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  1. Thanks for your input! The only problem is, these have been on my reports for a while now. I don't recall ever having received anything from them in the mail because we moved and were having problems receiving our mail. I didn't know about them until a few months ago when I pulled my reports to begin working on my credit. So, how does this change things as far as them not ceasing collection activity since I sent the validation letter?? Thanks so much!
  2. I have 2 collection accounts with I.C. Systems. Only one of them was reporting on my EX report. They were both reporting on EQ. I sent out validation letters and have already received my green card back and disputed with the credit bureaus. Today, I have an alert from TC stating there has been a collection account added to my EX. Low and behond, they added the other collection account to it. I have not received anything from them as far as validation yet. I just want to make sure it was okay for them to do this? Thanks!!
  3. Hi all, I just received some of my green cards back today and want to make sure that my next step is to dispute these with the credit reporting agencies. Just trying to make sure before I do anything! Thanks!!
  4. Thank you both for your replies! I will send off the validation letter tomorrow.
  5. Hi everyone! I just started my credit repair and have begun establishing credit again. Low and behold, I receive a collection letter today in the mail from CR Audit Bureau. According to their letter, they are trying to collect on a supposed returned check back from 2004. It's not much, only $52, but I just do not have any recollection of this. I am NOT saying that I don't owe it, I just don't know because it was so long ago and this is the first I have received on this! Also, we lived in Alabama at the time, but now live in Florida. How should I proceed with this? A validation letter? What are the SOL's in a case like this, and would you go by Alabama or Florida's statute? I truly appreciate any thoughts on this!
  6. Thanks for posting the link to psychdoc's seminars. I'm off to read! I agree, BTW, GO GATORS!!!!!!
  7. Hi all! These guys are reporting an old medical collection on my EQ report. I tried just searching OSI but didn't find much. Has anyone here ever dealt with them? Thanks for any info!!
  8. I'm so glad I found this! They are listed on all three of my credit reports for Mediacom. I'm sending this off tomorrow! I will post when I hear something. Thanks for sharing and congrats for having them removed!
  9. I'm not sure if I am doing this right or not, but I have a couple of collection accounts on my reports from IC Systems out of Saint Paul, MN. When I went to the Minnesota link and did a search for them, I received the following message: "No Licensed Entity found matching the criteria."
  10. Okay, these two are the only medical CAs reporting on my credit reports. I would like to do whatever it takes to have them removed. Since I've been reading here on CB, I have had success removing a couple of non-medical CAs, but these two keep coming back verified by the CRA. I have read WhyChat's information (which is great, BTW), but I'm not sure it pertains to my situation. After going back through my records, the amounts seem to be what I actually owe the original creditors. My question is: Should I pursue with WhyChat's Pre-Hippa letter or should I try for a settlement offer in exchange that they delete these accounts from my reports? IF you think I should try the settlement offer, what would you offer? Is there a set guideline or percentage?? I should also mention that I have not received any kind of communication from either of these collection agencies for almost 2 years. This one is from where I had to see a high risk obstetrician when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have disputed this previously (a while back) and it came back verified with it reporting like this: SCUM BAG CA Date reported 11/07 Date assigned 12/04 Creditor XXXXXXXX Account # XXXXXX Original amount owed $429 Date of 1st delinquency 7/04 Balance owed $429 Comments: Consumer disputes this account information, medical. This one is from my stay in the hospital. I'm sure this was the insurance deductible the hospital did not collect the day I went into the hosptial. They told us they would bill us, but we never received a bill. SCUM BAG CA Date reported 4/05 Date assinged 3/05 Creditor XXXXX Account # XXXXXX Original amount owed $305 Date of 1st delinquency 2/05 Balance date 4/05 Balance owed $305
  11. Hi, Thanks for responding. I haven't sent the CAs anything yet. Do you have a link to where I can find WhyChat's dispute letter? Is it specifically for medical collections?
  12. Hi, I'm just starting my credit repair also. I have to second what haybreeze mentioned. I did the HSBC card selector last night and was approved for the HSBC Platinum card. Also, I'm not sure what your scores are. My FAKO scores are 519, 559, and 574 and I have a Best Buy store card and also a Walmart store card. You can also try Hooter's. I applied with them last night and was approved for a $1000 limit.
  13. Hi everyone! I have just begun working on my cleaning up my credit. I don't have a whole lot, just a couple of medical collections and a couple of old utility collections which I plan on offering settlements for in exchange that they delete them. Wish me luck!! I'm also trying to establish my credit at the same time. I currently have several student loans since I am currently in my last quarter at school. I also have a Best Buy and Walmart credit card. Last night, I applied for the HSBC Platinum card ($300) and the Hooter's card ($1,000) and was approved. Will getting these cards hurt my scores?? My current FAKO scores are 519 EX, 559 TU, and 574 EQ. Thanks!

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