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  1. I had an orchard card turned cap one card from like 2007 that I havent used in forever (due to the low CL of 1200 that they would never increase). However I figured I'd try to keep it open for the age, so I called them and they agreed to fedex me a new card in 2 days. As soon as it arrived I tried to use it and found that they closed it due to inactivity.... no idea why they bothered shipping it as honestly, i havent used the card in 5 years and they could have just told me it was closed in the first place! Anyways I am curious if anyone has had luck getting a card to reopen due to inactivity with them? It was my lowest CL so its not all that important but I did like having the age of the account reporting.
  2. currently have high utilization on some other cards but 740 scores. anyone do it with high util?
  3. any chance of recording it? in the event it is a CA, you will want evidence of the threats. they would then proceed to fold easily with a suit. a scammer is a scammer though so ymmv there
  4. just to add my experience to this thread. I tried this group as well for an acct that had a backdated forbearance almost 7 years ago now. I did get a quick response to me presenting the HEA and FTC opinion letters stating that it shouldnt be marked late. However they disputed my dispute and said this 120 late will remain until sept 2007 on my reports. I didnt bother arguing with him. That was Friday. Reason being - I knew that I had a CFPB dispute going at the same time. As of this morning, EQ deleted the account that they had just verified the week before. I can only assume that CFPB helped while this group did not. TU is still out there and pending a response.
  5. I feel like i have reached victory today - finally/sorta. So EX deleted naturally early for whatever reason. Then EQ would not delete in any previous disputes including one I had end Friday. However last week, I faxed in my disute to both CFPB and EQ / TU copied. EQ opened a new dispute at the same time. One marked as verified with no acct history. Then the newest one said "the nelnet account has been deleted" - meaning they removed the whole thing. I am actually happy with that dispite the loss history on that account due to all of the folks who said it couldnt be removed by any means. Special thanks to mendlessohn and Under500Fico as you two gave me the renewed hope and info to try again
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone; just an update as of this morning, I believe EQ has deleted the entire TL now! I'm ok with that and knew that was a risk going in, but with it being a student loan account that most people assumed will not possibly delete (including myself and the dept of education guy), I consider this a win. One left -> Transunion. For those curious, I added the CFBP to my dispute and faxed in a dispute to both cfpb and EQ / TU to actually make it happen since my dispute methods all failed previously. EX was the only one to obsolete the account and for some reason they did it at an odd early month (late was sept 2007 and they marked it for deletion in march 2007). oh well
  7. Update! My nelnet account completely deleted from my EQ report this morning. I assume that was the work of the CFPB. I'm ok with that even though there is history lost with it. I really hate nelnet.
  8. ^^ just realized that the ftc simply refers to the cfpb only in this matter. guess they are my last hope. it is so weird though that Ex deletes early without a real dispute in place - while EQ and TU are the ones being tough on this
  9. the dilemna though; With this account, they never reported the 30, 60 or 90 day lates. Instead they only posted the 120 day late on Sept. When asking the dept of education guy about when this would go away, he said Sept 2014. However it seems as though it should at least fall when it was first 30 days later.. yet that argument is harder when there is no DOFD listed
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I also sent in a cfpb dispute and copied EQ on it. However I dont know if it will work if what the Dept of Education guy was right (that the ftc opinion does not include consolidated accounts). heck, I think my next step is a complaint with the ftc to see if i can get a new letter that reflects consolidated loans..?
  11. So another piece of news; in special handling I am told that my reports are updated and I had success. (waiting to confirm how it officially shows up). In EQ, I have a different situation, where there is NO date of first delinquency reported at all. after a dispute, they deleted all of the positive history, but left the 120 day late code in the history! I am really not sure how to approach it now. if there is no dofd, what do you do with that? Ex calculated it to fall off in March and i have no idea how they made that calculation. the late was actually Sept 2007 (without the leading 30, 60, 90 lates reporting at all).
  12. So the background here: I had a backdated forebearance on a consolidated student loan account dating way back to 2007. Over the years I disputed this with no luck. Recently I tried to dispute it as obsolete. After about 3 weeks in, I figured they are just verifying with the OC and nothing was going to happen as usually. Then I found information here that says a complaint to the cfpb may work so I sent in a complaint this week with Equifax copied on it. I had also sent a dispute to the Ombudsman Group citing the higher education act and the FTC letter regarding backdated forebearance opinion. Yesterday they called and said that neither actually applied to this account and that the info would remain on my reports until September... Today I logged in and noticed that a new dispute was entered and given an estimated end date of Yesterday. My original dispute showed as completed with yesterdays date. In the results, I see this statement: >>> We have researched the credit account. Account # - xxxxxx* The results are: The dates on this account have been updated. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. Historical account information was deleted from this account. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Nelnet. I look at the history and I cant see where a payment was made/wasnt made I cant see the Date of 1st delinquency I CAN see "Account History with Status Codes" 4 -> which means that the account was 120 days late at one point. It doesnt seem as though any positive came from this dispute and now that I cant even see any of my positive account history, I'm a little confused as to what to even do next.
  13. just a preview of whats to come. they will send back a crappy "heres your validation letter". it is a necessary step but be prepared for that and maybe a 2nd attempt to get real validation going out. I didnt actually get rid of them until complaining about the violations in reporting/collecting to the BBB. i listed the letters I sent, the violations and that I wanted them to remove their reporting. they closed the account shortly after and did all of that.
  14. ^^+1 A suit + damages not only brings back some pocket change, it also can squash the collection attempts going further. I know from experience. I think if some general education went out to the public on the matter, that number of people filing suits would multiply. I was proactive in finding this board and doing my own research
  15. Thanks for the feedback. There was some sort of error on EX's report I think which allowed for it to fall off this week. It has always looked incorrect to me but whatever. I had opened disputes with EQ and TU last week but assuming they will verify the thing. I will probably proceed with a dispute with the CFPB as you mentioned against those two and see if I can keep the TL.

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