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  1. In respect to PLOC - Just wondering.... if one accepts one of these pre-approved offers from Penfed, 1. Is there an additional HP after accepting? 2. For PLOC do they require additional documentation? 3. How will this PLOC be reflected on the CRs? And more importantly, what is the core benefit of a PLOC? Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Thanks boys and girls! I called the UW and it worked like a charm! Thanks for all the help.... Howeverrrrrrrr... as per the UW, he moved the entire CL to the other card ( and I have verified it online) BUT..... Arrival + still has a CL of $500. Don't know where that came from? Could this be a trick to hit me with that annual fee? It hits next month...
  3. I have 2 Bank of America cards. Is it possible to combine their limits and close one? If yes, which # should I be calling? I have called the # at the back of the card, but I get transferred to off-shore CS and they immediately say no. I am about to be hit with an AF on one, so I either combine it or cancel it.
  4. Awesome help guys... I will try again and report back. BTW... I had called the number @ the back of the card...
  5. So I have a Barclay Arrival Card+. I am about to hit the annual fee so I called to see if they would downgrade me to the regular arrival. The CS flat out refused. Do they usually do that? Or she just didn't like me? Has anyone here had any success with downgrading this card to the no fee version? If they wont downgrade it, I will cancel it, but can I move the CL to another card before doing that? and which # should I call to the CL transfer?
  6. For me Chase always pulled both EX and EQ. I froze Ex and applied for the HYATT card, they pulled EQ and approved me... YMMV.........
  7. Wells Fargo gave me my first unsecured credit card.
  8. I didn't know these guys even existed... Now I am also interested in putting them on ICE....
  9. I'm subscribing to this thread for if I have to do something like this... I'm glad it all worked out for you OP.
  10. BTW, how many credit pulls can one expect (In the whole process - end to end) going through a broker vs directly with the bank/cu?
  11. Should the PENFED CLIs be done over the Phone or Online? Which method has a better chance of getting a bigger CLI? and can we talk to the LO @ PENFED, if we are not too happy with the CLI awarded?
  12. Niiice work guys!
  13. OK.... Now I am tempted to go for some CLIs lol
  14. Thanks for all the helpful answers guys. So I had 5 medical collections from over 10 year ago. They tried to collect and then just aged and dropped of off the credit reports about 4 years ago. Since then I have never heard back from them or seen them doing softs/hards on me. Is there a chance these guys can see me app-ing for Mortgage? and then re-inserting the accounts on credit reports? They are over 10 years old, so are out of the SOL for sure. In a case of re-insertion, what should be my strategy? FYI, I have already cleaned up the old addresses and Opted-Out. Currently my scores
  15. or 1-800-955-1455 thanks for updating Thanks guys
  16. So I have been living in rentals throughout my life but have finally decided to buy a house. I am looking to purchase in the next 1 year. However, I had a few questions and hopefully you fine people will be able to help. I am very new to the world of Mortgages so please be gentle 1. Do mortgage companies pull all 3 reports? Just One? Two? 2. Can you B* these inquiries? 3. Why do people say that the collection agencies wait for you to app for a mortgage? and then they come out of the woods? 4. Which is the BEST place to apply for a Mortgage? Bank? CU? I am a member with PENFED and Al
  17. Will calling SC and asking them to reset the reports counter raise any suspicions/account closure? Or just call in without any fear?
  18. Darn! I am missing out on all the fun! I have 3 GE cards, how many days should I wait in-between CLIs?
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