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  1. Besides the local gas station, what other retailers are the source of the issue? I still have my legacy 5% card and have never had an issue even when using out of state without a travel notice (only use for gas). One time I did have a legit fraud lockdown that they caught, took a few minutes on the phone, and overnighted me a new card. Also, no issues with the website. 😕
  2. Another week. Another week of no new inquiries!
  3. Ugh. I haven't filled one out in I think 2 tax years now...wondering if it's even worth it anymore.
  4. I got that message for the first time a couple weeks back. Then received an email requesting the 4506-t. boooo Hopefully better news for you.
  5. This. There are many factors that are vastly more important than inquiries.
  6. Maybe they will come out ahead with the eventual buyback? 😮 https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54153126
  7. This is a huge litmus to whether this makes sense anytime soon, especially with the AF. I've heard/read great things about their flights, especially in the nicer cabins but it's all just superfluous at this point.
  8. Congratulations! Onward and upward from here.
  9. Good point on pandemic HELOCs. Also wondering by this time next year how programs like Alliant's 'Advanced Mortgage' that require less than 20% to thwart PMI will be doing. Probably not something to take for granted, but I didn't even know that banks/CUs would do such a thing. I guess it comes down to paying PMI for a year versus SL interest between now and then. Is 1% for PMI a good rule, or is there a better way to estimate?
  10. I don't want to entertain the thought, but I imagine the math would work out that keeping the student loans around for another year would allow me to have an extra 10k+ on hand... I just have it in my head that getting rid of the SL is the priority over potential PMI.
  11. Interesting thoughts. I think these are all interesting approaches to the situation we'll likely be in. I guess I don't know enough about this...but can you get a 'conventional' loan without 20% down or is that immediately in the FHA bucket (I have some reading to do).
  12. After it finally clicked for me, and really prioritizing being debt-free and building up liquidity, it's difficult to think otherwise. I like the extra layer of credit if you need it, not when you need it.

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