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  1. Why did I ever open an account with these salamanders!!! Worst credit union EVER!!! Customer Service is now HORSESHIT Swithced processors haha what a joke. Payment address changed....Why would anyone change a payment address??? Payment has been sitting in a PO Box I guess for the past 10 days without being forwarded. WOW!!! Now my payment is going to be two days late. MY ADVICE _ DO NOT OPEN A NASA ACCOUNT For a company thats supposed to be tech savy, this credit union is anything BUT that!!! I'm not trying to lose the age on my account or I would have canceled. Just never going to use the card again.
  2. Ahh, my Amex story. I got the Delta gold card a couple years back. Then decided I didn't like the annual fee and had it converted to Amex blue. After a while, I saw I needed a boost on my delta skymiles again. So, I recently had them switch me back to the delta card below the gold card. I think the annual fee on it is like $59.00. :S and no free one luggage benefit. But, my credit limit originally was $4,800. When I switched, I called the automated system and asked for $10,000 and was instantly approved. So I guess I'm going to try it out for a year and see what I think. The perks on it are probably not that great but I figure it adds to my frequently flyer miles. Every little bit helps or does it. hmm
  3. Logged into my account and saw that there was a credit limit increase option. Current limit was $8,700. I asked for $9,000 thinking that it would for sure be instant and they wouldn't pull a hard. Pulled a hard on my Equifax!!! DENIED - WTF - I called them and they promised to remove the hard. It's been 2 weeks and the hard still hasn't been removed by the retention department. She told me her manager would take care of it 10 days ago. Also asked to switch it to a Citi forward card. Was told that I had a fraud alert and that they were unable to switch my card. That they would also have to do another hard on my Equifax. The rep said to remove the alert and try back. I removed it and called back. To date, they are still unable to switch my card or remove the hard inquiry. In the middle of this process, Chase pulled Equifax and had no problem granting me credit. She seemed frustrated and out of words on why she couldn't. She said she's never seen anything like it before. I don't get them... I've had the card for a year and it's a decent credit limit. My only Master Card or I would have closed it already.
  4. Hi guys, I was just having a conversation with a Chase Sapphire credit rep and he told me that a lot of customers are switching over from Amex Gold to Chase Sapphire because pretty soon you will not be able to use miles for flights with Amex. Is anything he said true? or did he mean that they are losing a lot of airline partners? I'm confused about the conversation with him. He just said to call Amex and ask them about my miles... On another note, I was wondering what you guys think about my credit cards. Am I well diversified? Should I close any? I rotate and make use of all my credit cards. BofA HELOC - $25,000 limit - $5,000 balance Chase Sapphire Preferred - $12,000 - Approved waiting for it in the mail. Citibank Platinum Select - $8,700 - Got it 1 year ago this month - NO credit limit increase and unable to switch to a forward card. BofA - $9,000 - Open since 2009 - Just got an increase this year - Balance transfer of $1,100 , 0% int till 2013 Pentagon Classic - $8,800 - Open since 2008 - No increase for 2 years- Scared to ask for one in case they hit me with a hard. Nasa - $9,000 - Open since 2008 - Credit limit increase last year in April Amex Gold - No limit - Open since 1999 Amex Delta - $10,000 - Open since 1999 - just got one from $4,500 to $10,000 Nordstrom Flex Visa - $10,000 - Opened 3 months ago - haven't asked for increase Discover More - $6,000 - Opened 7 months ago - Hate the low limit Home Depot Card - $5,000 - Opened 2010 - Fridge paid off in 8 months Dell Credit - $3,000 - Opened 2009 - Computer paid off in 9 months Total Utility is 3%
  5. I just called the 800 number. They had 2 issues on my pull. One, because of the fraud alert, they were unable to pull my credit score and two, something about a Washington Mutual derog from 2002 that they had no amount for. She said to call Equifax and have the fraud removed. Then, wait 14 days to call the 800 number back again and that I should be fine. They also removed the first hard. I just can't stand waiting for 14 days. The first lady said that I could call back and they could pull a different credit report for me but the second lady I spoke to said no way. I really wanted to Saphire Preferred to put my HVAC unit on there and get the mega milage points.
  6. So I just applied for the Chase Sapphire preferred card and received a "under review" message. It said that I should receive something in the mail within 2 weeks. Thats a really long time to wait to know if you got the card or not. Plus I have never received a message like this before. My question is this. Has anyone been approved after receiving this message from Chase or is it a for sure denial letter I will be getting. I'm confused since all of my credit scores are above 725? Cards I already have: American Express Gold, American Express Blue (4500), Discover More (6500), Citibank Dividend (8700), Bank of America (9000), Nasa (9000), Penfed (8800), Nordstrom Visa (10,000), HOme Depot (5000). Bank of America HELOC (25,000) I have a balance on my Nordstrom card for 600 something and a balance on Citibank for 750. Any insite would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Yeah maybe but search CB to see how many threads there are about Citi CLD and closing accounts randomly, compared to Chase... You bring up a good point. As for my USAir card and the 18% interest. That went in the shi$%$ as soon as I got my amex gold card with 3x airline rewards. For some odd reason, I constantly find myself wanting to chop the card with the lowest limit regardless of age. I should also be fortunate that I have not gotten hit with any credit limit reductions.
  8. I wonder which creditor gives a higher credit limit. Citi or Chase? My gut feeling tells me Chase. I don't think they were hit has hard. In terms of my credit cards and spending patterns, I rotate them periodlically. Gas, groceries and plane tickets go on the Amex and everything else gets rotated on my other cards. Oh, electronics and car rentals go on the amex too. Love the warranty. I really don't think I need another credit card but would love to get to that 10k credit limit. I'm almost tempted to ask Nasa for a hard increase and see where it gets me.
  9. Discover. For some odd reason they keep denying me every time I apply. I guess I have too many inquiries on my transunion. Most of them from my home purchase and refi. Applied twice since last year and both times I've been denied. Credit score above 700 both times. I even called them for recon and no dice.
  10. Okay, Here is a snap shot of my credit portfolio: Experian 771 Equifax 750's Transunion 730's (low utility) under 2% I would like to add one more credit card with a "high" limit and close my USAIR Div miles card - annual fee is a the killer ($79) Amex Gold Premier - No limit - no balance - Member since 1999 Amex Blue - $4800 credit limit - no balance - (no increase button) don't want to risk FR - Memeber since 1999 - Converted from Delta Gold PenFed Gold - $8800 credit limit - $500 balance - ($2,500 in MM account plus $2,000 in share account) tried $10,000 denied - July 2010 will be 2 years Nasa CC - $4500 credit limit - no balance - ($1,500 in share account) - August 2010 will be 2 years - ($1000 no hard increase every year) BofA CC - $5000 credit limit - no balance - (asked for increase denied) exactly a year since opened with rotational use USAir CC - $3500 credit limit - no balance- (gave me $1000 increase last month) but the high interest makes me not want use it - June will be 1 year Home Dep- $5000 credit lim - $286 balance ( Opened 2 months ago) Dell - $3,000 credit limit - no balance - just closed it because it stopped reporting 2 months ago - balance was $1000 at start BofA HELOC - $25000 limit - $1000 used will be back to 0 next month Wells Conv Mortg - $96000 balance Dep Edu - $17,000 balance Nissan Lease - $9,000 balance - 1.5 years left I recently closed my Macy's ($2000)/Target($500) because of the low limits and Crap one the other day because they hadn't increased my $3800 credit limit in over 1 1/2 years. Magic number didn't work for me anymore with multiple attempts at increases... Lastly, I recently resigned (May) but have enough money in savings to last me until I get a new job. Can I still put in my app my last employer? I was making $45,000 here in NC plus bonuses and matchings. Would it be better to maybe report that I was making a little more to obtain a higher limit? I would appreciate your input. I was thinking of adding a Citi or Chase...
  11. Thanks guys...and how long after should i ask them for a credit limit increase?
  12. Faxed over the application and approval on Friday. Do you guys know how long it usually takes to get it in the mail. I'm thinking I should have gotten it by now.
  13. I just came home from work and I feel depressed. She called a few times to apologize at work but I didn't pick up. Said that so many times I told her I was sorry and she took me back and now this!!! I just can't stop thinking about the first 6 months and how good it was. Then I think about the last 6 and well What makes me sad is that I don't think I can change her. A part of me wants to believe that people can change. That people make mistakes and can learn from them. But this type of woman can't be changed. She just isn't hard wired correctly. It's very painful to sit here right now and see our relationship of one year slowly dying. I just sent her a text telling her that I did love her and that I was her friend and that we just need some time to ourselves. THat the fighting was effecting my work. sigh
  14. I just did. Men are pigs. OP, you seem far too nice to follow that garbage. Don't let your current situation taint your future relationships. You will find someone who deserves you. Agreed.
  15. I just want peace in my life. Life is to short for anything else. Experience tells me that peace is the farthest in my life when I'm in debt with credit cards. So I'm going to live within my means like I have been. If I can't afford something with my regular paycheck then I don't need it. Simple as that. I don't care what the next guy has or is driving or wearing. I will not change this principle for anyone including her. Amen

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