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  1. 720lady

    Best Option

    Ok I have a lot of bad credit, charge-offs etc I can afford to pay monthly payments now without the interest amounts added and additional income. I will start adding some new credit as I pay monthly on the accounts. Is this a good idea or should I have another credit milestone to reach for. thanks everyone!
  2. 720lady

    Best Option

    Thanks everyone. Without me listing all .... but made a mental note to check all of the above. Not really counting on the friends assistance but my own additional income and some alternatives avail from .... would I be correct to assume that working with collection agencies for settlement offers is cheapest? And later wouldn’t be as difficult to remove as paying the full amount due to the original creditor and then requesting that the original entry be updated and the entry from the collection office deleted too? With the scenarios I mentioned above can you give some projection on which is faster bettter and cheapest. I will be adding additional income too of my own
  3. 720lady

    Best Option

    Is the recovery for credit faster, better if I pay in full or work with collection agencies for a lesser amount? I am looking for the fastest and cheapest route. Or is there any difference?
  4. 720lady

    Best Option

    Hello Everyone, I need to make a very important credit decision very quickly. I am 56 years old. Had some negative happen with my savings. I let most of my credit get in charge off status. Is it best that i try to settle my credit with collection firms or pay the original creditors in full. I have a friend helping me for now so the pay in full won't hurt me to bad. I am also looking to purchase a first time home in less than 6 months to 1 year. Please provide the pros and cons for me. I can regain my prior credit card status very quickly due to increased income and help from friend. Thanks, Lady
  5. I am trying to see what my business credit reports have on them. Are there coupons or something available to see Experian and Equifax business reports for a discount or free?
  6. All, I received an application for a Capital One Spark Cash Select card. It doesn't say pre-approved. 1. It has a Reservation Number 2. Access Code I already have a Business Credit Card with them. Although, the interest rate is very high. I have a small business that is considered a "START UP" until I get my website fully optimized. Therefore, I really don't have any clients at the moment. Although, I do work full time and would never want to utilize my Social Security number for anything related to my business. It asks for both, but I will only provide my EIN number and list my sales as my gross income. What do you think? Is this application worth any weight? Please let me know.
  7. I have a total of three (3) State Tax Liens on 2 or more of my credit reports. This information is killing my score and any chances of getting my APRs reduced or credit limits and or new approvals. (Still in review process - things still murky). Trying to clean up as much as possible without causing any inquiries and would like to raise my score within the next 30 days as much as possible. My overall status is a high debt ratio. However, I am under the 45% mark with my part-time income. Each week, I will get the majority of my credit cards to 30% availability on cards with a lower balance. Which leaves the larger cc accounts with high balances. 1 - States that it has been Satisfied - However, it was an error. I never did owe. I had moved from the state and wasn't required to file. However, they keep giving me the generic response when I request removal due to error. That don't seem to be reviewing at all. Just the same response. It has "BEEN SATISFIED". Any recommendations 2 - States that it has been Satisfied - It was paid in FULL, SATISFIED. One credit bureau will not investigate any more. Or, later they will let me know that there has been no change. Any recommendations. I am trying to increase my credit score. I will be applying for a mortgage within the next 30 days. 3 - States an incorrect amount due because I am currently making monthly payments. Any recommendations. I am trying to increase my credit score. I will be applying for a mortgage within the next 30 days. Thanks!
  8. 720lady


    Thanks! Everything looks great for me. I will begin my 31 day journey of trying to Rapid Rescore all of items on my credit report. I will consider paying down with my lenders to try and bargin for a credit limit increase and or a lower APR. Any advise on my journey to cleaning to ensure that my score is at least a 670 or higher? Don't have alot of cash to put down but my lender is providing 15% down. If I have a 670 score before getting in front of a lender by Feb 1 or earlier, I will apply. Then, I think that I will talk with the lender to see if paying down my debts would help me secure a lower rate. Is this plan a good strategy?
  9. Not sure if I mentioned that they all had 30 day lates. I thought my inquiry was find out which contact method received the most positive results either mail or phone call. Maybe, I made a mistake. I am still in the review process. I will double check my efforts and get back to you with an update within the next few hours. Thanks.
  10. i am cleaning my reports for a future mortgage application within the next 35 days. I have two (3) old secured credit cards. PNC Elan BOA - maybe less or about 1 year old - my negative three (3) public record TLs continue to bring my credit score down; despite that I only have a balance on 1 public record (account) I have kept the older two (2) secured cc because they are very old on my account and account for the length of my credit files, after a divorce, I had to start my credit file all over again. And, per the recommendations of the board, I have learned not to close old accounts. In the past, I have requested these companies (PNC and Elan CC Services) transfer my account to a regular CC and account but they have always asked me to reapply. Because, I have 3 negative public records I have not tried. One of the public records was a mistake, however, they won't remove it. They just state that it is SATISFIED. The second (2) has been paid. The third, public record has an amount due, that I paying on monthly. I could pay it off for a better score for my mortgage but they still won't remove the public record. It is a state tax public record. And, I can't get them to reply with original comments. They just simply respond that it is SATISFIED. Any suggestions to improve these items on my credit report (CLI or regular CC) and wallet (lower APR).
  11. Is there a link or telephone number for the C1 EO?
  12. For BOA (secured credit card) did you just request a CLI online at the website?

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