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  1. jlplummer

    Chase CC

    Discover scorecard allows you to access for free without a Discover card
  2. jlplummer

    Chase CC

    The AARP Chase card.Where is this at in your account I didn't see a Fico score? On the right hand side, under the box with rewards information, is a box saying "Your credit score, free score updated weekly" then see your score is in blue and it is a link
  3. My 19 year old just got her first credit card after I stressed the importance of having one. I explained that instead of using a debit card, get a rewards card and let the money you spend pay you back. I told her to ensure she paid it off each month. Well, needless to say, she told me that she is using it as a debit card and has it set up to automatically pay the bill in full when due. She chose the NFCU Rewards card since she spends alot on eating out. It pays 3 pts for every dollar spent at restaurants lol. She also told me that she was never taught about banking and credit in High School. That made me think about just how much I learned in Accounting class and Home economics. Do they even offer those courses anymore?
  4. jlplummer

    Chase CC

    The AARP Chase card.
  5. Actually I did not lose. I still get the aoaa for 10 years. They would never increase the credit line. And I prefer using my PenFed Defender that gives me 1.5% back and has a 5k credit line not a $1550.00 one like Cap one. This card served its purpose after my Bk in 2006. Why would I keep and use a card with an annual fee and a low credit line, when I have many other preferred cards? NFCU, PenFed, USAA, Barclay Jet Blue, AARP Chase, Chase Slate and I also have a Quicksilver. Why keep that card? lol
  6. Did you ever ask them to upgrade you from a QS1 to a regular QS? That would of eliminated the fee. Yes I asked if they would combine this card with my Quicksilver. He said only the website can do that. Well website says not eligible accounts.
  7. How much use did you put on the card? Did you ask them if they could refund the fee? I felt the same way about my QS1 card for many months. Trying to give it use with a 300 dollar limit was no fun. Not much more fun with the 700 dollar limit. But the one (several) thing(s) I'll say about Cap One: They have a way forward with CLIs and got me up to 3,800 by the cards first anniversary, they did waive the fee when I asked 6 month after they charged it, and they credit your cash back as soon as the transaction posts. If you put use on their cards, add another card with a sign up bonus down the road and do the same and combine them you can grow the credit line a lot better than with some other issuers. Yes I asked if the could refund the fee. They said no. My other major cards all have limits between 4 and 8 k. Cap one would do a CLI on this card the last 3 years and with a 1550 cl I dont need this card. This was my post BK credit card.
  8. I called Capital One yesterday to request removal of the annual fee from my Quicksilver One. Well, The gentleman I spoke with just couldn't understand that " I do not need to pay an annual fee for a Credit card with only a measly $1550 CL. I told him this is my only card with a fee so close it please! I am not willing to pay for credit! Its been 10 years since I started rebuilding and now have FICO's in the 760-770 range. I don't need your card. " That felt good to say! Thank You CB for all the education and Knowledge you put out there. I wouldn't of done it with out you!
  9. USAA was founded by 25 Army Officers. For years they only would deal with Officers. Membership was only available to the Officers and their descendants until the early 90's when they opened membership to enlisted NCO's. My membership started in 1964 when I was born. No one has ever been able to come close to the Auto Insurance I receive. They also have stellar customer service. I don't care for the Banking side. I prefer NFCU, which still provides me with Active Duty Checking even though I am Retired Navy. That being said, USAA is in fact only open to the military which is why you have to "jump through hoops" to join.
  10. Wow I just hit the love button with Walmart and instant approval from 5k to 10k which is what i requested. I logged back in and it is reflecting the CLI
  11. Must be a cleveland thing. When my Grandfather died in cleveland lol, my father and his brother found about 50k hidden in various places in the walls in the basement of his house. After the depression my grandfather never trusted banks.
  12. Aldis where I live takes credit cards now.

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