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  1. We are looking for a bank to do our business account with ... this is good? If so, PM me a referral please
  2. We settled out of court. I cannot discuse the details, but I was happy with it
  3. Ditto ... what I can talk about is here. Jess
  4. Ahhh the love you guys are too sweet! Really I have just been SO busy lately, and haven't been able to spend the time I use on the boards . In a nutshell I am going to school full time, Mom full time, working full time, just had my 13 yr old cousin move in with me to go to school here (better schools) and then I have started dating someone really great who takes up any remaining free time I might have I try to stop by every now and then -- hope to keep in touch with you guys. Oh wish me luck, this summer I am taking 17 credits and studying for the LSAT exam so I can get
  5. MRS Associates will fight you all the way to the courtroom even if they have 100% chance of losing (or so was my experience), and even if they lose they will appeal. Just so you know. Jessica
  6. Good stuff in here. Only thing I would add is that know you are right, and don't forget that part -- even when the pushing gets hard. They will try and tell you why you don't have a case, or where you are weak ... consider this, if your case wasn't strong why are they fighting it instead of filling a motion to dismiss? Also the other thing is if your case is rock solid, push for a settlement before depositions, that could cost into the thousands to pursue or realitively cheap depending on what type you use, but either way it is going to take a ton of time and energy you may not have.
  7. I did a google search and could not locate the business for this listing. There was also no listing in the Better Business Bureau for that phone number. Just be aware of who you do business with when making such a huge purchase and one as important as this. Jessica
  8. Ahhhh I feel the love Well I have actually gone back to school to finish up my undergrad degree. I am studying Consumer and Community Studies for Pre-Law, then hopefully in Spring of '06 I will graduate and be accepted into Law School. I am also raising my beautiful 6 yr old daughter, and have had my 13 yr old niece move in with us as well -- so our girlie house is full! Then add to that working full time, and starting a new relationship with a sweetie guy ... and well, it keeps this girl BUSY!! But I am trying to stop by more often ... and thanks a TON for thinking about me!!
  9. Welcome our new friends. You will find that our members have spent many hours, blood, sweat and tears over credit issues. If you find their responses opposing yours, take time to read the board and perhaps understand "why" before sending a message to the Mods tattle-tailing on them. I will not edit nor remove anything in this thread, nor offer anyone a time out. All kids here are playing nice on the playground considering what was posted. Carry on, Jessica ... sponsored message from your Moderating Team
  10. Hate to say toldyaso but I was in the same boat as Pic. It is hard when you work your flowers off to do the right thing and work within the system, and some bratty little kid comes to the playground, spits on your shoes, and then smiles in your face. I found it very discouraging to read post of newbies praising his methods (such as earlier in this thread) not understanding the method was a fraud and the consequences were HUGE. They just saw a quick means to fixing things. It takes work and effort, and countless hours spent trying to make it right BEFORE considering litigation. Just
  11. Having dealt with them ... I know exactly what you mean!! They supposidly verified my public record with the court. Of course the court has ZERO record of anything of mine ... but they 'verified' you know! LMAO at the Deli Shop!!!! Jessica
  12. Well we met in the middle, and so they upped their offer and I lowered mine slightly - but the case is now settled. Sorry to disappoint those that were looking for this to set new case law, I just have WAY to much on my plate right now. Jessica
  13. Just so you know what dealing with Experian is like:
  14. Got the Pic referrence - thanks Pic!!! Any others out there???? Jessica
  15. From Experian's attorney: Soooo who wants to help??? Much appreciated, Jessica
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