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  1. Also successful. Card 1: +2k Card 2: +3k
  2. Indeed. Found shortly after posting the other day (in my spam folder).
  3. Where are you seeing the promos listed on the site? I'm having zero luck finding it on any of the main pages (so perhaps I'm simply ineligible).
  4. Thanks to Amex SUBs and pooling with existing miles, we had our first business class experience across the Atlantic. It's going to suck returning to cattle class where sleep during a flight is more of an exercise of making friends with the drink cart attendants. 5 nights in Paris cost us ~40Euro in tax outside of using IHG points. Now to find more SUBs with other airlines for future trips...
  5. Exactly. I wish D* was still around.
  6. 100% People suck and that is a huge component to why I own a projector. Movies at home means I don't have to deal with anyone obnoxious, get to enjoy whatever snacks and adult beverages I want and you can pause for bathroom breaks (the later being a blessing and a curse). These guys seem to understand their niche. If people will pay, why not.
  7. Still accurate. No real enticing SUBs out there. I'd love another UR churn, but nothing in the foreseeable future.
  8. The slow crawl with Citi continues. 3k on one account, 2k granted on another. Still less overall exposure than the Hilton move to Amex.
  9. That same language was still present back when I got my last SP approval.
  10. Citi is hellbent on getting me to sign up for a BT with a 5% fee. I guess their days of 3% fees are over. I don't need one, but now it makes me curious if any of the others are offering 0 BT fees lately.
  11. TIL: Ralph Lauren has a restaurant (that's definitely not on my must-do list for Paris)
  12. Is "none" an appropriate amount to suggest?
  13. Let's get some more people to this point for more data points! I've been dormant in the new card game for far too long, and every now and then I'm tempted by a BoA SUB, but I just can't subject myself to the near certainty of limit theft (whether true or mostly me being neurotic). As it stands, I'm okay with the missing $100 on my highest limited card that sees very little use.
  14. Agreed. But, President's Circle was pretty sweet when I had it. 5-Star has gotten us some really nice rentals for a lot less than what they would normally charge. More on topic: Dave is a salamander.

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