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  1. Big Bear

    BOA is stopping HP for CLI

    Let's get some more people to this point for more data points! I've been dormant in the new card game for far too long, and every now and then I'm tempted by a BoA SUB, but I just can't subject myself to the near certainty of limit theft (whether true or mostly me being neurotic). As it stands, I'm okay with the missing $100 on my highest limited card that sees very little use.
  2. Big Bear

    Dave Ramsey officially endorses Dollar Car Rental

    Agreed. But, President's Circle was pretty sweet when I had it. 5-Star has gotten us some really nice rentals for a lot less than what they would normally charge. More on topic: Dave is a salamander.
  3. Big Bear

    BOA is stopping HP for CLI

  4. Big Bear

    The Master Travel Redemptions Thread

    I really need to start posting in this tread... Thanks to CB, I've now had 'free' trips to Germany, England, Hawaii and an upcoming trip to France. Germany - flights were paid for with UR (main economy bumped to Comfort+ with Delta Platinum). Stayed in three main cities...two were paid for with Hilton points and IHG points, so we stayed in a 1300s castle for my wife's birthday (best. experience. ever.). Used the DB app with the C$R whenever possible. England was a Delta flash sale (again main economy bumped to C+ with Delta status), which got us there with miles. I then used IHG points for a couple free nights at the Intercontinental (just before IHG jacked the rate from 60k to 70k points/per night). The rest of the trip was at the Hotel Indigo, which nourished any need for feeling like a hipster (that and the awesome avocado toast found just around the corner at a quaint cafe). Hawaii was a fantastic rate found via Google Flights, paid for with UR through the C$R portal. We then stayed at an AirBnB which was much, much cheaper than a resort. France is still a work in progress, but I pushed some MR over to Delta and will be having my first Delta One experience that I'm sure will ruin economy travel for the rest of my like (not that it needed help). Taxes and fees for the flights was much cheaper than the 5-figure airfare for the same flights.
  5. Big Bear

    Which new wallet should I keep?

    Penguins are effing awesome, so that's definitely my vote. Which one goes better with rose gold?
  6. Big Bear

    Taxes and paying off car or some credit card?

    I'm on the W-4 adjustment bandwagon (to within a couple hundred bucks of owing or slight refund). I'd take $100 extra a paycheck over 2.6k return any day and that's a valuable CB lesson that helped change my life. I assume the APR on your credit cards far surpasses that of the auto loan. The higher APRs should be the target for any over payments. How's the budget for savings? Is there wiggle room to increase as that would certainly lower the fears of the repo boogie man.
  7. Big Bear

    Dave Says

    Worst Jane's Addiction song ever.
  8. 👍 Tire scrub: the enemy of your enemy is your friend.
  9. Big Bear

    NEW LOGO!!!!! (MasterCard)

    Agreed. Now if only there were more OO (artist formerly known as MC) options out there in the heavyweight division of rewards cards...
  10. *bump for the Q1 2019 crowd
  11. Big Bear

    PenFed 1Q19 Offers are Up

    Same old, same old for me. I'm not so secretly hoping that one of these days they will raise the CC cap of 50k and I can use an offer to expand my Egyptianness. For those looking for the offers: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=572423&p=5511702
  12. Thanks for the input. Spooked coworkers were in sell mode yesterday and it made me wonder if I was doing something wrong letting things ride for the long haul. Now as for post-tax accounts, I've kept my contributions the same up until this point in hopes to ride the eventual rebound.
  13. Given the current volatility (looking at you, S&P 500), are you doing anything with personal management? I don't want to have any knee jerk reactions to the market, but wondering if it's best to move things towards bonds during these times or just ride it out, and keep contributing along the way of course.
  14. Big Bear

    How determined were you to clean your credit?

    It's a bit shocking to think, but nearly a decade ago now I was still fighting my last lates that returned verified over and over. I kept at it (I'll have to see if there's posts/threads on this) and eventually items were removed (either due to my persistence or stubbornness, I'm not sure which). My methods back then, of mainly disputing online, are likely not advisable to disputes today. How old are the items you're disputing that are coming back verified?
  15. Big Bear

    Bye bye credit cards, hello paying by eyeball

    Remember the opening scene of 'Angels & Demons'? I just need to cut out the right eye ball before the next trip to Whole Foods.

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