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  1. Oooh. I've seen this one before. Those ducks are going to leave and then that poor lady is going to become the head of a mafia crime family AND need therapy.
  2. Time for the monthly (bi-monthly?) check-in.
  3. Exactly. My last was an $8.48 Amazon purchase. Which is annoying because I would otherwise gotten 5% (42 cents!) back. I remember lusting after this Merrill+ card back in my early CB days, and now it just doesn't fit the rewards strategy.
  4. I'm welllll under 57 (thought feel closer and closer every day). I'm doing my part to increase the 6 card average. I always wonder how they assess CC debt, and often believe they use that interchangeably with reported balances. I have zero carried debt, but also usually have a higher number reporting than the article's average. I tend to have far less debt than 'normal'.
  5. +1 All I know is that I've definitely left that account alone (not touching any CLI requests) and it's receives the most attention at keeping it active enough to remain open.
  6. Best of luck with the recon. I would have waited til February, given my past experience of Chase being much nicer to deal with clean reports. That aside (and all of the last page or two of posts I clearly need to catch up on), the recon can hopefully still get you in the door and you can continue to progress with them in a few months as well.
  7. Agreed with PotO. If no AF, it's not hurting you to keep it open and throw a small charge at it every few months to avoid closure (I'm not sure if Cap1 is one to close due to inactivity). Missed commenting on Chase previously... If it were me, as I am all in on Chase as my preferred rewards, I would wait until Feb when the reports will be cleaner before applying. Which also brings up working through a strategy of rewards that best fits your spending profile.
  8. Congrats on the CLIs. How old is the Cap1? If no AF, you could leave it around to age, but with that limit it might be best to cull. You're other limits are looking healthy, and clean(er) reports are just around the corner.
  9. How can you say that, with sweet offers like 30% Graham and Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can!?
  10. Congrats on the 'in' with Chase! Seems like a great step forward for you. But I will echo the above that later down the road a gameplan for rewards will literally pay for itself. Nice limit and onward and upward!
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