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  1. Fortunately I'm aware that Vantage scores are to be taken with a grain of salt or else I'd be freaking out😄. Thanks!
  2. It's been a while since I dropped in here. I hope all of you are happy and well. My TU report shows an excellent payment history. My CC debt however, has steady risen over the $10K mark thanks to some unexpected dental work - and relying more heavily on my CCs than I should've. I've been making minimum payments - sometimes more when I can - but making minimum payments merely keeps you drowning in interest. I'm now working on paying down my CC debt, one card at a time and putting the paid cards on ice. Despite having only one CO that will be dropping off my report nex
  3. Hope everyone is enjoying your Friday 😁 Today I received notifications from Experian that my dispute was received and would be completed by December 10th, and hours later I was notified that the collection was removed. My score went back up to 711. There was a time when something like this would leave me in tears and feeling helpless. Not anymore, thanks to Creditboards.com. You all rock! Thanks so much, WhyChat.
  4. I've received three alerts on different dates from Experian, notifying me that my report was flagged with a collection. It's referring to the same collection that's mentioned in this thread. As far as I can tell, it's the only collection. Why am I getting recurring alerts the same collection?
  5. This CA (which actually goes by the name Consumer Adjustment Co) keeps flagging my EX report every two or three days, prompting a notification that the same collection has been added to my report. My score hasn't changed, however. I Can they do this?
  6. You can disregard this question. I see that we can use the Word version of the dispute form and use the font you mentioned.
  7. I'm curious to know the answer to Hegemony's question as well. Why would sending your Letter to Credit Bureau-Reinsertion not be an option in this case? Is it because I may not be able to locate the EX letter confirming deletion?
  8. Thank you, WhyChat. I'll send the initial dispute letter and wait for the response. When I did this before, I wrote in cursive. Does it matter if I print? Note to Hegenomy--I'll be using black ink...lol
  9. It's the same medical account that WhyChat helped me with in this thread: Starting on page 4, fourth post from the bottom. The account had popped up on my EQ, EX and TU reports. I sent an initial dispute using WhyChat's initial dispute letter in November 2017. TU and EQ removed the account. I received a boilerplate response from EX in December 2017. Per WhyChat's instructions, I prepared a medical DV and mailed it to the CA. Shortly afterwards, I looked at my EX via the backdoor route and noticed the account was removed. Early 2018 I received updated credit
  10. Had to modify my post after realizing I should've spent more time proofreading. Consumer Adjustment Bureau is the CA that reported to Experian. This is for a medical collection that appeared on my reports three years ago. Using the tips I learned from this forum, I had successfully got it removed at that time. Today it reappeared and my score dropped. know I still have the letter from Experian, as well as all the other paperwork from that time. What's my next move? Do I do as stated in my quote above, or take another course of action?
  11. If I'm following the instructions correctly, I would first send the blue dispute letter form, handwritten, to the CRA via priority mail with proof of delivery only and wait for a response. OR... Once I verify that this is one medical collection that was previous removed, I would send out the letter to the CRA re: reinsertion? Please advise :-)
  12. A collection agency from whom I received no dunning letter whatsoever just poisoned my EX report with an old medical collection that was removed roughly 3 years ago from all of my reports - plunging my EX score 57 points . Nothing has hit my EQ or TU reports yet. Thankfully, having been down this route before, and with the help this this forum, I know what to do. I was tempted to click on the dispute button on the Experian site, but I remembered that doing everything via snail-mail is highly recommended. WhyChat, if there is anything else, other than reviewing your si
  13. I wish all of the wonderful folks here at Creditboards a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings you much success and happiness (financial and otherwise).
  14. They do give you an option to get it as a PDF.
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