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  1. Here is my story. Hopefully this will shed some light on this for you. Back in 2001 I had a checking accoung with CharterOne Bank. Needless to say my checking account became overdrawn by $750.00, of course I couldn't afford to pay the overdrawn balance because I had been recently laid off. First came the collection calls, then came the derogatory postings on my credit reports and the Chex Banking reporting system. Before I knew it, my checks were being declined at Wal-Mart from another checking account that was in good standing. Anyways. I began disputing the negative reporting on my credit reports. In the process the bank became angry with me for disputing the negative reporting and not satisfying the debt. Fast forward four years later to 2005. The bank decided to sue me for the $750.00 in the form of wage garnishment. They hired an attorney and everything. I missed the court date and the wage garnishment was enforced. Twenty five percent was taken from my paycheck. I couldn't survive. Needless to say I was forced into bankruptcy. If I were you. I would let "sleeping dogs lie". Continue to rebuild your credit and let time heal the wounds on your credit reports. Otherwise you could be in for a battle with the banks. If you do decide to settle up. Create an installment plan or settle for an amount less than you owe to the bank. If they take you to court, create a payment plan thru the court system. I wish you the best in whatever you decide.
  2. Butting in here... You'll get it. Not sure about JBR (although that one's likely, too), but you'll almost certainly get Kay's. Thanks for the encouragement Elizabeth. I just checked my account status. Kay said YES! as well. I got the same credit limit as I did from Jared's. I'm pleased. Now the work begins in rebuilding my credit. Thanks everyone for your help and encouragement.
  3. Butting in here... You'll get it. Not sure about JBR (although that one's likely, too), but you'll almost certainly get Kay's. Just back from Kay's Credit application website. My application was submitted after hours. I will have to wait until Wednesday sometime for a decision. I'll let everyone know. Thanks for the encouragement everyone.
  4. Butting in here... You'll get it. Not sure about JBR (although that one's likely, too), but you'll almost certainly get Kay's. Alright folks. You've given me the courage. Going to www.kay.com to apply. Wish me luck. Be back in a few...
  5. Congratulations! sorry I didnt get back to you sooner, but you can also apply for Kays and not get hit with another inquiry, and get another $400. So it'll look like you have $800 Thanks....Do you think I will get a second line of credit from Kays? Am I pushing my luck. I think they were struck with momentary insanity when I got approved this evening. I'm too chicken.
  6. Well Everyone. I decided to try and apply for credit with Jared. My credit score are in the dumper right now. But at least they approved me. I got a $400.00 CL to start with. It will only be used as a tool to help raise my credit scores. I got a second chance, not going to blow it. Looks like they are being generous for the holidays.
  7. Congratulations to the members on this board who got approved for your store accounts. Here is my question. What are everyones credit scores like. Are these jewerly stores relaxing their credit approval criterias? If so, I'd like to apply not because I'm looking for some expensive pieces. But just to boost my credit scores to show that I have a large amount of credit available to help reduce the debt to income ratio on my credit report. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for sharing. Could you share with me your exact wording with CitiFinancial? I think I am going to voluntarily surrender my vehicle at the end of the month. The vehicle is completely upside down in the loan. If anyone can offer verbiage to use when completing a volutary repo. or what to do or what not to do or what not to sign when surrendering a vehicle to a creditor. It would be helpful. I have carefully thought this over. I have a six year old vehicle that has a 22,975.00 balance. I cannot sell the vehicle. No one in their right mind is going to pay my asking price. It was a big mistake to get involved with CitiFinancial Auto. I think it's best to just start over with my credit. I can't obtain any credit anyways.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. Very constructive. But I can tell some of you have decent credit scores and your lenders still work with you. But people like me that have been in bankruptcy before....When restoring credit, you only get offers from sub prime credit card companies. And they only give you low limits and plenty of annual fees and high interest rates to keep you close to...or over the limit as possible. Once they have sunked their claws in. It's very difficult to be released from their clutches. Unless you really start giving them "the one/two punch" with payments. And just knock out the balances. It would be a hard lesson learned. But I'll sit out the credit game for a while. Credit Unions have become strict as well. My CU has turned me down for any assistance because the 'utilization' is high on the credit cards. Not ONE late payment in four years. The killer part. I have low limits on the credit cards. Just different balances spread out. I've done all the normal things like cut back on expenses. I do not have telephone or cable services. I've called the CC companies. And they are very tough to work with. I have gotten some to work with me. But the balances aren't being knocked down. It's time for more drastic options. It like when you've reached your limit. The credit industry wants to see you fail. If I were to go thirty days p/d on the car loans, I would have to notify the auto finance companies to that I would be doing so. And post date a check for payment with them. Therefore protecting the vehicles. And just worry about the negative marks later. We shall see. Experiencing a bk or a fresh start. I have experienced being shut out of the credit game. Even before bankruptcy the credit terms I would get were not fair anyways. And I've paid my bills on time b4 'bk'. It feel alot like I'm being shut out now. Thanks for being there everyone and listening to me "vent". I feel that it's time to just start whacking harder at the credit cards balances and just hold onto the cars a few years. And just worry about the blemishes later. At least I would be free of the credit card trap.
  10. Okay, Here is the delima. Hours are down at work due to the economy. Credit card payments have increased due to interest rate hikes. Credit card debt. Has ballooned to over $10K. Cannot knock down credit card balances because of cars and insurance payments. Can only pay the minimum. Being killed with high interest rates, overlimit fees, annual fees of credit cards. Trying to make car payments on time to avoid over 30 day late payments from appearing on my credit report. Haven't been late on bills since bankruptcy in 2005. Problem is that I have reached another financial bump in the road. Do I start knocking down credit card balance with larger payments? Or sacrifice a good payment history with the finance companies. By paying late and going over 30 in order to pay extra to my credit card balances. My combined car payments total to the amount of $1203.00 per month. I have placed everything on Microsoft Quicken. And there is no extra money left over to pay the credit card companies to significantly reduce credit card balances unless I go over 30 days past due on my car payments. And make the payments 10 days later than the 30 day blemish. Looking for advice. Bankruptcy is not an option. Filed in '05. To those of you out there who truly understand. What is the best option? Do I give heftier payments to the CC companies but at the same time putting slow pay marks on my credit report? Or do I continue to carry a low FICO score because of the high credit card balance that are showing up on my credit reports as "high utilization"? In my opinion. My credit score is trashed. So it's best to try and reduced the credit card balances and clean up the negative marks from the slows pays that will eventually transmit to my credit reports because I will fall behind in my car payments. Also. Selling the cars isn't an option. Too much negative equity in the vehicles. I can't get payoff from buyers. This posting is for real credit gamers. I need someone with real world knowledge of these situations. What are my options? or how should I approach knocking down the CC debt? Thank-You.
  11. cap350z


    Only 1 automatic CLI. Back in March '08. From $200.00 to $500.00 dollars. Opened the account back in December of '07. Never late. Still no upgrade to Target Visa.
  12. I would like to take advantage of the 1st time home buyer tax credit. I would like to use this money as my down payment on my first home. Problem is that I owe the IRS money. Currently in a payment agreement with IRS. If I get approved for a home and the 2009 Home Buyer Tax Credit. Will the IRS take the credit when it comes time to file my taxes? I would really like to take advantage of this program. My rent is very expensive and if I could move into a home, it would be much cheaper than my rent payments.
  13. Okay, Here is the situation. Filed bankruptcy in September 2005. Discharged in March 2006. In effort to rebuild my credit. August of 2006, I purchased a used vehicle for 27K and the interest rate was 17.50%. Thru Triad Financial. After one year of brutal car payments (on time) of $632/mo. I received a pre-approved offer from CitiFinancial to re-finance my vehicle with them, for an interest rate of 13.49%. Payments reduced to $520.50 per month/72 months. For the past two years I have been paying ontime with this loan. Problem I have... the vehicle has depreciated quickly, to the tune of $12K in negative equity. I still owe $21,975.00 on a vehicle. The vehicle has a Kelly Blue Book Value of about $9500.00 dollars. Problem is, due to the economy and my employment situation, (decreased salary). The vehicle has become a financial burden. I also have a 2nd vehicle that's upsidedown in the car loan and I cannot sell or trade in either. Up-keep, full auto insurance coverage and maitenance as the car ages. Breaks, tires and the list goes on. It's just beginning to feel like a waste of money to me. I cannot sell the vehicle because no one will give me the full pay off the vehicle. I have no savings to pay it to reduce the price so that I can sell it or trade it in. I'm streactched too thin. Bankruptcy is not an option until 2012. A car salesman advised me to just complete a 'voluntary surrender'. My question is,,,, can anyone inform me of any last ditch efforts to get rid of this vehicle before I voluntarily surrender to CitiFinancial Auto? I'm not too concerned about credit status anymore. My credit cards are all maxed out. So my scores have dropped below 590. I'm tired of the game. And I don't want to give anymore of my hard earned money on a six year old vehicle that I'm paying over $750/mo in combined car insurance and auto finance payments. The reasonable thing to me would be to just sit out of the credit game a couple of years and pay down my credit card debt and regroup. Then begin fixing my credit scores once again. Lastly, do most auto finance companies hold reposessions against you, when you need to finance a car in the future? I certainly don't plan on financing with CitiFinancial again. But I have a stellar payment record with GMAC and I value my relationship with them moreso than Citi. I know this is alot to digest. But can someone figure out the best option for me before I contact the CitiFinancial and arrange a 'voluntary reposession' this week? Thank You-
  14. Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays to you. Here is the scoop. Yesterday, I applied for a Nordstrom charge on their website. No immediate response. I want to do some Christmas Shopping. And also - I had a nice shopping experience there recently so I like the store. Anyways, I asked if my application was approved and the CSR checked my application. And of course I was denied. I'm a past bankruptcy filer. So it is never easy to obtain credit. It takes alot of no's before I get a 'yes'. Which is expected. But what I'd like to know. Is Nordstrom bk friendly? I don't want to keep applying if they aren't the type of store that won't forgive past bankruptcy filers.
  15. Congratulations!!! You are on your way to even bigger and better from here.

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