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  1. Data point hunting: does the above work for apps under sole proprietorship? The self referral seems like an easy loophole for them to catch, but that is also working?!
  2. From NASAFCU: For someone that hasn't made a debit card purchase is a decade, that's a hard pass from me. The fine print just makes it worse:
  3. This is not a great way to entice me to add a HP to my reports... But...If a better SUB would be offered, I would be willing to add a data point.
  4. That's amazing progress in that time! Next up, 700s!! Onward and upward.
  5. Something has happened to me for the first time in probably close to two decades... Sadly, this is across EX/TU/EQ... There just haven't been any SUBs that I've been compelled to chase or additional credit limits to heap onto the probably-mediocre-by-CB-standards pile. My general spend has been split across my preferred cards for some time now, overall travel has gone done but still covered by cards I have now, etc. I have an itch for something new, but what should it be? Scores are at 850 across the board. I don't have CC balances. Grocery, travel, gas, etc are all in a good spot. Something I've thought about getting is the Fidelity card, but given the rewards, I don't know how much I would actually use it. In case you were wondering, the EX tool from the pic above recommends the Chase F5 (have already), the Discover IT (have already), and an NHL card (no thanks). Ideally no more AFs, unless it would be a card that would result in the culling of one of the other staples or provides travel perks (i.e. hotel program status or the like).
  6. Those damn computer programmers at USSA messed up: "Well those are whole pennies, right? I'm just talking about fractions of a penny here, but we do it from a much bigger tray and we do it a couple million times."
  7. Not a Number? What the actual hell, USAA??? What else would a balance be?
  8. Admittedly, I haven't checked in on these in some time. But I have the exact same as CV...no more lists of a dozen or so things to not accept. Saves me time, I guess.
  9. 84 months of 7.74%APR!? Dealership: "Sit and spin." ThatGuy: "Where do I sign?" Definitely zero thought into how old that car will be when he/she never refinances.
  10. What will you transfer the normal spend over to as the alternative?
  11. These added 'benefits' are absolute garbage. I'm not pleased with this addition and I put enough money through this card to still justify the increase in AF. Is the Lyft/DoorDash crowd really who they are trying to entice for new sign ups? I want to downgrade, mostly out of spite on this one but I have too many UR to redeem first (as the multiplier difference is still a nice perk for those banked points).
  12. All so they can just type the numbers into their Apple Pay. What a shame. This is great, as I am running low on saffron... (are we over this metal card fad yet??)
  13. Seriously. Citi clearly sees that I haven't used a card for a couple months. More BT checks AND a mailer on a promo APR. No thanks.

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