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  1. Update. The little ugly card finally arrived today by fedx and my available credit is still the same so I guess I wasn't charged for the next day shipping. Sorry for calling the card ugly but it is what it is! I guess I'll hide it behind my Nordstrom Visa. Lol
  2. No I already got my new Mac book pro even though I haven't learn to use it yet. A lot different from other laptops. I received it on 12/12 but still no card.
  3. Update. Called Barclay and was informed that my card was actually mailed on 12/13 and to allow 7-10 business days to receive it. If it doesn't come today I'm calling back. Anyone have any idea how much they will charge to have it fedx to me?
  4. I recently applied for a credit card through Barclay for a new Apple Mac Book Pro. I was approved for $3400. Anyone have any idea how long it takes to receive the card in the mail? I applied on 12/6 and I received an email that my new card was on its way on 12/8. I also got another email On 12/27 saying my new card has arrived. Arrived where? I don't have it! Tia
  5. Im currently trying to be a member of this credit union. I was browsing online and saw that if was referred by a member we both would receive $50. If you would like to refer me please PM me thanks.
  6. Thanks I will. Mods could you please delete this post.
  7. Before Christmas last year I was summoned to appear in court. During the holidays things got a little crazy around here and I forgot about my court date for February.Fast forward I received another summons to appear in court this time it said "Scire Facias Contempt" and said something about me not showing up a warrant could be issued for my arrest. I'm scared to death because this is something I never had to do before, never been to a civil court before! Its for a credit card I defaulted on in 1/2011. Could someone please tell me the next steps to go. I know the first is to be in court in Marc
  8. Today I recieved a letter from a collection agency for my Walmart account. The account was 20 days late for payment but I paid it plus the new min. payment. Can they do this? And when I made my payment it was done online through Walmart. The next bill isn't due until 11/20/11
  9. I was trying to get cable and internet and the CSR was a trip!! user Tianna514_ has entered room Tianna514(Tue Jun 08 2010 22:19:48 GMT-0500 (CST))> Order Information analyst Anne has entered room Anne(Tue Jun 08 2010 22:22:30 GMT-0500 (CST))> Hello Tianna514_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Anne. Please give me one moment to review your information. Anne(Tue Jun 08 2010 22:22:31 GMT-0500 (CST))> Thank you for showing interest in Comcast services. I will be happy to assist you in completing your order. How are you doing today? Tianna514_(Tu
  10. I have a Walmart measly $100 card. I ALWAYS pay my bill in full before the statement cuts. I just logged on to my account to see if my new charges has posted so I could pay it off. The odd part of my OL statement shows a late fee but look at the date! omg, 2008? This wasn't on there yesterday nor in 2008, 2009. I have never been late with this account. TRANSACTION DATE POSTING DATE DESCRIPTION AMOUNT 04/10/2010 04/10/2010 WMCOM 800-966-6546 INTERNET AR $42.80 02/02/2008 02/02/2008 LATE FEE $28.97 Close PRINT ** Recent activity may not reflect all pending fees and ch
  11. On 11/5 I scheduled a payment online for $700. Now keep in mind I have paid through this same "savings" account for the past 2 years. My payment wasn't due until 11/25. I go online yesterday and noticed I was charged $39 for a return check fee. The $700 was in my account every since 10/29. So I called Crap1 and a CSR told me the reason the check was returned because I paid it from my savings account! WTH, it has an online option of paying through a checking/or savings account. And no I did'nt enter the wrong savings or routing number because I have been using the same account info the pas
  12. Congrats!!! Interesting by looking at your sig, how old was your oldest account? I was asking because my DD credit file is only 13 months old . She has a Cap1 reporting that is 13 months old, Chase $3500 CL is 2 months and a HSBC that is not reporting as of yet. Do you thing she has a chance?
  13. A little OT , but I called Capital one yesterday and the Rep told me something similar. She said they are doing account reviews right now and that alot of people will see CLD's if they haven't used up all of their available CL. So if you have a $500 CL and you just charge a tank of gas on it every month to keep active, expect a CLD.
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