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  1. Discover is willing to approve after a BK. I filed Ch7 in 2004 (did not have a DS account at the time) and got approved for Discover in 2011 based on a preapproval mailing I got from them. My DH gets Discover preapprovals all the time in the mail and he included them in his BK filing. AMEX is a different story. In the past they have blacklisted anyone who IIB'd them, but my DH was approved for a Blue Cash card a couple of years ago even though he had 2 AMEX cards in his BK. I then tried myself for the same card and was instantly denied. I believe it was due to the fact that I had a fairly large balance with AMEX when I IIB'd them.
  2. I got a Discover More about a year ago, which was about 7 years past my BK. They'd been peppering me with preapprovals and I finally responded to one -- approved for a $4K limit (in line with several of my other cards). I'm sure it didn't hurt that I had a good history with them on a previous account years ago. I would probably wait and try again later...or wait for the preapprovals to start coming to you.
  3. IIRC my first Discover account (closed 10+ years ago) grew over time from a small opening CL to $8K. My current Discover account started at $4K and is still at that CL after almost a year. I'm paying off a 0% offer so we'll see if anything happens once that's done.
  4. Indeed. Hard for me to walk around San Francisco without dealing with the texting zombies. Actually, I think SF ought to adopt a similar law...they could wipe out the city's budget deficit just like that!
  5. Wow, long time no see, Mark. But nice to have you back around these parts!
  6. They were not reporting a CL as of last month for me. I pulled my annual reports then and confirmed it that way. I also noticed that Macy's is not reporting a separate tradeline for a deferred interest financing furniture purchase I made last summer. I know they did that previously, so has their reporting policy changed on that? I don't mind if that's the case, but am just curious.
  7. 7 years at CreditBoards...wow! Hadn't realized it's been that long, but glad to be here.
  8. At this point, my attitude is that it's just a number. I'm 47, closer to 50 than 40 now, but I in many ways feel no different than I did when I was much younger. Sure, I've learned a lot in life over the years...but I consider myself much happier now than at pretty much anytime in my adult life. I'm the sort who wants to age gracefully and be as active and healthy as I can as I get older. Don't let the big 4-0 get you down, there's a lot more life to be lived!
  9. I'd recommend looking over the pinned topics at the top of this forum...they should give you a better idea of what to expect and also what to look out for. There should not be really much significant difference among most of the legitimate credit counseling agencies; however, you may be able to work with an agency without any fees if you are a credit union member or referred through your work's employee assistance plan (EAP).
  10. Doing a DMP is only realistic if you can make the required payments on it while also being able to cover all your other expenses. Any legitimate credit counseling program will go through your budget with you as part of the process, and they will not recommend a DMP if your budget doesn't balance (or can't be balanced). Keep in mind that the main benefit of a DMP is lower interest rates; required payments may not be very different from what you now have to pay, since the idea is that you should be able to pay off the debts in 5 years or less. You and your wife do not have to enter a DMP together if your credit accounts are totally separate. However, if you have joint accounts, that will be different. Creditors don't reopen the same exact account after completing a DMP, but you can probably open new accounts with them. That's one difference from filing BK -- usually if you BK a creditor, they won't extend new credit to you in the future.
  11. sfbehr


    The BK is not a deal-breaker, but the inquiries definitely are. I'd wait, but they're definitely worth waiting for, so keep 'em on your short list.
  12. If you shop JCP frequently, I think it's a good card to have. Although JCP is pretty liberal with the discount coupons for sales, there are some discounts that are offered just for JCP cardholders. But as with pretty much all store cards, PIF!
  13. San Francisco
  14. Agreed. I've gotten a few preapprovals from Discover in the past couple of months, looked into all the details of how the cashback deals work and pulled the trigger this past week. Approved for a $4K limit, card is on its way. I think it probably didn't hurt that I'd had a Discover account before (opened years ago, closed about a decade ago).
  15. Im liking the way you think While it is a nice thought, the problem here is that North Dakota =/= South Dakota. But I think Tigz is on to something...maybe Canada will be willing to take them in, but only under the condition they rename themselves "South Manitoba."

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