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  1. Thank God for my inquiries, 15 on TU! This shows 706, Discover Fico from 1 week ago shows 704, and Merrick bank (Fico 08) shows 716. Unfortunately, we were unable to pre-qualify you for a Milestone™ Gold MasterCard® account issued by Mid America Bank & Trust Company at this time for the following reason(s): Total number of inquiries exceeds maximum ....... Your Credit Score: 706 Date: 1/23/2014
  2. Congrats! I don't think you get your FICO on an approval. If it was a recon, you might get a denial letter which will have your FICO score (even if it was approved later).
  3. A $200 balance on a $500 card is 40% utilization. Exactly what I was thinking, your 41% is the result of your revolving account. I have 2 different Amex charge reporting (1 platinum) and it does not effect ratio at all. If you look closely it says something along the lines of "Terms: 1 Month" which lets FICO know that it's a charge card and not a fixed-limit revolving card account.
  4. Haven't posted in a while so figured I'd update with some good news that hopefully could help others. The power of knowledge (thanks to many years of being a CB'er!) I was sitting at 55% util over the past 12mo or so. I also bought a new car in September and ended up getting about 10inq on EX and 10 on TU, and maybe 1 or 2 on EQ. I am now sitting on 24 EX 17 TU and 7 EQ inquiries. Then due to the inquiries and not-so-great util, AMEX gave me a hard-limit on my Platinum charge card for $8k. Didn't matter since I normally don't spend that much, but still, things were starting to look p
  5. Thanks a lot vezhiux, this number worked like a charm. I tried 866-421-8153 from mod-squad's and it' didn't work, didn't try the other one. But can also guaranty that as of this morning 888 831 4181 gets you straight to an analyst. Anyway I called in to hunt down an online CLI I had requested on my BofA Better Rewards MC submitted on Thursday evening. I just got approved for the CSP for $7k so figured might as well let a couple of inquiries age together and went for the CLI from $1500 - $5k. Well, called in today and they said I was denied due to too many inquiries and not enough high revo
  6. Hate to start a new thread for this but I cannot seem to get ahold of a BofA UW for my CLI increase. I called the published number out there 800-421-2110 and it was simply level-1 customer service. They would not put me through to an UW. I have called UW about 2yrs ago and tried some 866 number but it was no longer in service. Any recent info that could help? TIA
  7. Congrats! I got in on the 55k UR offer too (added wife as AU). Current scores are 704 TU FICO (Discover IT statement) 698 EQ FICO (MyFico) and 696 EX (CreditSesame). My util is 35%. I have a freedom card with $2k limit, and an unpaid Charge Off for a Chase student card from 2002 ($2200). Also have 26 EX inquiries (10 in last 2mo from buying a car) so thought I would be declined. Approved for $7k! Interesting thing about the BofA Cash Rewards, I got one about 6mo ago and it's $1500 but I'll take it... and the $30 quarterly bonus! Agree with other poster who mentioned that "they're just
  8. I just got my statement (online) and noticed the FICO on the first page. I can't confirm which formula it is as it doesn't say anything on the statement itself it just says "your FICO Score on 11/10/2013" and shows my score in big print (693).
  9. +1 to just call them and just tell them what you want your CL to be. Should wait 6mo for new account. They're really nice and will talk through with you any particulars that might require explaining. It will cost you 1 or more HP, but if you want to jump $5k or so, then you have to call. Otherwise, wait for the autos which could be $200 or $2000 at any given 6mo increment of account age.
  10. Close, but you're a little off. If you ALREADY HAVE an AMEX (issued by American Express, not any other bank), then it's a soft for decline - but that's because they know you're payment history and tend to soft once every couple months anyway. This is true whether you have a charge or revolver and whether you apply for either one. I think that if you apply for multiple cards, they use 1 pull per day, but google for that to make sure it's true. If you app for a card (revolver or charge) and do not have an active AMEX card, there will be a hard inq. Supposed to be EX, but I've read some s
  11. hey ariadne, your questions answered - 1) Yes, it is way easier to get approved for charge (Gold/Green/Plat) than ANY revolver (including BCE) - they are 2 seperate entities within AMEX for charge vs revolver cards. I have Platinum, but not sure if you need more of a history for those or if they're the same as green/gold. If I were you I'd go for Gold PRG with the waived AF + bonus points & decent rewards overall. 2) Yes, only EX was EVER pulled for me from AMEX 3) You're in great shape if you have proof that you're paid off, although I am not familiar with an AMEX recon process. The
  12. I have tax liens that are about 5 years old. They have come down quite a bit, and am in payment plan with the IRS, but the liens remain in original amounts on my reports. I have 4 AMEX cards (2 charge & 2 revolvers) SINCE these liens showed up. I also have a Freedom, so could probably do a CSP if I call and try to switch. If you don't want to just go for cold-apping, consider the strategy that has worked for me: AMEX - 1. If you don't already have one, start with a charge card product. Green or Gold, or Platinum depending on your needs. Go for maximum sign up bonus points as this
  13. Nice pre-approval Eva! I guess that score in your sig helped out a lil' bit Did anyone else here take the offer (besides OP)? I'm wondering if I'm missing out by passing it up. Also passed up a Victoria Secret pop-up for $750 about 6mo ago. My wife won't let me forget that one
  14. Thanks OP. Just tried it to verify OP's method is accurate. Put something in a cart (I picked something that was about $200), proceed to create account... go back in to cart and when you hit payment screen you should see a banner at the top - Click the "Details" link to see approval amount. Obviously a soft as no other identifying info was entered other than name and address. Personally didn't go for it because I don't want to screw with AAOA and really don't need to buy anything here, but great for those who need to add a decent seeming TL without taking an Inq! Add this to the Victoria Se
  15. That is also what i thought, but after doing some research, it appears that is not the case. The incident was a fight, and I believe BK 7 has exclusion for anything that occurred as a result of an assault. I may be wrong though. I'm not sure if you're confused or I'm confused here, but "the result of an assault" would have no baring on your right to a BK. Unless you're saying that the judgement cannot be IIB due to it's nature (like a student loan)? If that's the case, then I guess I have learned something new. Please clarify what you meant.
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