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  1. Today I received a letter from BJs for an application I submitted over the phone about 2 weeks ago. -Since my applicatipn I've been approved for Lowes Net account. In the Comenity letter they ask for my DOB and SS pursuant to USA Patriot Act. I specifically told them that I did not want to PG during application process. What should be my next move?
  2. I applied about 60 days ago. During the application process, the representative said it prompted her to proceed with a PG application. I declined to provide PG, so she cancelled the application. Since then, I have obtained additional business credit: Tractor Supply NewEgg Net55 Amazon Net30 Fleetcor Universal MC At this point, Chrysler Capital, Home Depot, Uline, Quill, Grainger, Global Industrial, Fleetcor Chevron, Supplyworks, MSC Industrial and Fleetcor Universal could be reporting. Highest reporting Chrysler Capital 32,000 or Home Depot 3500. Should I wait or pull trigger?
  3. Did you PG or not? No What company did you use? Chrysler Capital How did you apply Online or in person? Online / over-the-phone with dealership How old was your company? 1.5 years How many TL did you have? What was your MAX limit? 1 / 3,000 / Home Depot What did you have to provide to the dealership or bank? If you PG did you have to provide tax returns and etc? Application online
  4. I got approved with Chrysler Capital aka Banco Santander with just a Home Depot commercial account reporting and 1.5 years in business. Like BRBiz and others have said, its about who you talk to. Deal with a fleet specialist.
  5. Go eBay. Even though you have a loan, there is still a way to do the transaction with private parties. I have done it twice on eBay were the buyer actually ended being dealer and gave me a couple thousand more than Carmax. I don't remember the paperwork I signed, but there is a way for them to give you money to payoff the loan and take the car. Look around for how to do it. I leased my last car, so its been a while. Don't give away money.
  6. I recently got the Chevron/Texaco and Universal Premium cards from Fuelman. I noticed on my Chevron account a 25 cent promo for 3rd quarter, which for me equates to about 11% off. With the recent creep in prices, I was very pleased. I was wondering if this type of promo is normal and should be expected in future quarters? Also, do the universal cards offer similar savings? Finally, can I double dip my savings with fuel rewards cards from Winn-Dixie or Home Depot at Shell if I get a Shell card or use a universal card? Thanks guys.
  7. I applied for Builder Pro FleetCard this weekend. Today I received an e-mail asking for personal guarantee for their Universal Premium Fleet Card, which I didn't apply for, and 40 minutes later I get an e-mail that I have been approved for the Universal Premium Fleet card. What should I expect?
  8. After reviewing this thread, I wanted to contribute my business credit success. I started off with a personal guarantee Home Depot 60Net. The rest is No PG. 1/2015 C Corp Formed 1/2016 Home Depot Commercial Net60 - 3k 6/2016 Chrysler Capital / Banco Santander - 31k 7/2016 Home Depot - CLI to 5k 8/2016 Quill 8/2016 Sears Bluetarp - 5k 8/2016 Pitney Bowes 8/2016 Fleetcor Chevron/Texaco - 1.5k 8/2016 Sunbelt 8/2016 T-Mobile 2lines
  9. UPDATE: So apparently I was never approved by ALLY. I was approved by Banco Santander d/b/a Chrysler Capital @ 9.73% DETAILS ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE: No PG Ally Paper application with dealership. I was able to setup the account online with Chrysler, so there is no appearance of a spot delivery. Credit file extremely thin. C Corp formed January 2015. PG Home Depot Commercial Charge card opened about 6 months. Charged about 3k in materials. I have a website. Phone number in the yellow pages. That's all I can think of. I am hoping to refinance in 6-12 months or trade-in for something else with a lower rate.
  10. Start your negotiations at slightly below auction/wholesale pricing. There are paid services that provide real time auction pricing to dealers. Not sure of the name. Make sure your offers are always "out the door," which includes tag, tax and FEES. Also, Cars.com is a nice site that allows you to run nationwide searches. I like this site because, although I am not realistically traveling 2,000 miles for a car, it allows me to get a broad sense of what a vehicle is worth/selling for. Timing is everything. Good luck!
  11. Generally, are Banco Santander's rates more or less competitive than Ally?
  12. APPROVING BANK - Chrysler AKA Banco Santander BUREAU PULLED Unknown CREDIT SCORE Unkonwn CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE Florida NEW/USED New YEAR OF VEHICLE 2016 MILEAGE 0 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN $36,603 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED 60 months APR/LEASE RATE 9.98% MONTHLY PAYMENT MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Business Auto Loan - No Personal Guarantee, 18 month old C Corp, only tradeline is a 3k Home Depot Charge Card, ran about 4k through it in the last 4 months. Trying to go through a different dealer and negotiate a lower rate.
  13. Down to the wire. Original dealer is m.i.a., after I asked about the interest rate. I have one dealer quoting me 9.98%, which seems high. Based on the limited research I did, I was expecting between 5.9% - 7.9% for my first non-PG.
  14. That's great training. I would do the same
  15. Called this morning. Got the old "come in and talk to finance manager about your payment options." Now I'm beginning to wonder if this is turning out to be a spot delivery. Trying to keep my cool.
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