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  1. no I have not made a payment --its been since 04 that I went delinquent but showing I went delinquent 01/07
  2. I have been watching my credit reports to see which collection agencies are listed. I have an old account with Bank of America that I thought was past the 3 year mark to be sued, But on my credit report they are showing that I am making payments and not deliquent when in fact I am years deliquent. What does one do if a creditor is reporting this.
  3. Sorry for sounding dumb but what is TL? Also they are listed under other---and the same original debt from sears is listed also under credit cards .In another thread I made I asked if I could use any violaions in my answer form as they are sueing me.
  4. What does that mean? I treid to search it but couldnt find anything.why would it be wrong for LVNV to list themselves as a factoring company on my credit reports?
  5. Can the Sears report on my credit report as well as LVNV for the same debt. Thanks
  6. I posted there ---I hope someone sees it---thanks
  7. Not sure how to respond to them. I am in debt and dont know what to do,this morning a cop handed me papers filed from LVNV FUNDING. From what I can understand from them they are asking Please admit that the Plaintiff is the assignee of and /or originator of an account in your name. Please admit that the amount set forth in the plaintiffs petition is correct. I think this is from a Sears card, I had tried at one time to deal with them and had been told that the 4000 dollar debt would be reduced to 3000 if I made payments of 300 a month which I did 2 mnths but stopped because they never sent me a written statement of our deal and received a call from a lady saying that I owed 4000 and that the 3000 deal was never made .What am I suppose to do with these papers? I am suffering from severe deppression and I dont know how to handle this or what to do.My husband and I are on the verge of divorce over all this crap and I am scared that when I tell him this it will be too much for him to handle. We have other cards that I have not bene paying on. I guess I pretty much have shut down --given up . I know this isnt an excuse but its how I feel at this time. I dont know what to do . I have thought of filing bankruptcy ---any advice would be so very much appreciated Theres no court date on these papers--being that they were drawn up at the courthouse do I respond through the courthouse? Thanks

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