My wife is pregnant and freakin out.... Thanks Jim
  3. I have been looking for about an hour for an answer...hopefully someone can give me some direction.I have gone from PG to MCK and I am looking for some more of nothing,I assume there are a whole new set of numerical formulas to achieve this?The leadoff numbers are 1 and 38..but I cant get anything else to go..is my effort fruitless..or do I need to keep plugging away??? Thanks JW
  4. Hi all,my TU fico has rocketed to 616 (up from 540) since I have been working on it.I am down to 3 accounts (2 neg,one pos)and a judgement (which I paid already),sadly I have 6 inq in the last 6 mo,so it would be even higher.Also unfortunately,my Equifax and Experian scores are a little slower in rising.I have applied for some credit with the help of the creditpulls and yahoo sites with no sucsess,now that I am at 616,does anyone have any suggestions where I should apply,who pulls TU?I live in MA..I appreciate any help..It would be a great lift if I could make it happen Thanks Jim
  5. Heres another variation of a code,says its 29% off.... https://3bfico.intersections.com/enroll.asp...766102205400308
  6. SevenYearItch- Thanks for taking the time trying to help me out.There is so much to absorb in this process,I never stop learning... Jim
  7. Hi All-In my efforts to clean up my reports,I have a judgement against me from all 3 CRA.I satisfied this judgement through wage garnishment,it was from 1999,and satisfied in 2002.I have the documentation to prove it was paid.Should it still be on my report,although its paid?Do I try to get this off although I read it LOWERS some scores...or go the NOT MINE route?Someone please advise me what my next move should be...I have deleted a few baddies and inquiries,with little change to my score,its getting a bit frustrating...Thanks for your time Jim
  8. Pam-Thanks for taking the time to address my questions,it means alot to me.This site has invaluable info and great people. Jimmy
  9. I feel real good about finding this site,and I would be extremely grateful for some answers,I did a search,but couldnt narrow it down... 1)is it better to have an account listed as closed or open on credit reports?They are about 4 years old,one is a repo,which is listed as closed on 2 reports and open on the other..I never paid anything towards it,after the repo. 2)is a PAID CHARGE OFF better than having it taken off altogether? 3)I had a judgement against me by a credit card co,paid $3000 through garnishment,it has been satisfied,is this going to stay on my public record,even though it was satisfied? Im sorry its so much,but I now have a daughter,and I am tired of not being able to get anything due to my foolish mistakes of the past.Although I have had the same job for 9 years,and make fairly good money...I am not worthy. Thanks Alot, Jimmy

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