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  1. We began the modification process with Bank of America in February 2010. We made trial payments @ $600.00 less what our Mortgage was at that time. We received notice we were approved for a Permant Modification last day of August. Modification Documents were received by FedEx August 31, 2010. Modification was postdate to reflect acceptance date of July 1, 2010. (This is when new payments should begin. Remember this is the end of August.) Notary sent to our house to Notarize and return our signed documents September 4, 2010. First Statement received showing New Permantly Modified Payment September 28, 2010 Began Making Permanantly Modified Payment October 1, 2010. Received 2nd copy of our documents December 14 which should be a final indication that Modification was complete. Yeah! Not so soon.... As of today February 24, 2011 our account is still showing late 120 days. We have received Collection call for a few months. Statements show There is a default laon may be accelerated..... Credit reports show we have been 120 days late throughout the entire time of Modification even though we have never missed a payment. We continue to accrue late fees monthly even though we make payments on time each month never missed a payment and no one at B of A can tell us where a payment was missed. Customer Service tells us we are behind 1 payment and owe late fees for each month totalling $1900.00+ at this point. We are told we need to pay the $1900.00 plus our monthly payment to bring account current. Payment Research can't figure this out. Each time I talk to 3 to 4 different people. Yet I never receive a satisfactory answer as to why we have never become current. This is crazy! Have we gained anything? Will this ever end? I've heard similiar stories of people in the same situation whose Modifications were rejected at this point. I'd hate to loose our home after working so hard to make this work. I'm afraid paying the $1900.+ they are asking for won't make the problem go away. Does anyone have any experience they can share on how to bring this nightmare to a close?
  2. I am an insurance agent I sell insurance in several states This is how I explain coverags to people: Bodily Injury covers the other persons injuries if the accident is your fault (you have a per person/per incident coverage) Property Damage covers the other persons vehical if you are at fault in the accident If you have an accident that is your fault and you don't have enough coverage to pay for the other persons injuries or damages to their vehical guess who pays for the difference out of pocket. YOU! Comprehensive covers your car to be fixed for things like (less the deductable) Fire Theft Vandelisim Hail Damage Glass Breakage Hitting an animal Non-collision incidents Collision covers your car to be fixed (less the deductable) When you run into another vehical (the accident is your fault or you have an accident with an uninsured motorist) Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injurycovers your injuries if you have an accident with a motorist who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage pays for your vehical to be fixed if you have an accident with an uninsured/underinsured motorist General rule of thumb: you should be thinking about dropping the Comp and Coll when a vehical is 10 years old You have to consider the value of the vehical Some vehicals maintain their value longer than others You have to determine for yourself if the cost of the coverage outweighs the value you receive if the vehical is damaged I ask people this question: Can you afford to replace the vehical if you have an accident? If the premium for the Collision is say $50 and the value of the vehical is 3K is it worth it to you to have paid the $50? At the 10 year mark you owe it to yourself to ask yourself this question each renewal! Incedentally you can carry Comp without Collision and vise-a-versa. FYI Comp is generally less expensive a coverage than Collision Hope this helps
  3. As the mother of 1 grown male teen and 3 teen boys; it's just part of being a teen. I think that's where the saying "Quick get a job while you still know everything!" comes from. I remember thinking I was "untouchable"; everything would work out and that'll never happen to me. Hang in there!
  4. Okay, I know there is much about not paying off third party CA's and I understand why. My question is........ If the Junk debt collectors have the power to gain a judgement or force arbitration on consumers to gain a default judgemnent. (What defense do I have anyway other than I cannot pay?) what choice do we as consumers have in setteling our debts? How damaging is a Judgement on a CR? If the courts assess interest on judgements (as in my state TX it's 8% as of this month) how can one ever move on financially? Will this ever end? Anyone have any answers?
  5. BofA has done this for 2 years on my DH How can they CO every month and coninue to charge interest? This CC has gone from 2K to over 6K in this amount of time and every month the same thing CO reported. Can they leagally do this?
  6. CONGRATULATIONS! My son who is 23 was diagnosed with AML when he was 15. He is 7 years post chemo! I know I don't have to tell you each day is a gift! Stay positive!
  7. I am sorry but if my children dictate what they will and will not do then that would mean they are in authority in the household. Maybe we should look up the meaning of ANARCHY? There has to be a Chain of Command or there is CHAOS Sometimes we don't agree with the "rules" set before us but they are there for a reason. If we fail to follow the Speed Limit we get a ticket. The police officer doesn't care if we don't feel like following the speed limit it's what we are supposed to do. I would never ask my children to do anything illegal or immoral and I certainly would not take advantage of them; but there are times when I (or they) need help and times I (or they) need to extend help. Even when I don't FEEL like it. That's part of being in a family. OFF ON A TANGENT It is about trust. As a family we should be able to work out anything because we really do love each other and there are alot of times we get kicked around out there in the world. If we can't rely on our family who else in the world really cares? One thing I have tried to impress on my children ( I have 6) is that in 10/20/30 years all your friends will probably be different than they are today but your family will always be your family. Some of my children are grown and they see now that it is true. Family is always family and there is no substitute. That one who relys on you today may bbe the one you rely on in 10/20/30 years down the road. It may be hard to see it now but they have just had to trust me on this and time has proven me right. Okay I'm done. If there is an issue with one parent who believes the other parent is asking a child to do something that is beyond what a parent should ask then by all means sue for custody. I think I'd be packing some bags. I don't think this applies to this situation though. Sorry If I have overstepped my bounds; I feel very passionate about family!
  8. I have a 10 1/2 yo and I too require his brothers to walk him home. There is safety in numbers and Ped Offenders look for children alone to approach. Maybe she doesn't really believe that is a threat. Have you thought to look online and show your daughter how many there are in your area. There is a website you can look these up on. I think it's Watchdog.com or something like that. As hard as it is this may be one case you really stick to your guns on grounding and such. There are some things in life that once they are done cannot be undone. Hang in there Mom.

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