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  1. TIL: CB let's us italicize emojis!! 😀😃🤑 😀😃🤑
  2. Excuse me. It's not just Jared, it's: Jared Galleria 🤣
  3. Yikes. Nothing like making impulse purchases like that based on 'sales'. And then the price was the same online weeks later... 🤷‍♂️ These are the same people that think they are getting a hell of a deal at Kohl's (not knocking those that shop there, just making the point they are hardly ever selling anything at the sticker/msrp price).
  4. There's a lot more to unpack in this article than I expected. 1) I feel they glossed over the emergency fund and importance of having those funds be liquid and not invested in anything potentially volatile 2) That's a bold statement about confidence in the market...purely based on it not tanking anymore since a handful of months ago?? 3) re: the 35 year old...do we really think "most of his money" is parked in a HYSA? Get out of here. Most of your liquidity versus most of your money are not the same thing and I feel that this might suggest the lack of importance of discussion point 1 4) That 18 year old is gonna have a fun time. But good to be investing/saving early. For the sake of further fun CB discussion... For a household where both jobs have survived the current state of things, we are bumping the emergency fund to closer to a year of expenses. Being fortunate enough to do so is not lost on me, but at the same time it does seem like a lot of insurance payment (i.e. inflation hit while in a HYSA versus potential investment gains) for the sake of of comfort/lack of worrying about one of us (or holy hell, both) being laid off. I haven't quite figured out what the balance should be and am interested to know what others on here are doing (I've actually been meaning to start a post over on the money management forum).
  5. Interesting that the 'younger folks' are valuing wealthiness at that big of a difference (20%+). That introspective breakdown of life priorities is quite interesting as well. It might be the elder-millennial in me, or just something that happens to all/most of us as we age, but my priorities have certainly been shifting in recent years and are definitely continuing to do so this year (understatement).
  6. I think they found their new tagline.
  7. If you desire to continue punching yourself in the proverbial credit throat, there's always this rabbit hole: https://www.reddit.com/r/DaveRamsey/
  8. Been treading lightly given the current climate...but the top page Citi thread got me to re-check. CLIs on both accounts for $2k each.
  9. Just for giggles, I checked. Guess what restaurant is on doordash? I can get $53 filet delivered to my doorstep!
  10. I always ask on all cards when it has the SP language. You'll likely get the same response as I've always either had all denials or all approvals.
  11. Just $50k used and new auto loans here. I've admittedly stopped checking in on these over the last couple of quarters. No more travel trailer pre-approvals?!
  12. There is a lot of great points in this post, but this is a great takeaway. CB = life changing.
  13. According to connections (do I have to call them friends?) on my facebook, this is all a ploy to force people to use debit and credit so they can be tracked. The mental health in this country is out of control.
  14. That's because the whole page seems to take 12 minutes to load. 😐

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