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  1. What types of accounts and/or balance requirements are in place for the higher rewards?
  2. I just hit my 5th year annual fee. I'm feeling pretty entitled right now...
  3. Notifications from hege, Kat, and cv? What year is it!?
  4. Ugh, I haven't attempted another 4506-T in quite some time. Tempting though...lol And here I don't think I ever posted about the BoA $99.9k limit in this thread!
  5. What bank are we talking about here? I've had larger ACH payments take a bit longer than usual, but not two weeks. 😮 I would definitely leave the money where it is, as it is only a matter of time before it finally shows up as pending, especially if the destination/original payment pullers says they received the funds. Maybe verify your payment account details with the CC issuers?
  6. How are the fees (expense ratios) on the current 401k? If they aren't bad, you can roll the old one into the new, otherwise doing a rollover into an IRA may be the way to go. Previous employer 401ks tend to have fees since you are no longer with the company, so something worth looking into. Do you use an HSA with your work-provided insurance? If so, fill up the 401k to the match, fill up the HSA, and then consider further allocation. Like is pointed out above, you are currently contributing $14,300/yr when the 401k max is $19,500...but depending on your income it also might make sense to try to max out your Roth IRA before maxing out the 401k. As for choice of funds, there is nothing wrong with your target date / "set it and forget it" approach as long as they aren't charging you ridiculous fees.
  7. I think at this point, I count. Hope everyone is having a great April!
  8. I mean, you used her debit card without her authorization. She's not being overly cautious there. 1. Pay her back. 2. Don't do this again.
  9. Besides the local gas station, what other retailers are the source of the issue? I still have my legacy 5% card and have never had an issue even when using out of state without a travel notice (only use for gas). One time I did have a legit fraud lockdown that they caught, took a few minutes on the phone, and overnighted me a new card. Also, no issues with the website. 😕
  10. Another week. Another week of no new inquiries!
  11. Ugh. I haven't filled one out in I think 2 tax years now...wondering if it's even worth it anymore.
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