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  1. My child thinks she knows what she is doing in life but she doesn't, and now she made a mess I need to help her clean up. She has no credit. Actually, now she probably has only bad credit. She moved out at almost 18 but she will still only 17. She was living with a 25 year old and it was required by the landlord that she sign the lease because she was going to be living there and she was over 17. They only pulled her credit, and her credit score was zero. They approved her as being on the lease with her lack of credit. She was under the impression that utilities were included with th
  2. Okay, so I opened the letter and it says she has no credit score, lol. They were unable to verify her previous credit experience. She also applied for a master card. UGH!!! Kids. I intentionally didn't put her as an AU on any of my cards and help her in that way because she doesn't want to listen to anything that we say. I was an AU on my Mom's JC Penney card that was 20 years old when I was only 12 so by the time I was 18 I had great credit and I got every card I applied for. Except no told told me how to manage it and I got myself in BIG trouble. My daughter is a typica
  3. So my daughter was shopping and she was signing up for some kind of reward card. An employee told her she would get 15% off for applying for a credit card. She was a month shy of 18. She told the salesperson repeatedly that she was only 17 and asked if she would still be approved. They told her "no problem". Well, big surprise, she was denied. I am assuming because of no credit history or not being 18. I haven't opened her mail but I can see that she got a denial. I called the store (Ann Taylor) the day it happened and I called their customer service department asking them to remove the inqui
  4. Thanks all for the response. Just to clarify, he said that he doesn't care about the potential denial but I guess I do. If he wasn't approved I know I would get it, but then we both get our credit pulled 🤮 and I'd have yet another credit card on my report. We are looking for 30 month financing on a grill and the store (The Great Escape) uses WF as their single financing option so that's what we're working with. It's the financing term that is appealing. I could 0% it somewhere and then keep moving it around but for some reason he doesn't get the CL's I do.
  5. I searched but there are a ton of news links and not the content that I am looking for. My report is clean and I have high 820's credit score. Hubby has a 764 but he has a BK that is going to drop off in 6 months. What are the odds of him getting approved on this one? Report is squeaky clean other than the BK. I would rather not do the financing if he'll be approved on his own. I also don't want him to be embarrassed, so...... What do you guys think?
  6. I'm out of the loop and have been MIA for several years My teenager took my credit card over the weekend and misplaced it in between a restaurant and movie theater across the street 😑😑. I almost ordered a replacement due to "damage" because I don't want it on my report saying lost/stolen. Is that still a thing? What's the best way to handle it? Be nice please. I'm really out of touch these days
  7. My FC has been going on since 2012. There was finally an order of possession allowed last month. Do I need to wait for the title to transfer or the deed in order to cancel insurance? I have maintained homeowners insurance on this house because I didn't want any personal liability. I have completely moved on and have lived in my new house for 3 years (hubby purchased & I am on the deed, in the entirety). We do have a renter that I have been completely forthcoming with throughout this whole process so the house is still occupied. I went pro se and have been watching the court docket onl
  8. It took an hour but this worked for me too. I went from 9k to 25k. Thanks, OP!!!
  9. Yep, whatever they finance for you gets charged interest.
  10. Dang! Impressive. I'm following your lead on this one! I just got my card today and activated it. Wish me luck.
  11. I feel bad when I pay interest. Really bad. I'm sure they make tons of money off "other" people.
  12. I was instant approval and I got the Simplicity. My utilization will be high for everything we want to do. Hubby was asked to call in and got an analyst that approved him. We tried to switch the app right then but she said that she could cancel it but he would have another hard pull for Simplicity so we kept going w/ Double cash. I don't want to look super greedy/ desperate by applying for another credit card with them :-/ What are your thoughts on instant vs. analyst?
  13. Back in the day we were able to switch cards at activation. Is that still a thing? I accidentally chose double cash rather than Simplicity. Ugh. We're doing kitchen updates and 21 months at 0% on purchases would have been nice. Is it possible to get CLI at activation? Any success with backdoor CLI right away? Are we able to set up the account before the card gets here like the old days? Thanks for any insight
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