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  1. We got behind on some bills last year and had several of our accounts turned over to Midland collections. They sent us at least 4 pre legal letters we did payment plans on our two largest accounts. However, we would like to settle on the smaller accounts. We've contacted Midland with offers on those account of course they refused we offered them 25 percent of the asking balance. For example one account is 1142 so we offered them around 300. So I would like to ask has anyone here had luck with Midland settlements?
  2. Guys I would like to know how do I go about getting a judgement removed from my credit report. I actually paid this off over 6 years ago I also have a letter from the original creditor stating the judgement has been paid. I assume I should write a letter to all 3 agencies with a copy of the letter I have. However, what do I say to these people any help with this is much appreciated
  3. Guys I have started looking into cleaning up my credit. I had a car repo back in 1996. The car loan is still showing up as a open account on my report I thought after 7 to 10 years this would fall off of my report. Its been 11 years and its still showing up so I would like to know can you guys tell me how to get this off of my credit report?

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