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  1. I love AMEX but wouldn't even bother to rank any of their cards which charge an AF. For my money, their "best" is the old Blue Cash..........5% on gas, groceries, and drugstores represent a cash cow.
  2. What's the "Big Deal" about a Signature card?????
  3. Still receiving an uncapped 5% on drugstores, fuel, and groceries with my "Old" Blue Cash. I also have an ancient Direct Rewards card (formerly HSBC, now Cap1) which provides 5% as well on the the above items..........
  4. I see a BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards card which essentially returns 1.5% in cashback. The BankAmericard Privileges with Travel Rewards appears to generate 2% statement credits only for travel purchases. How do you get 2% cashback across the board for ALL purchases with this card? Thanks,
  5. No annual grocery ceiling yet on my "Old" Blue Cash...............
  6. I still use my tried and true "old" Blue Cash. What other issuer provides 5% cashback on one card for groceries,drugstores, and fuel? AMEX won't hassle you unless you start to carry balances; they prefer PIF. Good Luck,
  7. You're right. The Rewards are pathetic, and most people are not going to bother with the high-end perks. For those who desire BIG credit limits, there are a host of AF free cards which can provide them. Face it, this card is all about making some kind of "statement". Some here are sooooooooooo impressed. Not me .........
  8. If you're worried about overall utilization, pledge to PIF after you zero out your balances. My FICO has remained above 800 with an overall utilization of around 5%. Good Luck, btw, "UTI" in my circles signifies Urinary Tract Infection........
  9. If she hasn't been charging, her overall utilization is 0. Adding thousands of $$ in credit limits isn't going to lower it. I would start with getting her true FICO score from MyFico.com. If it's 760 or over, she's all set. If not, simply opening new credit cards isn't going to raise it.
  10. Re-opening either card will only have a marginal or zero effect on her credit scores. The ages of the closed cards still count until they fall off her credit reports in around 10 years. I've never re-opened a card with AMEX, but I've received a hard pull when doing so with a CHASE VISA. Good Luck,
  11. Msuh, you DON'T have to have a high annual fee card with either AMEX or any issuer to enhance your credit. My scores have been in the low 800s for years, and I pay NO annual fees. Always pay-in-full, keep your overall utilization below 5%, and your credit will flourish. I do spray paint most of my cards jet black for that je ne sais quoi effect
  12. Pretension in a man has never impressed me. He doesn't understand that he becomes his own worst joke. JMHO.
  13. Look, you're a student with a part-time job, not a high-roller flying all over the country. In my view, the Platinum card is a complete waste for you unless you're trying to embarrassingly impress people who will actually feel that you're ridiculous. I love AMEX but would never pay them a fee. I have one card with them, an "old" Blue Cash, which carries no AF. I have a very high CL which I never really tap. You don't need multiple cards to establish great credit with AMEX. Good Luck,
  14. This is my go-to card for all charges excluding gas,groceries,and fuel(for which I get 5% on my old Blue Cash). 2% cashback for miscellaneous goods is the highest provided in the industry aside from specialized cards. I don't feel that most hotel/air miles cards provide 2% in compensation. Good Luck ,
  15. I would NOT recommend using the NASA card for cashback. You have to spend $2,000 EACH MONTH before qualifying for the 2% cashback tier. There are a host of cards which offer 2% cashback without any spending requirements.

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